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  1. B

    Ask Me Anything :D

    Do you know how much legwork it took me to remember my log in just so I could spend a chunk of my afternoon finding this post JUST SO I could ask this question?? Talk to you on Polo soon :bubbleheart:
  2. B


    How have you been?? &#55357;&#56842; Back on topic, Southeast Michigander here
  3. B

    WALLAMP 2018!

    Eyyyyyyyy - I have an actual non-work laptop now so I can go on the TMF again after my 5-million year long hiatus! And also, my sweet bearded cupcake and I are already trying to make plans to go and we're trying to get his boss to buy the plane tickets. :)
  4. B

    Michigan group

    LOL probably! That's what happened last time! I'd love to make one - I finally have my boyfriend as a BellaBash veteran (3 attended now, so proud of him lol). Now I need to start getting him to meet my Michigan buddies! (Ironic that he sees people from every state but Michigan.)
  5. B

    Michigan group

    Man, at the very least I need to get to one to give you your movie back from like 3 years ago, TMJ. :-)
  6. B

    Favorite non-fiction books

    Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. Excellent book!
  7. B

    BASH AT BELLA'S 2014!!!!!

    Working on being there! :3 And wow, life has gotten so in the way I haven't been on here in months. Insanity.
  8. B


    Well okay!
  9. B

    BELLA BASH 2013!!!!!!!!!!

    I was under the impression this whole time I wasn't going to get to go. And now things are turning in my favor! :3
  10. B

    Walking Dead Fans?

    I haven't read any responses to this because I haven't started watching the new season yet. Having said that...great show! Always look forward to the new one. :)
  11. B

    Any Louie Fans Out There?

    Louie is on FX. Yes, it is!
  12. B

    Any Louie Fans Out There?

    I'm in the middle of season 3 right now and I continue to find it to be the most damn adorable show that has just the right amount of weirdness, comedy, and quirkiness. Any other fans? :)
  13. B

    Preferencial Crisis.

    Being around high schoolers all of the damn time, I can tell you that for most, not standing out in any way is a goal. So I wouldn't really be comparing yourself sexually to many who haven't had much sexual experience, nor who would admit what they really like to you or anyone else. :)
  14. B

    Show us the real you!

    You're freakin adorable!!
  15. B

    rAnSoM ~ BlackBeard!

    You both are brilliant on your own...and oh so wonderful together. You guys just make the most delicious art, I swear.
  16. B

    What's up TMF, 31/m here!

    Welcome to the forum and to posting!
  17. B

    Known as Kitchenaut at Tickletheater.

    Welcome to posting!
  18. B


    I do, but am currently and 100% inactive on it. I just keep my fetish artwork in a little gallery in my profile anymore if I ever find the time to do any.
  19. B

    GTA 5

    I bought it for my boyfriend and he plays that game everyday at least for an hour. It seems like there's a lot of new content, even small things, that you just plain ol' couldn't do in any of the others. So I guess if you like the others? It'll be right up your alley. :)
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