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  1. Monkey D. Lucio

    Are most tickle fetishists men?

    No. Tickle fetish is equally spread among male and female. The thing is that men are generally more active online. I host tickle-related events in my country, and I noticed that as long as you work for a safe space, women are keen to join. Fetish is not gender-related. Open participation is.
  2. Monkey D. Lucio

    Ticklescenes.com - Divulgazione sul tickling nella cultura generale

    Progetto interessante. Si potrebbe pensare a una collaborazione!
  3. Monkey D. Lucio

    Old user, new username

    Hello everyone! Formerly known as James Bondage or something, I messed up and lost my account credentials, so I created a new profile and I introduce myself again. I’m a 37 y.o. man living in Italy. I’m a tickler, but I’m mostly here for scientific purposes. In fact, I run a website in which I...
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