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    Possibly the oldest tickle clip I've come across (1918)

    There are tickles going back to George Melies films of the early, early 1900s. As far as earliest here on the forum, there's stuff that goes back at least to 1913 and 1914, including a Mabel Normand clip. I never posted any of the George Melies clips (and others from that early period) because...
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    What Advice Would You Give a Bride/Groom to be or Newlyweds?

    (seriously, though, congratulations) :)
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    The French Girl (m/f)

    Thanks for the nice words (Po' Lazarus too). Didn't realize I didn't delete this one, there are probably a few more still out there. Um....I'm happy to share them with YOU guys but sorry, when I joined the TMF it was to vibe with fellow dudes that love to tickle, women that love to get...
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    Clip I've had for years has suddenly lost its audio?

    Tried it with different players, different computers....all to no avail. I didn't buy it THAT long ago, I'd say about four or five years ago. Ah well! It's a mystery! I had tried it with VLC, And then Quicktime, Windows Media, different computers, etc all to no avail. It wasn't that old...
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    Clip I've had for years has suddenly lost its audio?

    Years ago, I saw a Clips4Sale clip advertised at the top of the page. I clicked on it, and it took me to this small company, I think they had four videos tops. And although I don't usually buy clips without a preview, I took a gamble on this one based on the thumbnail.....and it was great! One...
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    The F/M Thread

    Sure, here you go: sexy Gene Tierney gives Cornel Wilde a good tickling in "Leave Her To Heaven".
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    Videos with ticklee saying "I love it"

    Space City Soles: Arielle's Pleasure https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/44279/23844685/arielles-pleasure-720p-mp4-starring-arielle-lane A foot worship video that quickly turns ticklish, she remarks that she likes being tickled.....and then adds something like: "when it's like this". Great...
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    '60s Mainstream--Michele Lee on LAS

    20 years later and after doing some detective work intermittently over that time period, here are the three episodes of "Love American Style" described above, all of which you can currently find on You Tube. Interestingly, all three episodes are from season 3. (1971-1972) "Love And The...
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    Vintage B/W Mainstream (1930s-1960s)

    Dorothy Patrick is "Come To The Stable", Gail Patrick is "Love Crazy". It's so weird that this thread has been bumped; moments ago I was just looking through an old folder and came across a more modern recreation of the "Love Crazy" clip (which I just attached under the "Love Crazy" post on...
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    Removing attachments from old posts (not working for me presently)

    I'm trying to remove a pic I posted on an old story and it's not letting me open up the attachments section when I click on "Manage Attachments". I tried it again on another old post, just to make sure, and had the same problem. 1.) Is there something I'm doing wrong? I don't remember ever...
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    Tickling His Crush

    -_ __
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    Tickling that Kills (Brazilian YouTuber)

    Dark Crane....once again, thanks for uploading and posting the video.....and even moreso for taking the time to translate it for us. And then, on top of that, to find and post the "making of" video......you are fast becoming the M.V.P. of the mainstream section! Thanks again, D.C. :)
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    video of Little Lupe getting tickled on the Stern Show

    No worries: The Internet has found you instead, lol. Here it is..... here's the video http://www.mediafire.com/file/x5f0y2gbdwykaz6/file And here's the original radio broadcast (not sure if there's anything that was edited out for the TV show)...
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    Amy Brenneman (Judging Amy)

    Mitchell posted about this scene many years ago, the night it first aired. I found the post by accident the other day when I was searching Amy Brenneman (I could have sworn there had been an official ticklish confirmation from her, but I guess I was wrong!)....anyways, here's the clip, she gets...
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    The F/M Thread

    from an episode of "Judging Amy", Tom Welling gets a quick tickle in an arcade by Amy Brenneman.
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    Loserfruit Compilation f/f

    Here you go; it's a zipped folder since the clips are too big to attach, but you can download all five here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aaf3g9zvjmjtp8i/file Thanks for the heads' up, ihatemornings! :clap:
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    tickled by a gosth

    Spanish is the loving tongue :) By the way, what else does she say? She's talking on the phone and the ghost starts to tickle her a bit....she says quite a lot before she says "Not on my foot". Once again, great clip, thanks for coming out of the shadows to share it with us. Gracias, amigo...
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