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  1. L

    The Space Corps Directives thread

    Space Corps Directive 1701: No officer named James Kirk is permitted to serve aboard any JMC vessel with women aboard.
  2. L

    Tickling in books…..?

    I wonder if Klingon pain sticks could be modified to tickle. Or the Mirror Universe agony booths, for that matter.
  3. L

    Tickling in books…..?

    Parallel 59 (I think it's 59) 8th Doctor story. Very brief, very ordinary.
  4. L

    Today I will not..........

    Today I will not speak like Officer Crabtree.
  5. L

    What was the last thing you drank

    Pinot Noir.
  6. L

    Does anyone's spouse hate being tickled?

    I don't know, I'm not in the habit of asking people's spouses if they hate being tickled :p
  7. L

    Real life tickling situation has come up

    Assuming you're not joking, proceed with caution. If you proceed at all. As others have pointed out you will likely be paying child support. If you're in a position to, OK, however there's other things to consider. Will the kid ever know its father? Also, how well do you know this woman? You...
  8. L

    Today I will not..........

    Today I will not tell anyone celery is delicious.
  9. L

    Videos with ticklee saying "I love it"

    Frankly I think many would love to see that. Or someone looking into our eyes and saying "tickle me!"
  10. L

    The Space Corps Directives thread

    70637: All Flag Officers must attend Christmas parties in ridiculous costumes.
  11. L

    The Space Corps Directives thread

    The premise is simple. Post known Space Corps Directives or your own Directives. EG 34124: No officer with false teeth should attempt oral sex in zero gravity. Or, 33193: Any Crewman caught in indecent acts with wet celery will receive a promotion to the rank of Colonel.
  12. L

    What should everyone be eating?

    Celery :D
  13. L

    What Was the last TV show you watched?

    Me. :D I mean, Doctor Who.
  14. L

    Your ideal lee? (Personality and appearance)

    Adult woman, very ticklish, can't get enough with an appetite for tickling and getting tickled unlike anything I've thought possible.
  15. L

    Good Moaning.

    Spike gid fronch or eather lung sandwich her in thus pisst.
  16. L

    What should everyone be eating?

    Celery vindaloo, followed by celery pudding :D
  17. L

    The Get The Last Word In Thread

    Mine! :D Up the fuck shut, so!
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