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  1. C

    Cheating, Pleasure, Happiness and Love

    May have to consider a different partner. If one considers leaving current situation, would be preferable to be upfront in regards to having other women/ partners on a regular rotation. If you're really set on monogamy, your options are uncomfortable and limited. Personally would prefer to find...
  2. C

    Do you have a partner NOT into tickling?

    Yeah have been in this situation before and it's not great. I wouldn't force them into it if they really didn't like it. I would find someone else who would be, so next it is.
  3. C

    My Best Friend's Girl

    I say don't do it again. Good job getting away with it this time though. Oh and don't confess the full story, nothing to gain from that.
  4. C

    Anybody ever get kicked in the face or head while tickling feet?

    Nothing quite like getting kicked in the face because you're trying to tickle a pretty pair of feet lol! It hurts but hey it's worth it anyway! The pain is temporary but the memory is forever =)
  5. C

    Almost Outed

    Heh it's a good thing nothing really happened when you clicked on it. Anyhow thanks for sharing your experience because I have never clicked that button either on any website and now I know what does.
  6. C

    post orgasm tickling

    Gonna have to agree with everyone else, definitely a lot more sensitive after orgasm. I'd go as far and say it's quite torturous, can't take too much of it haha
  7. C

    Isle of Aphrodite part 5 F/f

    Damn man, another good one. Where do you get your inspiration lol
  8. C

    Longest tickling duration??

    Gonna have to agree with 3 days is quite extreme. I really couldn't imagine that, but then again the longest I have ever been tickled without a break is 10 minutes and that feels like an eternity.
  9. C

    Isle of Aphrodite part 4 F/f, noncon

    Gotta agree with milagros. This story was a bomb! It was so good I had to go read the three previous installments right after I finished this one. Awesome work bro!
  10. C

    Rex Ryan has a foot and tickling fetish

    LBFT definitely has the right idea. That's exactly how I feel about this situation. @Steve57: denying the fact that it was him in the video would most likely do more harm than the route he took saying that it's a personal matter and won't discuss it. If there's something rex knows how to do is...
  11. C

    Chilean mine rescue.

    It's amazing that those miners have survived and are getting rescued but it's horrible that they were stuck there that long. Guess it comes with the territory of being a miner?
  12. C

    i am 27 today i am depressed! HELP.

    Sorry to hear that getting older is something that depresses you but I think all you need is another perspective on the whole aging concept. It really isn't that horrible and besides in most cases age is but a number. Take care of yourself and keep things positive and perhaps you won't feel...
  13. C

    Wall Street 2

    Thanks for the review Mitch. Personally I thought the trailer for this movie was pretty silly because I felt like it gave the whole movie away. I was already on the fence as to whether I was gonna watch this on DVD or not. Looks like I won't be now.
  14. C

    High Heels

    Gonna have to say that high heels are fine... in moderation.
  15. C

    Why are there always 6 hours worth of judge shows on TV in the daytime?

    My guess is that those 6 hours of judge tv effectively garner high ratings so that's why they keep those shows there. As for me, I say it is uninteresting tv and would rather be on the internet than watching that.
  16. C

    Have you ever lost?

    Couldn't have said it better myself. Definitely one of the best answers in this thread.
  17. C

    What was the last thing you drank

    Heh I also drank water. Best non-alcoholic drink ever!
  18. C

    Two Words,.....

    water break!
  19. C

    Is it philosophy? Life experiences?

    Going to have to say my favorite color hasn't changed either. It's always been black! But more recently, I've taken a liking for purple as well.
  20. C

    Do You Listen To Today's Music??

    While there may be some good songs in mainstream radio, I find that I don't like that much of it. Definitely prefer to keep mainstream radio off. Not only do they play horrible songs but they OVERPLAY these terribad songs!
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