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  1. Thread: Insex

    by GreenMonster

    Insex movie called Halloween which has a model...

    Insex movie called Halloween which has a model named Lynn who is tickled tortured briefly.
  2. Video shoots in Lebanon NH for female ticklees

    I'm doing some shoots in Lebanon NH this weekend and searching for females interested in paid shoots. DM me for more details.
  3. Replies

    message me.

    message me.
  4. Replies

    She's real. I can verify that.

    She's real. I can verify that.
  5. Females wanted this weekend for tickling videos. Shooting will be in NH or MA

    I will be shooting tickling videos this weekend. Concord, NH, Manchester, NH, or Near Boston, MA. If any females interested, let me know.
  6. Any young emo, goth or alt ticklees in New Hampshire or Massachusetts

    I'm looking for young goth, emo, or alt ticklees to tickle torture. I have Kik if you want to chat. Please be in new Hampshire or Massachusetts.

    Males or females. Even trans. Don't matter.
  7. Kik me at greenticklemonster

    Kik me at greenticklemonster
  8. Females wanted for Tickle torture video sessions

    Well, been a while and finally fully vaccinated so ready to do tickling videos in Concord, NH, Manchester, NH, or Boston, MA areas. If any females interested in paid shoots, let me know. I'm on...
  9. Female ticklee wanted for videos in Boston or Concord NH

    Will be doing another round of tickling videos if any females are interested. PM me for details.
  10. Any females for paid shoots Cordcord, NH or Boston, MA

    Looking for females who are interested in paid video shoots. PM me if interested. Clips can be for either my clips4sale site or private collection.

  11. Female Lee wanted for paid tickle Video Sessions $$$ Boston Area

    I will be in Natick, MA. Just outside of Boston. Looking for female ticklees for videos. These are non nude videos. if interested, private message me. I will be in town on Friday August 10th.
  12. Paid Video Sessions for Females (MA, NH, VT)

    Looking for females 18 and up who are interested in doing tickling/bondage videos. Videos are private or for my clips4sale site.

    If interested, PM me with age, weight, height, and size feet.
  13. Female Lee wanted for paid tickle Video Sessions $$$


    It's been a while since I've been back in the north so I figured I do some Video shoots. Shoots are either for my clips4sale site or for private viewing (no one sees them but myself and my...
  14. Replies

    No, It's not Lindsey from older videos.

    No, It's not Lindsey from older videos.
  15. Replies

    Be Careful What You Wish For (Vidcaps)

    I met this cute 19 year old who I think is absolutely crazy. When I asked her what her stage name was going to be, she responded with "I'm your tickle bitch". So her name is Tickle Bitch.
  16. Seeking Female Ticklees near Boston, MA or Concord, NH for Tickling videos

    I will be in Concord, NH on Friday 4/8/16 and looking for female ticklee who would be interested in extreme bondage/tickling videos. Videos are for clips4sale site and/or private shooting depending...
  17. Does anyone feel sorry for her? Tickle Tickle Tickle!!!

    Should I show mercy or should I make her suffer. haha. Just some screne caps from one of my videos.
  18. Insane tickle torture video sessions (private and non private) Females only

    Will be filming in Concord, NH this Friday. Any females interested in being tickled into insanity, very tight bondage, gags, no mercy, no safewords, no remorse. PM me with age, weight, height, and...
  19. Replies

    Videos are not available yet. But hopefully soon....

    Videos are not available yet. But hopefully soon. I have thousands of hours of footage I haven't had time to make into clips. But soon I hope.
  20. Replies

    I love cute ticklish kitty

    My Floridian Friend Layla loves bondage and has been curious about tickling.

    I have so many videos I want to post to my clips site, but just haven't had the time to. But here are some pics of...
  21. Was hoping it was Barely Legal Lisa from Tickle...

    Was hoping it was Barely Legal Lisa from Tickle Abuse, but not bad.
  22. Ticklish female needed for Extreme tickling videos in Concord, NH

    I will be doing some more video shoots a a couple of weeks in Concord, NH and looking for any females who are in great shape. Must be between 18-30. I do light tickling and no mercy tickling. If...
  23. Any lees in Orlando area want to do videos (private)

    Will be in Orlando for a month and looking for female lee to shoot videos with. Mostly private videos. lees interested, let me know.
  24. very ticklish on her feet.

    very ticklish on her feet.
  25. Green Monster Productions Presents......Coming soon to video.

    Had an amazing shoot this week. Lots of new stuff coming out soon. Here's just a sample.
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