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    Lawd! Tennessee Has Been The Hardest! 😅

    My partner and I are also in Middle TN! Sent ya a message and would love to join the next meet up!
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    TickleFriends - Dave Gets Revenge On Lilith

    She's definitely one of my favorites. I can't wait to get to shoot with her again!
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    TickleFriends - Dave Gets Revenge On Lilith

    Thanks! We had so much fun filming this one! Lilith may be one of my favorites, shame she lives so far away so we don't get to shoot often.
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    TickleFriends - Dave Gets Revenge On Lilith

    In this clip, Lilith is the one tied down now, and Dave is ready to tickle the hell out of her after what she just put him through. Lilith is a friend from grade school and was not prepared for how intense the tickling would be. Watch as she lays topless and pulls on the restraints while begging...
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    Female lee looking for a ler, just play

    Hi! We are based in the Nashville area if you're ever interested in a session with us and are around. Shoot me a PM!
  6. T

    What was the longest tickling session you ever had?

    I think I've done around 4-5 hour sessions as both a lee and a ler at different times before! Lots of fun!
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    Any Website Designer Interested In A Trade

    Hey all! So, we're looking at creating a membership website for TickleFriends. I've got some moderate wordpress experience, but not a ton when it comes to creating membership sites and locking content behind logins, etc.. I wanted to check here first to see if there are any site designers (who...
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    TickleFriends - Poppy Gets Her Revenge on Dave (f/m)

    So after shooting Poppy's first video, I let her tie me up and get some much deserved revenge on me. Poppy has been known to tickle attack me before, and it's much worse when you're tied up and unable to move! This was her first time as a tickler on camera, so it starts a bit slow as she learns...
  9. T

    TickleFriends - Poppy and Kate Tickled Together

    Oh my god yes. This was honestly one of the most fun days I've had doing shoots. They're both great friends and we've been hanging out for years (and also spontaneously getting into tickle fights off camera). So getting to do this on camera with both of them was a DREAM come true! hahaha.
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    TickleFriends - Poppy and Kate Tickled Together

    So, Poppy and Kate are good friends in real life (as I'm also great friends with both of them). So I was really excited to get them both in a few scenes together. The first half of this video, is completely candid. Kate started tickling Poppy on the bed while I was getting the ropes setup, and I...
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    Actually ticklish models (for people with good taste only!)

    Hello! So, this is me advertising my own studio. But, everyone I shoot with is 100% genuine. All of the folks in my videos are friends of mine who are doing this partially as a favor, and partially because they need side money. But yeah, would love for you to check out our work sometime...
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    TickleFriends - Daisy Gacy Table Tickled By Two

    We do have a revenge video with both of them coming soon!!
  13. T

    TickleFriends - Daisy Gacy Table Tickled By Two

    In this clip, we've got Daisy tied up to a table, and tickled by Fromelda Hyde and Dave. Daisy still HATES being tickled, and only does this because of our friendship. Tickling is always pure torture for her. We get her everywhere, from the armpits to the stomach to the feet. Her boobs slip in...
  14. T

    TickleFriends - Daisy and Dave Tickle Torture Fromelda Hyde (MF/F)

    Welcome Fromelda Hyde, one of my favorite stage names someone has chosen! Fromelda Hyde is a friend of a friend who was interested in shooting with us. This is the first thing we shot on our first day of meeting. There's still some nerves, but I think it ended up being a real fun shoot. Daisy...
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    TickleFriends - Holly Tickles Santa For A Raise (F/M)

    TickleFriends - Holly Tickles Santa For A Raise (F/M) In part two of our 2019 Holiday Series, Holly Jolly the Elf has taken Santa's toys to the next level, and wants to show them to Santa. Unbeknownst to him, Holly has a secret agenda. She wants a raise, and she's going to tickle Santa...
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    TickleFriends - Dave Tickles Nibbles and Vibes Lily

    This is a revenge clip from one of the earlier Lily St. Hause clips we shot where she tickled Dave. In this clip, Lily is tickled mercilessly for around 30 min. Dave tickles her everywhere, and eventually nibbles at her toes and nipples. The clip ends with a vibrating toothbrush being put in her...
  17. T

    TickleFriends - Santa Tests His New Toys On Holly Jolly The Elf

    Hi all! We're back to trying to post regular videos again. I'm going to do better at posting the previews on the forums as well (Recently I've just been uploading them and not making posts). In this Holiday themed clip, Lily St. Haus plays Holly Jolly the elf. Santa is mad that production is...
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    Network/Wifi Tickling Device Options

    Hey all! I'm looking to see if anyone has an recommendations on some tickling devices. I'm trying to find something that someone could attach to themself somewhere, and then someone somewhere else could remotely use/activate the device. It would need to be network connected. If anyone has any...
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    Live Show around 7:00pm Central Time F/M

    Hey all! We are gonna try our first live show around 7PM central time tonight (in about 50 min.) on nexocams. All tickling. It'll be mostly F/M. You can view it at: www.nexocams.com/TickleFriends We'll also be filming it to put on our site as well. It's our first attempt at using the live...
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