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    21 m switch looking for sessions in charlotte nc the 29th

    Howdy I’m looking for an f lee or switch to play with while I’m in clt if anyone’s down to chat
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    20m switch looking for session in Charlotte NC

    Imma be in charlotte the 8th-10th of sep and wanna try to plan a potential session. I’m looking for women and fem presenting lees or switches if any are open to talking any age is fine
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    Selling vids of my upcoming sessions and am taking requests

    Howdy as the title says I'm taking request on what to do to my next 2 lees. One is an extremly ticklish white trans woman and the other is a gorgeous ticklish black woman. If anyone is interested in buying vids dm me and we can discuss prices. Also if u have a certain type of lee you're into...
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    Howdy 20 yr old ler leaning switch looking for sessions in NC

    I'm really only interested in having sessions with women and fem presenting individuals but I'd be open to having sessions with dudes if any are willing to pay for it. With all that being said if any of you beautiful ppl are interested feel free to hit me up.
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