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  1. M

    Having My Toes Sucked and Feet Tickled On A Dare (M/MM) Slight (M/MMF)

    When I was around 18-19. I was with a group of friends mostly older mid 20s playing drinking games and smoking all night. It was about 10 of us altogether. Halfway through the evening everyone was drunk doing their own thing or passed out. One of my female friend wanted to play truth or dare...
  2. M

    Girlfriend’s Toes Sticking Out of Covers

    Was getting home from gym. I go to gym early in the morning before work. While I was getting ready for work I see my girlfriend’s toes sticking out under covers still sleeping calmly.
  3. M

    Ever Caught Your Friends Staring At Your Girlfriends/Wives Feet?

    When I have the guys over my place my girlfriend is hanging with us. Whether we are playing, drinking just hanging around altogether, she tends to be barefoot. Every once in a while I catch my friends staring or quick glances at them. How do you guys feel about this? Has this happened to you?
  4. M

    Tickling My Girlfriends Feet During Sex Last Weekend

    This past weekend my girlfriend and I went to a friends birthday dinner where we both drank. She drank and danced throughout the whole night. When my girlfriend drinks she gets really horny. When we got home she started to undress me and I did the same for her. We start making out like crazy...
  5. M

    Girlfriends Soles in the Morning

    Waking up to hit gym early in the morning and I see this… Should I skip gym ?
  6. M

    Girlfriends Feet After Clubbing in Miami

    Thanks for the responses and compliments. I’m sure she’d appreciate them. I’ve posted her feet in the past and mentioned how ticklish her feet are. So yes… her feet are very ticklish lol
  7. M

    Girlfriends Feet After Clubbing in Miami

    Went to Miami last week for our friends birthday. It was a group of us and were partying all week. One night in particular we went to a club right by the beach. We were all drinking, dancing having a fun time. Of course all of us were pretty drunk. Next morning I wake up and see my girlfriend...
  8. M

    Girlfriends Soles after New Years Party

    Thanks for the compliments guys, appreciate it. And yes her feet are very ticklish
  9. M

    Girlfriends Soles after New Years Party

    Happy New Year’s, everyone! My girlfriend, and I went to a New Year’s party, where we drank and danced. As soon as we got home, my girlfriend who was dancing all night, couldn’t wait to take off her heels and lay on the couch. Let me know what you think.
  10. M

    Ex Girlfriend Soles

    Was going through my old iPhone 5s (yeah that old) lol. Found old pictures of my ex-girlfriend. Browsing through the pics. Found a few pics of her feet and soles. I remember that I would play with them every chance I had. Her feet were very ticklish. Just barely touching them would have her...
  11. M

    Girlfriend’s Soles on Her Cellphone

    On vacation she’s looking on phone for nearby restaurants and bars to go to tonight. What do you guys and girls recommend for me to do while she’s looking for something?👣
  12. M

    Six Flags Tatsu Feet Tickling (M/FF)

    This happened yesterday at Six Flags. My friend and I went on a double date. I brought my girlfriend and he brought his girlfriend. It was a hot and sunny day, so both of our girl friends were wearing tank tops and flip flops. We went to the Tatsu ride. If not familiar with Tatsu. The riders...
  13. M

    Girlfriend’s Soles After Night Out of Dancing

    My girlfriend went out with her friends at a club for her friends birthday. She was still drunk after she got home fell asleep afterwards.
  14. M

    The view before I left to work (GF)

    The view of my girlfriend before I left to work this morning.
  15. M

    Girlfriends feet on the couch

    Appreciate the compliments. And yes her feet are ticklish, especially on her toes
  16. M

    Girlfriends feet on the couch

    Took a picture while my girlfriend was on her laptop while sitting back on the couch. Wish I took a vid, she kept moving her feet & wiggling her toes. Couldn’t concentrate on my work
  17. M

    My Girlfriends Dog Licked My Feet While I Was Having Sex

    Last week after a night out of drinks. We went to my girlfriends apartment because her roommates were out for the weekend. Things got hot and heavy, my girl is super horny when she’s drunk. She couldn’t wait, she stripped of my clothes and laid on top of me, riding me. I was really into it...
  18. M

    Feet Tickling During HJ (Sexual)

    Damn I know what you mean, when my girlfriend is playing with my dick and give me a handjob. She lightly tickles my balls and feet. She says she enjoys watching me squirm and giggle and moan at the same time. And she teases me when I am about to cum, She tickles my balls and my feet, And keeps...
  19. M

    My GirlFriend Enjoying Her Wine (Feet)

    Appreciate the compliments, and yes her feet are ticklish.
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