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    Food You Used To Like That You've Suddenly Turned Off?

    I used to eat chicken calzones all the time when i was younger and one day i got one and it made me sick. So i stopped eating them.
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    diablo 3

    hope this thread isnt a waste. Blizzard is having open beta this week for diablo 3. You can dl the client in your battle.net accounts and play till monday. Beta begins at 3 pm est.
  3. A

    My Beloved Mom.. January 19, 1938-April 4, 2012

    sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  4. A

    Wrestlemania 28

    best wwe ppv inawhile. I thought that was a great ppv. I Really thought broc lesnar was going to interfere in the final match. I am really glad cena lost. Now maybe cena can now officially turn heel. "the fans turned their backs on me bla bla bla, ill let the cenation down bla bla bla"...
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    ROH Wrestling

    I live in the bronx so I have been to a few shows at the manhatten center. Roh reminds me of early ecw. Tickets are cheap as hell but the show is fantastic.
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    ME3 Demo

    I am not going to ruin anything but people are explaining the ending to me and they think bioware has something planned like future dlc. Such a sick game though.
  7. A

    ME3 Demo

    loved the demo, game was epic...till last 10 minutes. Confused by ending. You will see no spoilers.
  8. A


    screw the rat Lets cook em and eat him. I live in the ny area and the weather has been in the near sixtees. We have had hardly any snow this year. Hopeing for an early spring.
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    human centipede

    saw a movie recently at a friends house called the human centipede. I will spare the details. Im not really sure what to think. This movie was like a car wreck. Cant help but look on even though it was fucked up to watch.
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    Question About The Apple Computer

    Never go with dell if your going to buy a pc, they will burn a hole into your wallet to the point where your going to say "i spent 3grand on what"
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    night of champions

    I think someone is going to interfere with the hhh/punk match. Someone like shawn michaels, xpac, nash. Any comments.
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    Playstation 3 and a vat of newb-sauce

    A game i didnt think i would like but really enjoyed was infamous.
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    can't. stop. laughing.

    thats what goes on in my mind after I watch aqua team hunger force
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    Is it just John Cena fans that get harrassed?

    Nobody likes little jimmies. Go buy more orange, red, purple shirts. > : ( <---- displeased face. Nobdy is allowed to enjoy something. If you enjoy something im going to do everything in my power to make your life miserable. Thats the power of the internet.
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    Vince McMahon Fired!!!!!

    Actually i dont have wwe 24/7 It pisses me of to watch tazz in his ecw days and to see turn into a carebear. Im trying to leave the past behind.
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    Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

    After the first two batman movies, i am convinced that christopher nolan cannot make a bad movie.
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    Dark Knight Rises Teaser Trailer

    There will be no greater performance than arnold as mr freeze......nuff said
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    Vince McMahon Fired!!!!!

    what the wwe is looking to do soon is get their own cable network. I just hope cablevision would support it.
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    Vince McMahon Fired!!!!!

    in before hhh/cena heel turn!!!!!oh wow i havent been excited about wwe in years. These past few weeks and the ppv have been the best in a long time.
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    Flair, not just a hack, but he's a liar too.

    To be the man....you have to make sure he owes you money..woooo
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