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  1. What are some low key situations to tickle people in ?

    Now, most of the time as everyone I can just tease my friends or be a little flirty to tickle someone. that's quite obvious.

    But certain situations warrant more low key approach, such as when I do...
  2. Yes but then you should only tell the story and...

    Yes but then you should only tell the story and not promote your content afterwards.

    I'm simply reacting to something which could start a dishonest marketing practice vs having genuine tickling...
  3. Yeah, no. How about we don't start shady...

    Yeah, no. How about we don't start shady marketing practices with "true stories" that are used to market paid content ?

    I don't want this section to go from genuine life stories to semi-fake...
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    Who is this producer ?


    I'm wondering who is the producer behind those videos:


    Thanks for your help ;)
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