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  1. B

    London munch, Sat 9th December 2023

    Any chance of an invite link? I'd like to pop in and say hello some time.
  2. B

    Nomming or raspberries?

    Fair enough.
  3. B

    London munch, Sat 9th December 2023

    How'd it go, Slant?
  4. B

    Nomming or raspberries?

    I can't bring myself to even address the first one, because I find baby language among actual adults to be the MOST irritating fucking thing on Earth. However.... Hmmm. I'm gonna say your experience was probably down more to the state of mind of the model/s than the actual viability of...
  5. B

    Great new Australian girl next door tickling store

    Feetonline was the last one I remember.
  6. B

    Hey everybody - Welcome to the TMF's UK section

    o./ Can you really just be now saying hello when you've been a member for nearly twenty-two years? :p
  7. B

    Can foot peeps please stop describing soles as “meaty”?

    I have to admit, this term has always made me feel revolted as well.
  8. B

    Which tickle model is the biggest glass cannon/can dish it out but can’t take it?

    Chase was a really naff tickler though. Almost wooden-fingered.
  9. B

    nonconsensual ticklee's

    As far as I know, there is no digital media of this video anywhere. I've never once seen evidence of such, anyway. Some of Realtickling's earlier stuff they only marketed on a three year license. After it expired, so did their right to sell the footage. My own copy, the first tickling video I...
  10. B

    nonconsensual ticklee's

    Well, they're more likely to, now that you've necro'd this thread after five years. Not that there's anything inherently wrong with thread necro'ing, but I think it's kind of a self-defeating thing to do.
  11. B

    Why so little activity here?

    I think Tenebrae's answer bears a lot of weight. Plus, until its membership cratered and spambots made it unusable, we had a pretty thriving forum on the UKTF for a number of years.
  12. B

    Goldie Hawn's feet

    I remember seeing her in a documentary in India once. I was fourteen or fifteen I think. At one point she was riding an Indian elephant and the guy was telling her how to steer it, by applying pressure with her toes behind its ears. As he was lecturing her on it he took off her shoes and socks...
  13. B


    Fookin' bari. ;)
  14. B

    Jackie French of TC Video

    Hang on a minute.... She's got a twin sister?! FUCK!!! IT took me twelve years to see that bit.
  15. B


    No worries. Basically, you go to the main page for the forum you want to post in, here.... http://www.ticklingforum.com/forumdisplay.php?422-UK-Personals .... and then you click on the button that says "+ Post New Thread". There are two of them, both on the left, one above the list of topics on...
  16. B


    Hi Clapton, You should really make your own intro thread in the personals, not post your own in someone else's mate.
  17. B

    London Munch 26th June

    What numbers are you expecting, WM?
  18. B

    Does "Domain expired" equal 'Data deleted'?

    It's fixed. Thanks to HDS. The server company did something rather strange which he did attempt to explain to me, but which I don't understand. Something about part of an update.
  19. B

    Does "Domain expired" equal 'Data deleted'?

    Has anyone noticed when the latest UKTF error occurred? I've just noticed it's down again.
  20. B

    Hey everybody - Welcome to the TMF's UK section

    It's been here a little while, mostly in response to the changing of online "fetish demographics". Myriads gave us this space as the UKTF itself is tailing off. Spread the word! :)
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