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  1. SoleHarvester

    Would you tickle a trans person?

    I am curious to see how many here would be comfortable with it.
  2. SoleHarvester

    I like older women, but I am too shy to approach them.

    I'm not a good looking guy, really, and have a physical disability, so maybe those factors are part of the problem. I guess I just don't want to seem like a creep or jerk. This is compounded by the fact the only compliments I have ever gotten about myself were from a woman who is a family member.
  3. SoleHarvester

    M 36 lee/ler looking for women who want to RP

    I don't usually initiate contact, so if any women want to message me feel free. I'm an amputee, if that even means anything.
  4. SoleHarvester

    Story request

    Does anyone have any stories about tickling a saleswoman, or census person who came your door?
  5. SoleHarvester


    I'd be nervous for sure, but I guess I'd be willing to try.
  6. SoleHarvester


    I have always liked seeing women be tickled, and tickling them, but I myself am extremely ticklish to the point that a hug or physical examination by a doctor almost sends me to the floor. Even the idea of being bound and being tickled makes me flinch. That said, I would be open to it if it...
  7. SoleHarvester

    Anybody else have a preference for mature female lees?

    Very nice. What's the longest you've been tickled?
  8. SoleHarvester

    Anybody else have a preference for mature female lees?

    For some reason I love women older than me being tickled, especially on their feet. The texture of their soles is usually rugged, and seeing them submit to the laughter is just so satisfying.
  9. SoleHarvester

    Sister embarrassing me help

    Stuff like this is why I tell no one about my fetish.
  10. SoleHarvester

    Extemely ticklish male in SE Ohio

    I'm in my mid-30's and normally only was ever into tickling women, but I'm open to being lee with a woman. I am an amputee, missing one of my legs, and of average looks. That said I am severely sensitive to being tickled. Growing up I was tortured by my older sisters (didn't enjoy that) but am...
  11. SoleHarvester

    Are most tickle fetishists men?

    I obviously never conducted a poll, but if I were to go by other fetishes then I would assume it is largely a male thing.
  12. SoleHarvester

    What are some ways you bring up the topic or initiate a playful tickle with others?

    I am curious to hear the strategies you use to not come off as weird, or having an obvious fetish.
  13. SoleHarvester

    Cousin curiosity

    It's not. I'm seriously asking if this is okay since it isn't sex.
  14. SoleHarvester

    Cousin curiosity

    Hello TMF folks. I was hoping to get some insight into something I've been thinking about. I have an older female cousin who has overtly flirted with me via video call and wants me to come out and visit them. I'll be frank, I don't really find them physically attractive, not ugly, just not...
  15. SoleHarvester

    The Neighbor Lady

    Hello, this is my first post besides my introduction. There isn't a whole lot to this story, but worth typing out anyway. Now, on to the backstory, I like to draw and paint, and recently took up animation. Anyway, one of our neighbor's is what I would consider attractive, outgoing woman about...
  16. SoleHarvester

    New member Hello Thread

    Hello, newbie here. I've browsed the site for years now and finally signed up.
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