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    The Deputy and The Outlaw: Retribution Part 21 (F/F) The Finale!

    Thank you! What an really incredible journey!
  2. P

    Havenbrook institute Part : 2

    Wow! Really great story! Thank you!
  3. P

    Coming soon! The Deputy and The Outlaw: Retribution preview trailer! (with pics)

    Really an epic series! Thank you for your great effort!
  4. P

    (Deputy's Universe) Gertrude: The Ticklin' Neighbor Part 3 (F/F)

    Wow really beautiful story! Enjoying every new adventure you are presenting us with! Thank you! &#55357;&#56832;
  5. P

    Coming soon!! The Deputy & the Outlaw: Justice preview trailer (with pictures!!!)

    Wow! Looking forward to your new masterpiece! :-)
  6. P

    Andromeda part 3 (f/f, ff/f)

    Wow Really Fantastic story! Thank you! 😀
  7. P

    Coming soon!! The Deputy & the Outlaw: Reunited preview trailer (with pictures!!!)

    Wow! So looking forward to your new stories! :-) Beautiful pictures also!
  8. P

    (Deputy's Universe) Character Intro: Bessie Part 2 (F/F)

    Wow! That was really great! Looking forward to the next part!
  9. P

    A Lord's Ordeal in The Town Stocks (A Maiden's Mischief) - Medieval, Stocks, Tricked

    Wow! Love this story! Thank`s! Perhaps you could to a sequel for this on too?
  10. P

    Sarah's boarding school nightmare part 3 ff/ff

    In my opinion the best actual series!
  11. P

    Barefoot in Jeans thread

    Wow! Thank you!
  12. P

    When 2 Ticklers Meet (F/F) Part 1

    Fantastic story (Part 1+2)
  13. P

    Strung Up (F/F)

  14. P

    A Long Trip - A Sci Fi story, PART FIVE F/f, erotic, NC-17 (Seriously!)

    Wow! Simply great! Thank you!!:thumbsup:
  15. P

    A Long Trip - A Sci Fi story. Prologue. No Tickling.

    You`re the best! Cool build up! Looking foward to the others parts! Thanks!
  16. P

    Jenni The Clown: Wrong House Bro F/M

    Really cool! But Parker should get a chance for revenge! ;-)
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