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  1. F

    feather tickling

    I can get Rachel squirming like crazy with a stiffer feather focused on a small spot with continuous stroking. Her arches, in between her toes, ankles, backs of her knees, arm pits, nipples, sides, hip bones and lady area all respond well. We also use an assortment of artist-style paint brushes...
  2. F

    Have you ever been caught watching or looking at tickling content?

    I got caught a few times. Once, a date I had back in my high school days noticed my “tickle stash” box in my room and looked through the contents while I was getting us some adult beverages. It went well for a few reasons, because we were already in my room, we were about to keep the alcohol...
  3. F

    What tickles your fancy?

    The last sentence of your post is the best advice for both genders. Just be yourself. If it is meant to be, then it will be. You can play games to force the issue, but both sides ultimately lose. I believe this is why “it is rare” as you put it.
  4. F

    Is it rare for females to enjoy tickling?

    Based on my experience, you are not alone. I am a male and I am not in your age group which offers further validity to the examples I can share. Three females initiated tickle play while I was in high school. The amazing lady I am with today has basically taken the lead in my tickling endeavors...
  5. F

    Wifes Tied Feet

    I think, Tickle-Tickle. Nice pic Ric ;0)
  6. F

    Interesting find on a recent holiday in England...

    Nice find. Now if we could only get another picture of Florence Pugh posing barefoot next to it... <<<<----<<<<----<<<<----
  7. F

    The Pose

    Now matter how many times I see The Pose, it never gets old. What a great thread!
  8. F

    Celebrity Tickle Fight Thread

    Mary Mouser -versus- Katheryn Winnick. In a tickle fight. Although Sam LaRusso -versus- Lagertha is very interesting...
  9. F

    Tickled by a couple?

    Yes. I write/share my personal experiences.
  10. F

    Am I getting more ticklish?

    I was being playful, thats why I added the wink. I sincerely apologise. I meant no disrespect. My mistake.
  11. F

    Dakota Fanning's feet

    Yep. Nice Foot Trifecta!
  12. F

    Has anyone had any true experiences with pocket tickling before?

    OMG yes! Rachel has done this to me in public and social situations many times because she knows it drives me crazy. She will reach into my pocket and try to tickle Mr. Happy while I have to quietly (but blissfully) suffer. She pays for it dearly afterwards however… :devilish:
  13. F

    Most genuinely ticklish video

    I gotta give mention to Princess Kandi, Lil Dee and Nikki. If any of them fake it, they do it extremely well in my opinion.
  14. F

    Am I getting more ticklish?

    With all due respect, who cares? ;0) What a great problem to have for both lee and ler! Thank you for sharing, I’m happy for you!
  15. F

    Tickled by a couple?

    If this is something you enjoy, (and why wouldn’t you, lol) I am working on a very intense story on this very topic. Rachel and I, (aka The Couple) tickled her life long bestie Jen, (aka The Lee). We had a blast and there was a nice twist at the end that hopefully you will enjoy. I haven’t...
  16. F

    For those of you in relationships - who is the more ticklish one?

    I’m ticklish, but I am 100% ler. Rachel has tickled me to some extent which I have written about. But, I am not a switch or lee wanna be. With all that being said, even though I am ticklish, Rachel is by far more ticklish if we were to be put on a tickle scale. It works out just peachy for us...
  17. F

    What part of your body gets the best reaction when tickled??

    As a ler, its bare feet followed by the rest of the wonderful female form.
  18. F

    Who's Your Favorite Lee and Why?

    I give props to my ex. She had nice feet and allowed me to tickle them whenever I wanted. But Rachel is a Fantasy Come True lee who kicked it up too inconceivable extremes by including her life long bestie as a tag team lee.
  19. F

    What is everyone's favorite kind of aftercare

    Rachel loves to have her feet and body kissed and massaged afterwards and I love doing it for her.
  20. F

    Lara Croft's ticklish adventure M/F (Tomb Raider 2) Chapter 1 Lara's Ticklish flight

    Dude! Great build up to what now must be intense tickling on her bare feet!
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