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    Stroke and recovery

    Glad you survived! Taking care of yourself is important. The recovery road is rough, but you're over the hardest part now. I had a partial stroke a few years ago in my early 20s and it was difficult, but I was able to recover with very minimal daily impact now, so I'm sending you all of the...
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    Would you tickle a trans person?

    As a trans f 'lee, there are absolutely people willing! I know that it can be hard to find spaces of acceptance sometimes, especially around topics of kink and sexuality, but in my experience it's best to be up front about it and you'd be surprised how much fun you'll have!
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    The Effect of Sensitivity to Tickles by Character

    Ticklishness can be as much of a mental and situational thing as it is physical, so I think there may be merit in someone with a brighter personality being more easily in a mental space to be receptive to tickling, but from observing people I've known in my life, I don't think there are any real...
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    “Sommie” tickling. OK or not?

    I think this (fortunately) has a pretty easy and simple answer: don't do something to someone's body without their consent. Even consensual non-consensual (CNC) activities are agreed upon beforehand with understanding and trust. If I agreed ahead of time that someone could tickle me while...
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    Merry Christmas to whoever celebrates -

    Bit late to the party, but hope everyone is having a great holiday season! Let's go into 2024 with a lot of positivity and make it better than 2023!
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    Hey!! Welcome to the TMF! There are a lot of nice people here and I'm sure you'll find yourself having fun very soon! Hope to see you around the forum! :)
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    My introduction (Max)

    Hey, welcome to the TMF!! So far I've run into nothing but nice people here :) Hope to see you around the forum!!!
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    Game Mode versus A/V input, aren't these the same thing on a TV ?

    You might not find it on Amazon. I believe if you Google "DCT1303R Remote" you will find multiple other different sites either serving as resellers or offering alternatives that have been programmed. Maybe you can look around and hopefully find a good deal. Because this is an older TV you might...
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    A Chinese ticklee new here,ask me anything

    您好! :) 我不會中文,可是大约10年前在大學我學習了中文。。我覺得很意思,有一天我想再次學習! Hello! I haven't used Chinese in a long time so I hope that makes sense :) I see on your profile that we are the same age! Let me know if you want to talk any, I hope you've been having a good time here! Looking forward to seeing you around the...
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    Does your kink life ever overlap with your real life?

    I'd kept tickling interest to myself up until recently when I finally decided to stop lurking TMF. I can't imagine anyone in person knowing, but I'm also a pretty private person by default. I feel like theres probably some freedom in not caring, and maybe I'll get there one day, but I'm taking...
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    all our best ways to describe being tickled to the maximum

    There are some very good ones in this thread!! Big shoutouts to "tickled silly" and "tickled within an inch of their life"! :) A few other ones: - Tickled out of their mind - Tickled until they forgot their own name (used as a threat >:)) - Tickled senseless - Tickled out (as in "they were all...
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    Game Mode versus A/V input, aren't these the same thing on a TV ?

    Looking at the manual for that model, it looks like the button needed to change the input mode on the TV to use external channels is the only button that is exclusive to the remote.. The buttons for Game Mode on the TV are just for picture display (brightness, contrast, and so on). the actual...
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    Game Mode versus A/V input, aren't these the same thing on a TV ?

    I can't provide a lot of information because there are multiple types of TVs for that brand from that year, but through looking around online at user manuals, it looks like Game Mode is just a way to change how the image looks, optimized for games, vs a new input stream. Older TVs feom that time...
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    Self Intro!

    Thank you both for the warm welcome!! So far it seems like a really fun and inviting place, with a lot of fun and laughs even before tickling comes up in conversation. I look forward to seeing you around the forum!!!
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    Spectrum vs Disney, who is correct?

    I agree with everyone else, Disney is the bad guy almost 100% of the time, especially in cases like these. In an ideal world they would use the size of the corporation and their profits to allow more slack and spread access to their services, but instead they seem to use it to charge high prices...
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    Self Intro!

    Hello!! My name is Natalie, 29F (trans girl), deciding I would try this out! I have been lurking TMF for years, but never decided to make an account until now (late night decision!). I hope I can be active, I'm really bad at keeping up with stuff like this! My major interests are all...
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