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    28/F/Lee looking for ler in MD

    I just recently turned 45 and can provide a face picture privately. I am Maryland based.
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    (Non TK) - For the Christian foot fetishist, lol

    Resurrecting this thread after recently discovering this channel. Even if she has pure intentions, she must know that a ton of people watch for the foot fetish aspect. I think she's taking advantage knowing that people may stay and listen to her message while watching her feet flex. Doesn't make...
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    22 yr old F lee-leaning switch :)

    Good morning Jess. I'm in Maryland and would love to chat sometime and see what we may have in common. :)
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    New member Hello Thread

    Thank you very much, good sir! You always were kind to the newbies.
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    What is your most nostalgic pre-TMF memory

    That's my first memory of a message board type site too. I am really dating myself.
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    When restraint is too much restraint

    Precisely this. I was just interacting with someone not long ago that really enjoys the immobilization, but it should always be done with comfort in mind. It shouldn't distract from the experience.
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    Old Member, New Leaf

    You're very welcome and thank you for the warm welcome. I did sort of miss the place.
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    (31, F, lee) PA looking for friends, hopefully more?

    Hello Rainbow. I'm fairly close in terms of geography and love to travel often. I would love to chat and see what we may share in common.
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    Old Member, New Leaf

    Welcome back, Jezebel Lee. I'm also a former member who just returned after some years away. It's nice to see you here!
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    New member Hello Thread

    Hello everyone. I was a long time TMF member dating back to its earliest days, but sadly lost access to my old profile. This is my first time back on this forum in quite some time. I see some familiar faces still lurking about. I hope everyone is well and it's nice to be back.
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