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    What Happened to Yaqi?

    Well wishes Yaqi.Thank you for all the great you have done in the community. Your a hall of famer and on top of that always came off as a really cool person. Im hoping your able to get past this and have a good quality of life going foward. We are rooting for you.
  2. R

    Is the TMF a lot less active than it was, and if so why?

    I come here more of habbit but I def don't post as much. I def prefer discord more these days. I mostly come here to see if theres any cool discussions or new ticklish celebrities info
  3. R

    NEST2023 Registration is OPEN!

    Didn't mean to sound smart. Just happens naturally I guess. Clearly your bitter about whatever happened at a previous NEST. You clearly weren't at this one. You mentioned oatmeal in a previous post but there was no oatmeal. Maybe there was whatever year you went. But whatever. My main thing is...
  4. R

    NEST2023 Registration is OPEN!

    There's nothing wrong with criticism. Criticism breads improvement. If the main point was the price then that's a convo worth having. I'm sure the folks who run the event wouldn't mind speaking on the why the price is what it is, as well as what from the event would be lost if the price was...
  5. R

    NEST2023 Registration is OPEN!

    You didn't respond to the point that was brought though. Your math does not add up. To make it work you either have to adjust your numbers or say you didn't play as much. To be clear theres nothing wrong with not playing a ton. The events/classes are alot of fun and making connections with...
  6. R

    NEST2023 Registration is OPEN!

    All of what you said was false.
  7. R

    NEST2023 Registration is OPEN!

    This is very much false.
  8. R

    How was NEST?

    I was there. Had a really cool time. It was my first time going. I can definitely say if you have a tickle fetish you need to go to this event at least once
  9. R

    Cameo: Aimee Garcia (Lucifer), Liana Ramirez (Power Rangers), Jade Chynoweth (dancer)

    These are soo awesome. Thank you soo much for sharing these
  10. R

    When the laughter stops, memento mori.

    So sorry to hear. My condolences
  11. R

    Snow Tha Product

    Thats so awesome. I like her. She had a video where she was tied to a chair and my mind def wondered if she was ticklish. Thank you so much for this. I def wondered about her.
  12. R

    Melissa Joan Hart - Lost Clip from 1999

    Thats awesome. Great find
  13. R

    My wife's cousin, Kelli

    Great story!
  14. R


    These just showed on my Facebook
  15. R

    Coming Out - 15 Years of Lurking

    Welcome. So Ive been married for 7 years. My wife is not into tickling but shes very open minded to doing stuff I like. And visa versa. So thats a big thing. Relationships are give and take. You dont need to find a partner who is into tickling. Its unlikely anyway. You just need someone who is...
  16. R

    Quick foot tickle f/f

    Great story. I loved that your wife waited that long just to mess with you lol
  17. R

    tickling in hiphop songs!

    Heres an old Nikki Minaj freesyle where she mentiones being ticklish. I dunno if I say its an admission since it was more word play but I loved hearing her say that :) https://youtu.be/x39YMM6IFoY
  18. R

    Wife in (and out of) " tickle my feet socks"

    Got these socks for my wife for Christmas. Probably not a great idea to wear these when sleepy after new years I took them off her too. She didnt wake till I tickled her feet bare. Shes such a good sport!
  19. R

    Woman's armpit tickled in deodorant advert

    Nice find! Her underarms looked amazing
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