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    Erica’s Hike

    Can't agree more. If you haven't read it yet, check this other piece if you haven't: Elizabeth meets Rylee (Shoppe series) She made again an excellent job as a Tickler and also teased poor Liz by promising her a hell of revenge.
  2. M

    Considering a Challenge

    Can't believe I missed the first part of this post, thanks for sharing it! Your story, "A Matter of Rent", is one of my favorites and I'm so happy to see you back writing. Regarding you answer... Well, I hope for you that you got a well-deserved satisfying revenge after your ordeal!
  3. M

    Livestreaming tickling sessions with my girlfriend

    Thanks Jezebel, this is a very good advice! We'll definitely check Chaturbate. I'm not very worried about the prominence of vanilla porn, as we should be able to share a dedicated link for tickling lovers to join the show. Maybe also here on the TMF. Thank you again!
  4. M

    Livestreaming tickling sessions with my girlfriend

    Hi everyone! Recently, my girlfriend and I started occasionally fantasizing about livestreaming our tickling sessions. We also like the idea of involving viewers during the action, like sharing polls and gathering requests for things to happen during the session. Has anyone done anything...
  5. M

    Real Life Retired Executive Tickle Session (40-60somethings; fm/multiple f)

    Can't say it any better than this: you're a hero.
  6. M

    Wife Kidnapped and Tickled on Video for Ransom -- M/F Nudity

    Amazing work here by both artists! I really loved this concept. Having already seen my girlfriend tortured by others, I know I would think something like: "Yeah whatever but please, plug that battery to a charger because I don't want to miss a damn thing!". Reposted on Fetlife ("8tbTickled")...
  7. M

    T&T - Shivering Forest: Part 5 - Gecki's Button - FF/F

    I really liked the story so far! Hope to read more about it :)
  8. M

    Resort Risqué

    I remember reading this story on your Tumbler blog and I really, really loved it! Stories involving couples are my favorites as they allow for fascinating dynamics to take place. So glad you posted it there, I can't wait to read the following part :)
  9. M

    Help a dream come true for my wife and I

    Very interesting: we (me and my girlfriend) already had several similar experiences. PM sent :)
  10. M

    Sam and the tickle club part 2 FFF/F

    Very beautiful story and immersive narrative. Congrats!
  11. M

    German TikTok Girl Eva has a Tickle Fetish and cant hold it back!

    Did you manage te record that specific moment of the conversation in the video? When she refers to her fetish?
  12. M

    "I request Mr. Red’s services" ongoing - M/F, */* cuckold

    **Hi everyone, here's a new story chapter! Damn, how fast does the pass nowadays? I should be able to proceed much faster now. PS: I made small edits on the previous parts, fixing some typos and made sentences more fluid. _______ Amy and Evans have been together for a long time now. They...
  13. M

    Lessons Learned- Ransom (F/F, FF/F, Ebony, with digital art)

    Lovely idea! Makes the story much more immersive :)
  14. M

    New Friends in a New Town 5: Mom's the word (F/FM) (F/M) (F/F) (FF/FM)

    Not my usual cup of tea but I have to admit that you built an impressive relationship between characters and their feelings. And well, as a major tickling and foot fetishist, I cannot envy Mike enough. Bravo!
  15. M

    "I request Mr. Red’s services" ongoing - M/F, */* cuckold

    **Hey everyone, thank you for your feedback. Suikoden, it's an honor arriving from a master of writing like you! Here's the second part. If you want to share feelings, feedback, ideas or just chat, hit me in DM. Hope you like it!** ------------------------------------- “Perfect.” he said...
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    Your greatest hits ever

    Hi everyone, I was thinking it might be fun to share our greatest hits ever (so far!): best memories and experiences collected in the tickling-environment. Both as tickler and ticklee, in couple or more, short description or longer, materials or not. You can pick any number you want. I start...
  17. M

    "I request Mr. Red’s services" ongoing - M/F, */* cuckold

    "I request Mr. Red’s services" ongoing - M/F, */* [ongoing] cuckold **Hi everyone, it is the first part of a story I’m writing. If you find it interesting, please share your feedback. I have the whole plot in mind but it doesn’t mean I can’t include some interesting ideas.Hope you like it!**...
  18. M

    Nuovo studio "Solletico Tickling"

    Fa sempre piacere vedere un nuovo studio italiano. In bocca al lupo!
  19. M

    Debts, part 2 (Mostly MMF/F, edging, brutal, very noncon etc)

    Very good new! Unfortunately I already read them all but I'm happy that newcomers will have the luck to read for the first time these masterpieces. :)
  20. M

    Vero Tickled in the Stocks - Octopus Tickling Studio

    It would be the first time on camera. We'll see what we can do. 🐙
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