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  1. Z

    Terapia de pareja (fm/f, sexual) 3ª Parte y Fin

    Claudia entró en la ducha. Mientras se duchaba se decía a sí misma: “pobres jóvenes ilusos, se desengañarán a los 2 minutos de empezar a intentar hacerme cosquillas. Ni siquiera mi marido después de 25 años ha sido capaz de sacarme una mínima risa, no lo van a conseguir estos dos ahora”. Segura...
  2. Z

    Oyane brought us friends for a ticklish audition

    Wow!!! Absolutely amazing!! Really cute and beautiful models. Are the three girls from Spain? What are their shoe sizes? I have already seen that Oyane's shoe size is 39. And what about the others? Outstanding work as always, please carry on with this kind of stuff.
  3. Z

    {CUSTOMS-LLT} - New Video Interviews ! For May, new models are BLOOMING !

    Wow!! Excellent new models!!! Ayone is nice and beautiful. What's her shoe size? Will there be any other models from Spain in the near future? Thank you for your work and congratulations!!
  4. Z


    Estupendo material y enhorabuena por tu gran trabajo. Habrá modelos españolas nuevas? Lo de poner los números que calzan las modelos siempre está genial. Muchos éxitos y a seguir así!!!
  5. Z

    Terapia de pareja (ff/m, sexual) 1ª Parte

    Ya está publicada la segunda parte!!!!
  6. Z

    Terapia de pareja (fm/f, sexual) 2ª Parte

    María se dirigió a la ducha aún estremecida por lo que Claudia le acababa de decir. Había visto lo que le había pasado a Tom y ahora era ella la que iba a someterse a esa terapia. Mientras se duchaba se puso a pensar: “sé que yo también puedo ser muy fuerte en algunas situaciones, de hecho el...
  7. Z

    Ximena Zalzer

    Yes, here it is: https://www.instagram.com/p/ CVv_2hVNcIW/ As always you have to remove the space. In the comments of the post you can read her answer. Regards
  8. Z

    Ximena Zalzer

    It was a PM, but I am not able to attach files although I am trying, I don´t know why, sorry.
  9. Z

    Ximena Zalzer

    Ximena Zalzer is a Bolivian TV presenter and model. She told me on Instagram that she is ticklish and that the most ticklish part of her body are the soles of her feet. Her shoe size is 6.5 (37.5 EUR). You can google her name to see her, she is beautiful. Regards to everyone!!
  10. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Aerial gymnast Sophie gives up to foot tickling

    Wow!!! I see, you were right Mr. Tickletherapist!! She is extremely ticklish on her feet and Irochka is a great tickler too. Fantastic combination and legit laughing. Poor Sophie, 9 minutes of torture for her, I guess she is completely broken at the end of the session. She would deserve another...
  11. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Aerial gymnast Sophie gives up to tickling - standup

    Sophie is a really beautiful girl (she has amazing abs). I just love when a strong lady surrenders to tickling, and it seems that Sophie is another one of them. She looks a bit defiant because she says that she won't tell anything in spite of being so ticklish, but I guess she could confess...
  12. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Fitness bikini contestant loses to tickling

    Absolutely amazing!! It is curious because this fitness lady seems much more ticklish in this session than in the previous one, as it happened with her friend. Even her feet are really sensitive this time (you are a very good tickler too). I find really exciting watching a strong and tough...
  13. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Young can't handle being tickled by Mature - standup

    Wow!! Really nice session again!! Kris is a very beautiful and ticklish lady and as a fashion model I guess she will have to stand long photo sessions, etc. but what she cannot stand for sure is tickling. I cannot wait to watch the feet part. Wonderful model and very good tickler too. As a...
  14. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Blond fitness lady can't resist armpit tickling

    Another ticklish fitness girl, really nice work!! She looks tough but she can't stand it. Does she have ticklish feet? Will there be more sessions with this girl? Congratulations and thank you for your effort and for your brilliant content Mr. Tickletherapist!!!
  15. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Fitness bikini contestant tickled silly by Elya - standup

    Great session as always Mr. Tickletherapist!! I love watching tough and muscled girls surrendering to the tickling sensation. This girl is definitely more ticklish than her friend Oksana, although it seems she is able to resist more on her feet than on her ribs. Will there be another part where...
  16. Z

    Tickle Therapy - Breaking fitness bikini champion

    Very nice session, Mr.Tickletherapist!! I really love when a tough, strong and muscled girl is broken by something so innocent as tickling. Strength counts for nothing when they have that weakness. I am very curious about the fact that she seems more ticklish now than when she was tickled by...
  17. Z

    Tickle Therapy - TV journalist Yulia tickle therapy by Tamara full movie

    Very interesting interview and very beautiful lady. Will this session be released or broadcast on any TV show? On the other hand, as bostonguy123 said before, it would be nice to watch F/M, FF/M or other couples like Vadim and Masha receiving a tickle therapy session (in the case of a couple...
  18. Z

    RF/GT Exclusive : The Story of How Olivia The Photographer Became A Tickling Model

    Really? What countries were they from? Have you ever had any tickle therapy patients from Spain?
  19. Z

    Terapia de pareja (ff/m, sexual) 1ª Parte

    Tom y María eran una pareja de jóvenes de unos 28 años que llevaban casados desde hacía muy poco tiempo. Tom era un chico de 180 cm, moreno y bastante musculado pues llevaba años yendo al gimnasio y normalmente solía hacerse el fuerte en muchas situaciones delante de cualquiera. María era una...
  20. Z

    video about these pictures d/f

    Yes I remember too. None of the girls cracked a smile and just one of the guys laughed, so the guys lost the game! Nonetheless, some of the girls seemed ticklish, but they managed to resist. Maybe a goat would have made laugh all of them, who knows.
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