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  1. Phuocster

    Comment by 'Phuocster' in media 'Tickle Tickle'

    Those inner thighs look quite ticklish
  2. Phuocster

    Comment by 'Phuocster' in media 'The Standing X-Frame'

    I would love this <3
  3. Phuocster

    Tickle GIFS

    Waiting for the day I get to see a girl be tickled upside down
  4. Phuocster

    NEST2024 Registration opens Today 10/9/23 at noon!

    Never been before, would love to know what it's like
  5. Phuocster

    24 F Lee Pullman Washington

    Awwww you're far away from me :'( I'm from the Seattle area, 30m Switch but I would love to make the trip to meet someone new and make a new friend at the same time. HMU, would love to schedule something :) I can definitely request days off from work to do stuff as well
  6. Phuocster

    Western WA Tickle Community

    There's a Discord for WA Tickling Community? o.O I was not aware of this, then again there are a lot of things I am not aware of
  7. Phuocster

    Comment by 'Phuocster' in media 'VideoCapture 20231220 072201'

    The fact that I can see the lines left by those nails..... shudders not even the victim here and my skin is already crawling
  8. Phuocster

    Welcome to the new forum!

    IMO this is pretty clean ^^ I like it, though maybe a light and a dark version of the site would be cool :D I also find I haven't been logged out of the site yet compared to the previous site version....... yay for changes. Also dudes/dudettes, it is Day One of the new site, give it a bit so he...
  9. Phuocster

    Western WA Tickle Community

    I see a lot of South-Western people in the Tickle Community, but I'm curious on where the Western Washington community is at. Been hoping to meet others in my State but I feel like there's rarely anyone here
  10. Phuocster

    Seeking roleplay with one of my characters

    A seducing lee? I'm actually curious as to how that even works XD
  11. Phuocster

    Craving a non-con tickle torture rp!

    Sent you an FR on Discord to start a DM
  12. Phuocster

    Bratty lee

    Sounds like you’re asking to be placed is strict bondage, sounds fun ^^ sent you an FR :)
  13. Phuocster

    29F Ler Looking to Tickle Male Lee in Sacramento

    Welp, I'm in your age group but from Washington lol sad life of a lee
  14. Phuocster

    F 19 Lee Looking for RP Any Gender Welcome

    Sent you a message
  15. Phuocster

    26F Lee Looking For Sadistic Tickle Torture RP

    idk why that is happening, but I sent you a message via mobile. Hopefully you receive it
  16. Phuocster

    26F Lee Looking For Sadistic Tickle Torture RP

    Hi Abby! I will send you a PM while also letting you know here that I am interested. I love non-con scenes. Kidnappings are one of my favorite, though abandoned house and hole in the wall sound really exciting, would love to hear more about it, looking forward to talking to you soon!
  17. Phuocster

    20f - Looking to be tickled insane!

    Hello, nice to meet you! I sent you a DM. Would love to start with talking and then hopefully begin RPing together. Your scenes of being kidnapped, Tickle Hell, a Captured Super Heroine, all sound really fun and the elements you like can definitely be used for such scenes. I'm already getting...
  18. Phuocster

    Creative, Consensual Conversation... Well, RP, but Conversation is more Alliterative

    Hi, added you on Discord Phuocster#1793 :) Would love to chat and see if we can come up with something ^^
  19. Phuocster

    Lee visiting Seattle

    Hey, we've talked before I believe. I'm from Washington, currently in Renton to be more specific. Unfortunately I think I'd be a bad ler cause no real life experience (yet, always wanted to get started in the world of tickling at some point), but I would love to talk sometime
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