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  1. Natalie's gambit III M/F (feet tickling,explicit sex scene)

    After the little exchange, the two of them couldn’t help but feel all worked up about all the tickling Natalie would finally be put through as they turned back towards her home. But even though they...
  2. Natalie's gambit II M/F (feet tickling)

    “You seemed distracted.”, Natalie began musing to herself once more, not long after they passed down to the end of the street.
    “It’s nothing.”, Percieval muttered a reply, looking down every now and...
  3. Natalie's gambit I (foot teasing, no tickling yet)


    I wanted to post a somewhat longer story I've been working on for some time now. It has around 20 A4 pages, so I will try to break it into several posts, and I hope whoever stumbles upon...
  4. Your thoughts and motives are your own. You do...

    Your thoughts and motives are your own. You do not need to explain yourself to the crowds (unless you commit a crime, in which case you are liable to respond to the owner of the platform; but this is...
  5. You know, data privacy is a big concern these...

    You know, data privacy is a big concern these days. And yes, posting these without permissions from the person is considered "revenge porn". Regardless if you had any intention of blackmailing the...
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