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  1. B

    As a LEE or LER ticklish sayings/words you like or don't like

    For me, the best verbal game usually involved rhetorical questions. "Do you prefer it here? Or here? Or there???" "This doesn't affect you at all does it? When I do this?" "Can you tell a difference between little circles? And little pokes???"
  2. B

    Do you ever think about WHY you tickle/ get tickled?

    Beyond the usual domination/control stuff, I think there's also the psychological element of someone responding involuntarily. A lot of the sexual cat and mouse game involves pretending we're not as interested in the other person as we are and holding back their action reactions. It's like the...
  3. B


    Did you also subject her to the laying on back, arms tied above head, belly and sides treatment?
  4. B

    How do tickling video producers recruit models these days?

    Here's an idea: Contact people who supply girls for bachelor parties in your area. I have a friend who has such a business. He recruits women wherever he goes for this kind of work -- which is essentially stripping, (some, not all of them, do more... of course). The point is, for whatever...
  5. B

    BleuFetish- Fem Domme gets tickled! Miss Vivian Dares to be Tickled - Remastered

    I'll always respect BleuFetish for being in the top tier in the verbal teasing game. Never lose that. That said, my jam is for submissive 'lees, not dom types. Good luck with it, though!
  6. B

    A YouTube channel is specializing in my favorite thing: Laying on back, arms tied above head, and focused on bare belly and sides

    While I'm not too confident about the copyright legitimacy in this YouTube aggregation -- and especially, the offer by the creator of the channel to sell full versions of these clips if someone emails him -- I will say this is my absolute favorite physical position. I'd love to see more of it...
  7. B

    Welcome to the new forum!

    After login problems, I like that we can now "like" comments. I think that's a valuable feature, regarding a gauge of public opinion. I'm pretty confident some of the snarkier commenters might be a tad less aggressive in their condemnation if they see that a bunch of previous users actually...
  8. B

    What Happened to Yaqi?

    I was familiar with the old Yaqi videos and Howard Stern Show appearances, but I was unaware he'd ever said this kind of stuff: "To me, tickling has always been about innocence. I am appalled to see the internet community reshaping it into something indistinguishable from pornography. Granted...
  9. B

    Question about studio “TICKLE innocent ticklish gf” on C4S

    It's nothing to do with English proficiency -- even the U.S. Supreme Court admits it can't define the word "pornography." In the older version of the Howard Stern show, for example, producers would tie women up in what they called the "tickle chair," and tickle them if Howard didn't like their...
  10. B

    Classic studios upscaling and re-releasing videos

    I don't know "Laughter is Beautiful," but in a sea of modern, identical-feeling studios in parts of the world that don't share my culture and language, Bleufetish's verbal teasing and psychological game was among the best. That's even more rare now than it was back in its (original) day. God...
  11. B

    Question about studio “TICKLE innocent ticklish gf” on C4S

    I continue to be surprised at the level of acrimony on this site. When I'm interested in a particular post, I'm curious about why people think what they think, rather than angry about what they think. To wit, I have to ask: Did you, biddlybong, come to this web page because of your...
  12. B

    Try this in a small town

    This. My style is to neither deny, or nor admit a deep, dark "fetish." Instead, you make it seem like it's just one of many things you like (which is almost certainly true anyway) -- rather than a singular over-riding compulsion -- and the person implying your liking to tickle girls is some...
  13. B

    Question about studio “TICKLE innocent ticklish gf” on C4S

    Thank you. This was my reaction too. I'm puzzled by the kinds of posts on here along the lines of distinguishing, "Was it porn? Or was it not porn? -- Such and such video totally was porn!" Even Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart famously backed off trying to define porn in Jacobellis v...
  14. B

    BleuFetish is back... sorta... Here is what is going on.

    Obviously, dozens of video producers have come and gone over the years, but what made Bleufetish work stand out in my humble opinion, were the top tier verbal teasing and psychological elements. Please don't lose that with whatever new material you produce. When there is no verbal and...
  15. B

    Legacy BDSM dungeon?

    You guys should consider road trips, like when bands go on tour. Promoted on sites like this, fetlife, etc. I'll bet you'd be able to rent pop up locations pretty cheaply in at least a dozen cities, that would be large enough to draw good business for you, nevertheless may not ordinarily have...
  16. B

    Tickling: Just a Different Form of Turn-On? Or Fundamentally Fetishy?

    I read something in this comment sections years ago that I still think about occasionally. Someone was talking about tickling videos, and they said, "It's just a different type of porn." Is it? I'm not sure. It seems like there are two ways to look at this little hobby of ours: a.) We're...
  17. B

    Workplace Tickle Gone Wrong, consequences

    While there would be no way to collect statistics on this, I'd bet my life savings that a female tickling a male at work would vastly less likely to be reported than the other way around, as well as far less likely to produce consequences if reported. Not that I'm advocating females do this to...
  18. B

    *No Safe Word* tickle torture clips - female models wanted!

    My humble hiring suggestion: Lead with the benefits, not with the reasons they might say no. You'll certainly disclose the details once in a conversation, but what you say first should interest rather than repel the target market. This headline is written as if you're already marketing the...
  19. B

    *FEMALE MODELS WANTED* / new tickle torture studio!

    For sure, before I addressed the weak believeability of this concept, I wanted to start with the internal contradiction of it. But beyond that... generally, "recognizable" actresses wouldn't need the money from a shoot like this, and if they really wanted to tickle play in their personal...
  20. B

    The tickling instruction concept as a theme for new videos

    I'm posting this in discussion instead of videos, because I'm more interested in hearing people's thoughts. I'm sure I've posted more often over the years about video concepts I don't like, rather than the ones I do, so here's a flip on that. For some reason, the video premise of a tickling...
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