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    Hi, glad you like the name, but it's not a reference to her. Actually Shadow is the name of a...

    Hi, glad you like the name, but it's not a reference to her. Actually Shadow is the name of a feral black cat that I've been feeding for about 2 years now, and the screen name itself is also a tribute to my favorite NFL team, the Carolina Panthers.
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    Rain Is Bound To CUM M/F Graphic

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    Is 28 too old to date a 22 year old?

    Chronological age doesn't matter as long as you're both consenting adults. Maturity level counts for a lot though.
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    New Here!!

    Hi Kat. Good to have you.
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    Hi TMF

    HI AIMEE!!! ...I've been around, just haven't been posting, mostly downloading clips 'n stuff. Good to see 'ya!:yourock:
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    It's the Great Pumpkin Charley Brown.

    It's not Halloween without it.
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    What's your favorite scary movie?

    The Lost Boys
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    Hi Kitty! Thanks for the friend request! Welcome! :)

    Hi Kitty! Thanks for the friend request! Welcome! :)
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    Holly Naked and Racked F/F

    Meaning of course, I'm gonna buy all her clips. What assassin33 said. VERY HOT.
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    Holly Naked and Racked F/F

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    The original Ghost Busters

    Wow thanks for that Saturday Morning Flashback!
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    This is a REAL spider

    Is it poisonous?
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    Worst movie you have seen?

    The Grudge
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    just fuck me F/F

    Thank you for THAT!:gabby:
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    Iridal Tickle Fucked F/F

    Standing at attention!
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    What was the last thing you drank

    Diet Lime Pepsi... Diet Lime Coke is better.
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    OK...Let's get a nose count with this hurricane

    Glad to hear from ya'll, especially the VA folks as I'm a little ways west of RIC. Power went out Saturday around 6:30, was restored Sunday around 2:30. 6 trees down, One of which hit the barn roof. Much yard debris, but it's cleaned up now. I was able to cut the grass earlier this evening...
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    What's Your First Name?

    Chris, as in Christopher, but call me Chris. I was named after the saint. Yeah, doing a great job of living up to that name, not.
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