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    Comment by 'tickledmrs' in media 'Hayley Atwell'

    Love that movie (and especially that scene)!
  2. R

    What famous people would you like to be tickled by?

    1. Ronda Rousey 2. Angie Harmon 3. Debra Messing 4. Dana Delaney 5. Natasha Lyonne
  3. R

    Comment by 'SugarSoaker' in media 'Karen Borta'

    You have very cute feet!
  4. R

    Best Bed Restraints? 🛏️🪢🪶

    Agreed. Very versatile, easy to use (and transport). I have a version that runs underneath the mattress/bed spring (in the event that you have a bed without a headboard or footboard) that can be used pretty much everywhere for a classic spreadeagle. :)
  5. R

    My wifes soles

    Very lovely! Thank you both for sharing!
  6. R

    Wifes arches and heels

    Lovely! Thank you both for posting!
  7. R

    wife wrinkled soles

    Such lovely feet! Thank you both for sharing this picture! :)
  8. R

    Who here is 50+ and a tickler?

    Am now 56. Changes nothing...
  9. R

    What is the temperature outside where you are?

    41 degrees Fahrenheit.
  10. R

    What are you reading right now?

    Still working my way through Napoleon Bonaparte by Alan Schom. Been reading it off and on, so I'm a bit behind.
  11. R

    What's the last thing you ate?

    Mint chip ice cream.
  12. R

    What is the last thing you bought?

    Watermelon chunks
  13. R

    If men were offered to be tickled by other men with no other activities added...

    Generally speaking, I'd be open to being tickled by a man (with limits respected, as you indicated in your original post).
  14. R

    Need help in finding tickling story, and recommendation

    Hi, Sorry, but I don't recall that specific story. You may wish to check out https://www.literotica.com for the story, as they have many archived tickling tales that may include the one for which you are searching.
  15. R

    Wife's size 7's trapped under the bed.

    Very cute! Thank you both for posting!
  16. R

    Kanoe Kaluahine

    Thanks so much for posting this! For those checking out the YouTube link, the tickle question starts around 4:05.
  17. R

    What kind of feet size(s) do you like the most?

    I wouldn't turn away a pair of ticklish female feet of any size, but some of my fondest tickle memories are of ladies with big feet. :)
  18. R

    Friend ready to share

    Lovely feet.
  19. R

    Quick tickle on wife’s soles

    Lovely feet -- thank you both for posting!
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