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    STANDING TICKLE PUNISHMENT - Harness Ballgag & Blindfold - Jezebel Lee in the Dungeon

    That navel is out of this world... it needs more tickling with unique tools...
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    Thanks for this... can you please post those videos with the spinning top tickling belly of Inians as well?
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    Erotic/culinary tickle scene in "Tampopo" (1985)

    Always loved this scene- in someways the matrix navel bug scene is kind of a tribute to this :P I had meal worms put in my belly button to similar effect, I hope to try the live shrimps someday!
  4. T


  5. T

    Cosquillas Catalunya

    Hola I am an experienced male ticklee and I visit Barcelona every two months, I have experience doing tickle videos. Happy to collaborate.
  6. T


    Any lers in Dubai?
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    Someone who loves tickling torture by little crawlers or other similar creative ideas

    I have been tickled by snails, meal worms, lady bugs and they are cruel and make me laugh a lot
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    This is such a great find. Do you have the link to the source video? iS it in Youtube? Would be lovely to see how they put the top in her belly. Thank you.
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    Shilpa Shetty - Mr Romeo - M/F - Belly

    I notice that people tend to be nasty when there are Indian videos. It happened to Shalini before.
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    Rani Mukherjee Tickles Kirron Kher - Hum Tum - F/F - Feet

    There is a m/f. f/m with rani blowing raspberries no?
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    Hahaha well you can say that
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    Nope she was barefoot
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    Thank you for the comments. The crop top and skirt were something like this. I am also enclosing a pic of my navel.
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    Sorry for the delay in replying but long story short, covid made me so weak. I am glad the thread is still alive and that people posted another story of an aunt. So here is what happened: I met her on a weekday evening after work, we decided that its best to keep the alcohol for after the...
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    I am so sorry guys the Covid bug caught me and I was down for a while. I will type it tonight and share it with you all ok?
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    Friends, it happened finally. I got tickled for good 15 mins :)
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    Tickled by my aunt yesterday

    I am mostly a ticklee but why not if she does allow me...
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