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    Real Life Armpit Tickling?

    I almost never post anymore but wow, this whole thread, especially some of the early posts are very intimate and erotic. Guys into pits are always so damn intimate, love reading real accounts like this, they can never be erotic enough so I'm thankful for all the guys that have written erotic...
  2. P

    Wedding Tickles: The Bridal Party

    Very exciting and a little erotic, Lois being tickled out of her sweaty mismatched gym socks was a strong visual, that's such hell when someone tickles my feet after the gym like that I would lose my mind with three on me. Hope you keep writing......
  3. P

    Little Sister Payback F/F

    Wow she has amazing armpits...so deep, hollow and muscular! Her lap needs straddled and long fingernails and a tongue need to gently tease each of them slooooowly and the tickler looking right into her eyes. They must have been twice as ticklish as sweaty as they were. love this clip it has a...
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    A Job Well Done (F/F, Office)

    Very erotically written, totally lit up the kinky part of my bi side.
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    Careful What You Wish For (Part 1)

    Really love this, you write in a very seductive and erotic manner and the scenario and couples play is quite realistic from personal experience... Hope you tell us more I love the direction you were going in the end. Probably best story I have read on tmf!
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    Intimate & Sensual Pic from our Private Collection

    Thank you Assassin33, Californiasun19, and jeffcool.
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    armpit tickling

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