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    The Shoebill Stork

    You know about the shoebill stork?
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    The Shoebill Stork

    Apparantly there is this bird that is endangered and very very friendly to humans but also not very bright. The bird has exhibited behavior that is seen as strange. However, I have a feeling you might like this bird from a tickling standpoint, this bird is known to take feathers off itself and...
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    What member of the tmf would know the most about biology and the theory of evolution

    I know its a unique question but this is a community of people with common interests I just wanted to know if any biology proffessors were on the forum perhaps
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    What member of the tmf would know the most about biology and the theory of evolution

    I am trying to find the right person, I know its a strange request but thats what I am asking for
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    Has this ever happened to you or does this happen

    Ok imagine your tied up and tickled sensless but after your tickled there is a red blushing marks on your skin, not bruises but like from goosebumps of excitement of being tickled and helplesss
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    Community's feelings toward AI art

    My problem is not so much the AI but rather people doing things with it and saying a person did it when in fact AI did it. To me this is like a college student getting a term paper of the internet
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    Think of the most sensual erotic powerful tickling dream you have ever had

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vFufFxk8nMw Now look at this video and tell m what you think
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    Chat GPT4 is an absolute disruptive technology

    Here is another one I asked it to do do a movie scene from interview with a vampire as though dr Seuss and Anne rice had collaborated on it (Interior of the elegant townhouse, Louis and Lestat sit across from each other. A 'Seussian' twist is given to the dialogue. The scene is now more...
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    Chat GPT4 is an absolute disruptive technology

    I asked Chatgpt to do this redo the plot of Star Wars with Luke aiming his torpedoes in the exhaust port and have absolutely nothing happen to the Death Star , then have Obi-wan,s spirit tell Luke what an idiot he is for thinking something like that would work. As the climactic Battle of...
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    Chat GPT4 is an absolute disruptive technology

    I have had a wonderful experience with it , I ask it to rewrite the plots of movies with changes.
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    What would a tickle themed wedding be like

    Lets say you have a wedding where everyone involved and the guests had tickle fetishes, what would the the bachelorette party and the bachelor party be like as well as the ceremony. Also what couple on here would you most want to see renew there vows this way
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    Is this the main difference between female lees and female lers

    I have found that when it comes to dominant women and submissive women there seems to be a difference I have noticed to be true. This is a difference I admire in both just so you all know I am not putting one down in favor of the other. I find that the ones who are dominant will tell you...
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    Why not have a way to have audio chats in the chatroom

    I mean it would make connecting with one another easier
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    Why not have a way to have audio chats in the chatroom

    Would this be possible to add
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    Star Wars Galaxies

    A while ago I made a post talking about the game city of heroes(I will explain why I bring this up in a second) and I told how people brought the game back so others can play it again. Well another game I played a few years ago called Star Wars Galaxies, where you make Star Wars characters and...
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    Does your tickle fetish hinder your ability to datee

    I need some opinions on something. As we try to date or find the right person we often hear the encouragement, there is plenty of fish in the sea. In my opinion when ever I think of someone trying to date. I never seem to see it as the sea but for of a fishtank. My reasons for reason this is its...
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    Ever had a dream you came out to your family about your kink

    If so what happened in the dream
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    Question about some profiles

    Why do some profiles show the join date but not the last date they logged on
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    Do men get in to the tickling lifestyle the same way women get in to it?

    This is what I have noticed is that whenever you ask a man how he got in to tickling, he will tell you that he was young and saw cartoons, or was young and saw someone being tickled, or was young and heard it talked about. Its always indirect mentioning, or indirect instances from others. The...
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    Don't Mess With Ouija Boards

    What dos this have to do with ouija boards
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