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  1. tickle_prince

    Hell's Angel (M/M TK, Personal)

    thanks for taking the time to share this story with us all here, enjoyed the reading of it, and I wish you on the best in this relationship
  2. tickle_prince

    My Favorite Tormentor: The Reward (M/F, Explicit, Orgasm Torture)

    its a fantastic piece written, on an experience you had with your husband and master, it felt very intimate to read, not bad at all, for someone staying up so late to read it, clearly when you wrote this you while you were in the correct mind space and its is reflected in your choice of words...
  3. tickle_prince

    Camping Trip Tickle Torture (MF/FF)

    nice little story that, I like how the paragraphs are short and precise sometimes when it’s a really long paragraph I struggle to reach it because of my dyslexia, so that was coo, plus the going back and forth. You said this was based on a true story, hope this didn’t actually happen to you 😂😂
  4. tickle_prince

    Embarrassing Tickle M/F Voyeur

    Cool little experience! thanks for sharing
  5. tickle_prince

    Tickling feet through sandals/high heels

    Yeah always the fun times that Rob! nice little experiences too! thanks for sharing
  6. tickle_prince

    M/F voice message tickling

    clearly very sensitive, It's not uncommon, someone who is very ticklish can be triggered by the visuals or sounds I know I couple of people I interact with, which, this is the case, its an interesting form of tickling for sure, but I know it can work, it depends on the connection you have to...
  7. tickle_prince

    Weekend Fun From The Wife F/F

    great little experience that! nice thing to read before falling asleep too, thanks for sharing! I am sure its great having a partner who thinks just as mischievous as yourself! :P
  8. tickle_prince

    What part of your body gets the best reaction when tickled??

    Yeah I tend to agree with what’s already been said, everyone’s body is different, I mean I was full Ler, but since I attended a gathering last year, I changed to switch but still more ler leaning side, if I feel comfortable enough with a person I don’t mind been on the receiving end, it’s make...
  9. tickle_prince

    Brief tickle and conversation M/F

    Nice little story that 😁 thanks for sharing
  10. tickle_prince

    How I discovered I was deathly ticklish (M/M tickling)

    Thanks for taking the time to write and share these experiences
  11. tickle_prince

    Has anyone had any true experiences with pocket tickling before?

    ah! your husband is always evil to you, and its a pleasure to always hear your ticklish adventures with him! lol
  12. tickle_prince

    My first tickling session being a lee!! (M/M)

    very cool experience, thanks for sharing
  13. tickle_prince

    My Favorite Tormentor and Secret Torment M/F (Mature)

    this is an excellent piece, it was lovely to feel your connection with your partner and master, thanks for taking the time to write this, it was insightful to read and a pleasure to be shown a fraction of what you have with a person you trust!
  14. tickle_prince

    My boyfriend's constant teasing, even in public M/F

    awesome stuff Sonja, always fun reading your ticklish adventures with your boyfriend, thanks for sharing
  15. tickle_prince

    My ticklish wife

    What a Lovely memory, thanks for sharing
  16. tickle_prince

    Has anyone had any true experiences with pocket tickling before?

    That’s a first for me lol I didn’t even know that was a form, but I can see the logic…especially for someone with ticklish hips scheming against a certain person I know tickling them via pockets, would be away to do that, for sure
  17. tickle_prince

    I Briefly Tickled My Photographer For My Senior Year Photo

    Nice, thanks for sharing it, very cute
  18. tickle_prince

    Hogwarts Legacy! What were your thoughts

    Who doesn’t love a bit of wizardry world, I heard their suppose to be working on some more dlc so that would be cool, let me know if anyone hears anything
  19. tickle_prince

    Kylie Griffin (Extreme Ghostbusters): The Tickle Room (*F/F)

    very nice 😁 always well written too 😁
  20. tickle_prince

    Cara Dune (The Mandalorian): The Tickle Trap Part 2/3 (F/F)

    Glad you wrote part 2 bud, very cool story 👍
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