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    29 F Lee looking for a couple to tickle me PORTLAND, OR

    Any gender(s) of couple is fine with me. Happy to meet up in public beforehand. Just tickling---no sex. Thank you!
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    Verbal Taunting During Tickling

    I've always really enjoyed verbal taunting. A particular favorite occurred just last month when a friend of mine was tickling me a ton and then proceeded to INSTRUCT ANOTHER PERSON on how best to tickle me and what was most effective! Like I was just a toy that they were having fun with...
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    I cant be the only lesbian

    Just found this thread. 28/F/Lee/Queer located in Portland, OR. Message me if you want to chat! :) You're right it's super hard to find other queer women on here, I'm glad you posted!
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    Quick Public Tickle F/F

    I am a GIRL, so yes it is f/f.
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    Quick Public Tickle F/F

    A quick story, but a cute one. I was at a bar recently with my girlfriend. We have been together for a few years now and she is more than appraised of my love of tickling/need to be tickled. And she happily provides me with lots of them. I went up to the counter to order some drinks, and...
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    Ticklish F(25) interested in F/F tickling

    Hi Katie! I'm 28F 'lee/switch, and I'd love to make some female tickle friends too! 😊 PM me if you'd like!
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    Youtube channel using kids for tickling

    Tickling is not a sexual fetish for me, but I know it is for many people on TMF, and many people in the world more generally. And I respect that and understand that fact. Tickling, in select contexts, can be sexual for me, as well, but generally, it isn't. However, knowing about tickling...
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    Youtube channel using kids for tickling

    Did anything happen with this? The channel I believe the OP is referring to has uploaded nearly 20 videos centered completely about tickling their children just in the past few months. :/ I wouldn't be concerned if it were just one or two videos, but nearly 20 is worrisome. If I were the...
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    Resurrection of the Tickling BDSM symbol

    Big fan of that design!
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    Time for Toes :)

    musictkls, I prefer tickling by direct hand and/or mouth contact. It feels more personal and connecting between myself and the 'ler. I have had 'lers tickle me with tools, such as hairbrushes, banjo picks, rope, electric toothbrush, etc., and they definitely tickle a lot. The most ticklish I...
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    New card game “Do or Drink” - tickling dare

    That card alone would make the whole game worth it.
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    Female 'Lee looking for Female 'Ler in Oregon/Washington Area

    Putting my feelers out there to see if there are any female 'lers in my general area who like tickling female 'lees~ Lesbian, straight, bi, queer, pan, ace, curious---the important thing is that you want/are curious about/interested in F/F tickle time! :) I want to build more of a community...
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    Where it all began! (Continued)

    I do that with my 'ler's hands too... It's one of my biggest displays of trust and affection. What a precious moment for you. <3
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    Time for Toes :)

    The stem, especially on the sides, but really the whole thing, haha. I discovered that by a 'ler "testing" me. He went down the line, one by one, and wiggled each toe individually and compared my reaction to each with the other toes. When he got to my pinky, I could barely stand it! After that...
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    ER trip (short story)

    I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, but on the bright side, being tickled by a doctor is a pretty thrilling experience! And it sounds like you get to experience that a lot! I had a similar experience a few years ago. I had to go to the ER because I got a spinal injury on one of my...
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    Where it all began!

    That's beautiful, I'd love to hear more!
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    Question for Female Lers:

    I don't know how much of it is necessarily erotic for me, but seeing a grown man get reduced to a giggling ball of laughter makes me feel really attracted to him and affectionate.
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    Time for Toes :)

    My pinky toe is actually the most ticklish too! Interesting!
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    Story question

    I'd love a link to your stuff too if you write stuff like that! :)
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    I Never Thought I'd Enjoy a Dentist Appointment...

    Thankfully, he seemed like the total opposite of a creep. Just a really wholesome guy. ☺️ That's part of what made it such a great experience.
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