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    MORE stories of Moms and Aunts...a new thread for 2022.

    This is another story about a canteen worker from around the same time. Her name was Karen, who I’d guess was about 42 at the time and, like Mary, would chat to anyone and everyone. She had shoulder length brown hair, curves, brown doe eyes but a fair bit of sass about her. Very appealing! I'd...
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    My Nylon Tickling Fetish, where it all began M/F

    Possibly just one for the UK folk, but on the NYE edition of The Graham Norton Show the delightful Emma Stone discards her heels in the last five minutes or so of the show. You don’t see much but do see the odd shot of black nylon heel and toes peeking out. She’s in a black dress and semi...
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    For the Nylon Ticklers Out There!

    Long time nylon fan, in fact nylon feet was my first kink before tickling. I’ve just discovered this thread, so it looks like I’ve got some happy catching up to do. Thanks for posting the pics! Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    Diana and Rébecca on Pearl TV

    Rebecca was off the air for a few weeks, so it’s good to have her back! This whole channel is a treasure trove of nylon feet, bare feet, foot rubs, tickling. The female presenters all know what they’re doing too, which is very much our gain! Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    My Nylon Tickling Fetish, where it all began M/F

    Thanks for sharing dahoochman, incredible pictures! Good luck with the colleague RD, but do be careful; while she seems up for fun and happy to engage, these days someone might get offended on her behalf and complain. Be cautious my friend, but enjoy! Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    MORE stories of Moms and Aunts...a new thread for 2022.

    This is a work story from some twenty years ago now! Mary used to work in the canteen, and would sometimes take off her shoes at the till to relax. Her uniform was a white blouse, black skirt and black tights. She was quite tall, late 50's, mousey brown hair and a kind person who’d talk about...
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    Sister-in-Law Rivalry: Turns Out Morgan is Ticklish, Too... (m/f, nylon)

    Not only is she ticklish but she seems to have a fear of it being revealed. Interesting…it’s like it’s a genuine weakness. I’m also Team Erica, so we can only hope for some payback! Always enjoy your writing, sir. Thank you for sharing. Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    MORE stories of Moms and Aunts...a new thread for 2022.

    Not a dream dream, but I’ve imagined a scenario where my aunt and I alone, as adults, and I’m able to thank her for being a pivotal part in the development of my nylon feet and tickling kinks. I did sort of have this conversation with her, but not as in depth or as articulately as I’d have...
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    Have you ever tickled a policewoman?

    Not quite, but nearly! Maybe like some of you, I've had a fetish for stocking feet longer than a tickling fetish, but I've always believed that it's a natural off shoot. I have no idea how it stemmed, I've just always been attracted to stocking feet and would get a nice 'tingle' whenever I'd see...
  10. S


    Hello fellow Brit, welcome to the TMF. Have fun! Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    Catherine Bach - Ticklish Situation

    I know it’s not real, but Catherine Bach being ‘tickled’ by David Copperfield when getting sawn in half was the catalyst of my tickling fetish. I already knew I liked nylon feet, but seeing her trapped and tickled certainly made an impression on young me...
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    Diana Naborskaya - M/F - Feet

    Pearl TV has ‘behind the scenes’ clips on their YouTube channel that’s essentially endless shots of the female presenters legs and feet. It’s a treasure trove of shots and yes, Diana definitely knows what she’s doing, as do the producers of the show! Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    Hello - new member - uk - f/lee

    Another Brit, always good to see. Welcome Peppi, enjoy your time here. Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    MORE stories of Moms and Aunts...a new thread for 2022.

    Another great story, Mr Hyde. God bless Aunt Janet; it’s always good to read about origins, and your stories resonate with me on lots of levels. Having an understanding aunt certainly helped the development of my nylon feet and tickling kinks, and I’m forever grateful that I was blessed with...
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    My Nylon Tickling Fetish, where it all began M/F

    So this weekend my Dad invited me to his birthday party in a few weeks time. It reminded me of when my parents would host parties back in the 80s and 90s. The first one I remember is when I was about 12, my Mum’s 40th in 1987. I was allowed to stay up for a few hours longer than normal, and was...
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    tickling chat vs. role play

    I’d rather just chat about it; I find with role play there are often different expectations or preferences. Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    Tickling stories: Does the plot matter?

    I only tend to write about my true experiences, but I like to set the context, hopefully instil some sense of emotion, describe the lee and what they’re wearing etc. It’s what I’d want from a story, so I try write the sort of story I’d like to read. Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    Aunt Vivian

    Another ticklish female in the family! Thank you for sharing Mrs, I always enjoy your stories. Cheers, everybody, SmashTV
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    My Nylon Tickling Fetish, where it all began M/F

    I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this lady before, but there’s a YT channel called DIY Dawn, who posts videos of her cleaning/decorating/gardening rituals. She’s a normal woman, a bit quirky, but often does videos where she’s padding around in her stocking feet and showing off her legs. I don’t...
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    MORE stories of Moms and Aunts...a new thread for 2022.

    Great stories Mr Hyde, I enjoyed reading both of them immensely. Thanks for sharing them here. You’re right about being able to get away with things as a kid. As I’ve mentioned on this thread, I don’t think that my aunt saw me tickling her feet as anything other than childish fun. She never...
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