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  1. natscott6282

    Is it rare for females to enjoy tickling?

    omggg no way most of the ppl I tickle tortured with were girls
  2. natscott6282

    Increasing Ticklishness

    coconut oil is sooo slippery and makes certain areas wayyy more ticklish
  3. natscott6282

    what apps do u use for tickle chats?

    u can pm me ur username if u want to chat on discord
  4. natscott6282

    Billion Dollar Mega-Millions & Your Tickling Fetish

    pls dont spam my pm again about ur belief system
  5. natscott6282

    Billion Dollar Mega-Millions & Your Tickling Fetish

    tbh its easy to say ‘meteorologist’ and if it means one less person feels upset then good, I like learning ways to make ppl feel happier and never knew that was being militant
  6. natscott6282

    what apps do u use for tickle chats?

    whats ur discord username (if u want to give it)
  7. natscott6282

    Billion Dollar Mega-Millions & Your Tickling Fetish

    I would give Jeff as much as he needs to make this website what he wants it to be
  8. natscott6282

    Increasing Ticklishness

    we use to get them totally pinned down and stretched out completely immobilized with their bag or a pillow under his pelvis to arch up his abdomen and hip bones , then got that whole entire area fully bared including the entirety of his lower tummy and hip bones and hip hollows completely...
  9. natscott6282

    lifetime Ler converted into a Lee

    honestly i cant imagine having it done to me I would die !!
  10. natscott6282

    Belly kneading fans?

    yesss I think of it as massage tickling where I can actually feel the hyper ticklish hotspots inside and the way they spasm, and u can get the person in to an absolute frenzy!!
  11. natscott6282

    How did your Tickle fetish start?

    I think I always had it since before I can even remember. We had these 2 aunties who use to tickle torture us to absolute bits and u was wayyy too ticklish for any kind of tickling but I had no choice and my brother was even worse. but that all made me realize I wanted to tickle torture ppl to...
  12. natscott6282

    "A question about tickling stories."

    @aberdeen makes sense!!
  13. natscott6282

    Rate Your Ticklishness

    Neck 8 Armpits 9 Ribs 12 Stomach 15 Sides 12 Thighs 6 Knees 7 Feet 12 age 24 F score 81
  14. natscott6282

    "A question about tickling stories."

    very detailed and realistic descriptions of the actual tickling
  15. natscott6282

    Your Deepest Darkest Tickling Fantasy (No Shame)

    were some places worse then others and if so which ones?
  16. natscott6282

    When restraint is too much restraint

    imho the best total immobilization is when a load of ppl get them fully stretched out and pinned preferably with pillows under the pelvis to help arch that whole abdominal area then its comfortable and u get to concentrate on the tickling without them having any ability to lessen it or control...
  17. natscott6282

    What was the EXACT moment you knew you had a tickle fetish?

    we were tickle tortured to absolute bits by these two aunties which made me want to see it done to that level and beyond on other ppl i knew (but i was always wayyy too ticklish to have it done to me ) but i also knew I loved tickling way before then, i am just talking about when i realized that...
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