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    Hooters NYLON tickling (M/F) webfind

    FINALLY a hooters tickling clip with a girl in nylons! I doubt this is new but it's new to me. Girl hogtied, shoes,socks removed... tickling all over but mostly feet. http://revver.com/video/1137873/free-video-fayth-tickled-hooters/ srry if it's a repost, couldn't find it using forum search...
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    Helene (Frenchtickling) M/F feet (Nylons!)

    My first chance to give back! Nylon tickling is my favorite. She is tied to an office swivel chair (kneeling on it) while her nylon feet are tickled. size: 5.27mb parts: 4 split with: Hacha v. 3.4 (included) special instructions: use rename to remove only the .txt extension (needed for...
  3. P

    Catty tickling decision...

    Ashley Judd!! Definitely... with or without the catsuit :devil:
  4. P

    Tickling Videos Ruining Fetish

    I get it.... I can see the point being made by the original post... to take what may appear to be harsh at first into a calmer context... Probably 99% of us have had nonconsentual fantasies, it reflects in the stories written by the community members. Video companies could do more to cater to...
  5. P

    Tickler in Black.....

    Re: You guys really don't get it... Actually we do get it. I don't participate in trading or buying, but my little groups over at yahoo has exposed almost 4000 people to the home page image graciously provided by http://www.rock-man.com (with Nibbles' permission). You think Tickling is niche...
  6. P

    Doesn't anyone buy tickle videos?!

    Marketing is only half the battle Rock-man.com just released 2 new vids... they also put 2mb mpg clips on their website. Never underestimate the selling power of a branded sample or a branded pic. The major problem with tickle vids (I gather from the clips I have seen and the promo sites) is...
  7. P

    Famous Fund Current Balance Is!!!!!!!

    Even if you were foaming at the mouth, I wouldn't see it because of the mask ;) i did go to the TC website and read the donations page, I read all of the posts... in retrospect, perhaps the intentions are genuine, but the wording is shady, and given that words are the first and only impression...
  8. P

    Famous Fund Current Balance Is!!!!!!!

    Re: Mountains and molehills... Take it however you like, it's your money. The analogy wasn't the point;)
  9. P

    Tickler in Black.....

    hand that feeds you? Intellectual property... you sell it someone else buys it... if they are copying it and/or selling it, then you have a point TIB, but trading? get real! it's more than likely the other 20 people wouldn't have bought the vid in the first place. Sounds like you want 100%...
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    Famous Fund Current Balance Is!!!!!!!

    this is a joke right? Capitalism is alive and well. Even if 80,000 was raised, no credible celebrity would risk it (even if they would, their agents wouldn't). What happens if the film never gets made? full refunds, without a "service" charge? No guarantees on the celebrity? Let's look at this...
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    images samples from "roommates tickles"

    GREAT PICS! Thanks for posting this set! My favorite pics are of nylon foot tickling, awesome stuff, THANKS!
  12. P

    Contact with The Springer Show, tickling...

    Thank your nearest PC liberal for that... Yes, let's forget handshakes to close a deal, a pat on the back for a good job, a hug at a retirement party... let's just shrink-wrap everyone! OK, granted it was a bad example, but your response is evidence of liberal PC programming:sowrong:
  13. P

    Fun Choice

    99 Yes, agent 99. "Agent 99, this is agent 86, I'm calling from my shoephone" "go ahead 86" "We need to test your resistance so I'm going to activate your suit" "My WHAT?" "Hey, if they can put a phone in my shoe, they can put micro tickling devices in yours... oh, and did I mention the tiny...
  14. P

    Other Fetish

    chalk another one up for feet... My big 3 (in no particular order as they all go together) 1. Tickling 2. Nylons 3. Feet That's the theme of BOTH of my Yahoo groups.
  15. P

    Foreign Language Instruction in America

    French and Spanish Yes, children have the ability to learn a great deal at that age when their (correct me if this is wrong...) "Alpha Neurons" are active. By the time they are older, it's very hard to do effectively. I suggest French and Spanish for all of America's youth, then when they are...
  16. P

    Contact with The Springer Show, tickling...

    Anyone remember the LegShow story? Many years back, in LegShow, there was a piece of fiction about 2 girls who were invited onto a talk show to get revenge on their byfriends boss, who was going to be "outed" (and not that he agreed to it, it was the producer's idea) as a foot fetishist. they...
  17. P

    Contact with The Springer Show, tickling...

    Worst Case... 1. Sandman is on springer, the show takes the wrong turn by overemphasizing the erotic side of tickling, twisting the fact that some of us are turned on by it... to the national audience, we're now a bunch of perverts. 2. Other lesser tabloid shows pick up on it, ticklephiles...
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    I ran into one of MTP Jeff's tickling models yesterday

    Re: Re: I ran into one of MTP Jeff's tickling models yesterday It's your forum, but I think it was a valid question. Maybe you could relay that one to yaqi in private then...
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    Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever Made. (PS2)

    PS2 amazing titles you MUST try Grand Theft Auto III and Max Payne! I like tony hawk 3, great gameplay... the "revert" is a welcome addition to the trick list... I recommend finishing with one character first before employing the "cheats"
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    I ran into one of MTP Jeff's tickling models yesterday

    Post edited by Myriads. Why? Comments violate golden rule. Warning #1 collect three and you loose access to this sub-forum Myriads
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