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  1. B

    Starting a tickling store…

    I think it's easier said than done honestly. Not to be a downer or pessimistic jerk, but there are tons of tickling studios out there with quite a few well established ones at this point. On top of that, there is tons of "free" tickling content online as well. If you're doing this just for fun...
  2. B

    Halle Berry

    Honestly, this video was so 100% worth it alone for the numerous shots of tasteful side-boob. She is beautiful, classy, and underrated in my opinion. How many other celebrities do we know that if they were going through this same process, they would be yelling, screaming, and losing their...
  3. B

    Silent Silk

    I guess we can safely assume she loses her mind in the end?
  4. B

    Double Pedicure

    I haven't gone for a manicure and pedicure with my wife in a while, but I want to go again and I am dying to bring her sister in law with us. She is a big, really strong, tough girl, but the day she went for a pedicure with us it looked like she was going to jump out of her chair. I was...
  5. B

    Well I tried but I found no takers...

    I'm actually more surprised that you tried and expected positive results. But hey, anything is possible I guess.
  6. B

    Mandy Rose/Mandy Sacs

    It's really probably not going to be a good clip. She probably doesn't know how to effectively tickle, will she be tickli g herself or someone else tickling her?, and she probably doesn't really care so she'll half ass it. Trust me. When you see the results, you're going to kick yourself...
  7. B

    "A question about tickling stories."

    This is a great question and I enjoy seeing everyone's responses! I've actually been working on several stories myself, but always feel like they're too long and the intro to the tickling is too long, and end up deleting them and restarting several months later. Still haven't posted one yet...
  8. B

    "A question about tickling stories."

    I mean, when you put it like that, it doesn't really make sense. However, frequent and/or regular pedicures can make you much more ticklish. I think I actually became more sensitive after several pedicures and my wife is always extremely ticklish to the touch after a pedicure. She won't even let...
  9. B

    I do not scam people. Screenshots attached of proof. My passion is healing people through tickling. Please be advised. Slander is illegal.

    Well, the proof is pretty damning. Can't argue with that. Smart move posting the messages as proof while also not sharing any personal information. Continues to build your credibility as a legitimate business owner while shedding a negative light on potential haters and naysayers. Super...
  10. B

    Abigail Louise Rawlings (Just an Assumption!)

    Or she's just nice and cares about her fans? She probably gets tons and tons of foot and ticklish requests as do many, many other celebrities. Most just ignore them because it's well known at this point that asking about feet and ticklishness can relate back to the tickling community. Some...
  11. B

    The Ticklish Nerd - The Reunion (F/F)

    Esmerelda def needs to toughen up and fight back, get her revenge. Revenge of the nerds!
  12. B

    Fallout, anyone?

    I chose New Vegas since I never played it. Other than the graphics, such a kick ass game!
  13. B

    Breaking Rey - a Star Wars Tickling Story

    If you've seen Star Wars Episode 4, the whole movie is basically a spoiler for episode 7. But yeah! One of my favorite stories I've ever read! I do have a soft spot for Rey.
  14. B

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood - Battle of the "It Girls" (f/f consensual -explicit)

    Not bad. Not bad at all. The ending did feel kind of sudden, but it wasn't bad overall. Honestly, I liked the story overall but I guess I was kinda hoping Sydney would fight back a little bit or get some revenge.
  15. B

    Would you tickle a trans person?

    I mean it really depends. At my current point in life, no probably not. I don't personally know any Trans people and I am married now so tickling others outside of my wife has kinda come to a halt. I don't see any type of situation or scenario that would set me up to engage with a Trans person...
  16. B

    Fallout, anyone?

    Anyone jump back into Fallout after the TV show? I have to admit, I am victim to this myself. Watching the show made me want to play the games again. I've played all of them except New Vegas and 76, so I decided to jump into Fallout New Vegas. Pretty kickass game, though I am surprised the level...
  17. B

    Do (platonic) men tickle men (friends)?

    So your question has been answered. You asked if straight men tickle each other in a platonic way, which I am assuming if they're truly straight, the platonic tickling would be a given. Otherwise it would probably fall under LGBTQ. Regardless, the answer appears to be yes, as men in this...
  18. B

    Who should I let tickle me?

    I don't really know how to answer this. No one can really tell you at the end of the day what you SHOULD be doing. Only you can decide what you want to do. If you are really desperate enough and want a tickle session that bad, then yeah. Have a tickle session with another man. If you're...
  19. B

    AJ Bailey in the tickle chair

    My God. Happens to me every time. I saw this and got excited thinking the tickle chair had come back, but someone bumped a really old post. Yall must love torturing me, huh?
  20. B

    New Girl I'm dating is only ticklish on her feet

    You know what? My apologies. I mistakenly believed that the private areas, specifically for women, contained more nerve endings than the soles of the feet, but after a quick search that is not true. One believed reason for that is due to childbirth. I assume if what I believed was the case...
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