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    Star Wars Day

    Happy Star Wars Day to my fellow Star Wars lovers. May the Force (4th) be with you! I am currently watching Return of the Jedi. Been through the prequel trilogy and am 2/3 the way through the original trilogy. Barbershopman
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    The Useless Fact Thread:

    Your smartphone has more computer power than the combined power of the computers that put man on the moon in 1969. Barbershopman
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    Sick, just sick

    Yes, it was reported that they were juveniles being held in the juvenile detention center in downtown Kansas City. As mentioned above, this is an ongoing investigation and that more charges may be pending. Barbershopman
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    Sick, just sick

    The two suspects were able to be taken into custody thanks to two gentlemen who basically tackled and subdued them. The two were booked on weapons possession and resisting arrest and are currently being held in juvenile detention. Officials say more charges may be pending. There is good news...
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    Sick, just sick

    My daughter called me this afternoon asking if I watched the Super Bowl parade and celebration for the Kansas City Chiefs and I said that I had just finished watching. She then asked me if I'd heard about the shooting. At the time I write this, one person is dead and 10-15 injured from a...
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    Superbowl LVIII set - Chiefs-49ers

    The Chiefs have got an inside track for the NFLs first three-peat in the Super Bowl Era. Our defense was the youngest this past season, and as many analysts have stated: Never count out the Chiefs with number 15 directing the offense and Big Red Andy Reid in charge. But alas, the shortest...
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    Superbowl LVIII set - Chiefs-49ers

    So everybody's feel good story, the Lions fell short of playing in their first Super Bowl (I was rooting for the Lions), and the Chiefs are in the Super Bowl, AGAIN (I feel as everybody is treating them as the new Patriots, can we get ANYBODY else in, I'm tired of seeing in THEM the Super...
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    not exactly sports related but foot fetish related

    Yes, Rex's foot fetish has been known for a while now. It's good for us he can talk and joke about it. Barbershopman
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    not exactly sports related but foot fetish related

    Watching Good Morning Football today talking about my Chiefs and the Kelce pass/lateral to Toney that was called back because Toney was lined up offside. Mike Greenberg, Ryan Clark and our resident sports foot fetishist Rex Ryan were discussing the play and Ryan says that it was "a toe I...
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    Great opening for Sunday Night Football!!! Reliving the "Heidi" Game

    A little nostalgia After the Carrie Underwood intro, a voice over continued: "Once upon a time there were two teams who played a game called football that everybody loved...and they came together on a Sunday night.. (cut to an introduction of Heidi on a TV). The lady looks into the camera...
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    On Veterans Day - Thank you Veterans!!

    I'd like to take this time to thank all of the Veterans and active duty personnel for their service. It is because of you and your sacrifices that we enjoy the freedoms we have. THANK YOU!! Barbershopman
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    A sad day for hockey fans

    Opening night of hockey season is tinged with a hint of sadness. It has been reported that Barry Melrose has retired from ESPN following a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease. His no-nonsense analysis was surpassed only with his knowledge of the game. He was a former player and coach, and was...
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    R.I.P. Brooks Robinson

    I grew up with HOF third basemen like George Brett and Mike Schmidt. The only way I saw Brooks Robinson was in highlight videos, but man, could that guy play third base. One of the best. RIP. Barbershopman
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    Aaron Rodgers injured

    I read on a story how one Jets fan put it, "this is the most Jets thing that could happen to the Jets". I feel for you Jets fans, after an off season of good vibes and high expectations, it all came crashing down after four plays. Barbershopman
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    The Bitch About The Weather Thread

    Monday the temp was 103. The heat index was 115, and that was in the midwest! Barbershopman
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    Bass primarily, but can read and sing baritone if needed. Barbershopman

    Bass primarily, but can read and sing baritone if needed. Barbershopman
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    Friday night nyuks (7-21-23).

    Sports reporter: "Another 40-0 loss... it's been a disappointing season so far. What do you have to say about your team's execution?" Team owner: "The sooner, the better." * * * This is a take off of Tampa Bay Bucs coach John McCay when mired in their 26 game losing streak in 1976. Asked...
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    Want to see Tickling Media from the 90's?

    This is GREAT!! Thank you. Barbershopman
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    Don't Ever Give Up - has it really been 30 years

    On this day 30 years ago in New York City, Jim Valvano, stepped up to the microphone after being awarded the Authur Ashe Courage and Humanitarian Award. He delivered a speech so empassioned and eloquent that it is celebrated as a masterpiece 30 years later. Jim Valvano led the North Carolina...
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    Late to the party - Congrats to the Kansas City Chiefs - Super Bowl LVII CHAMPS!!

    The Kansas City Chiefs, the team I've rooted for since I was seven years old are the Super Bowl Champs for the second time in four years! All in all, a great, very competitive game. The Eagles set a record for points scored by a losing team. And the end wasn't determined until the very end of...
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