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  1. H

    Happy No Flame Day!

    Maybe it'll catch on XD
  2. H

    Audio Book Recommendations

    Terry Pratchett's (RIP) Discworld Novels, they're very clever and very funny :)
  3. H

    Has your kink evolved?

    As far back as I remember my kink went from hating being tickled because it made me feel uncomfortable, then maturing into the "oh its a fetish" phase, then spending most of my early adult life trying to have as many sessions as possible, including a few long term relationships where it was...
  4. H

    Happy No Flame Day!

    Peace and love TMF :)
  5. H

    Female friend interested in tickle-modeling (NYC locations)

    Of the 32 posts in this thread, around 4 or 5 of them are even slightly on topic. Let's not be like the the majority of the internet. If you have a disagreement, especially if you're not even invovled in the "conflict", please feel free to slate eachother through a private channel and let the OP...
  6. H

    Ballerina Feet

    Thanks chums, fingers crossed then! She seems like the type to be fair, nice hands, very elegant girl. To be honest she's that nice that I've found myself wondering how bothered I would really be either way.
  7. H

    What's It Like To Be Gang Tickled?

    It's ok of its 2, maybe 3 but anymore and it feels like I spend too much focus trying to work out what's going on and where that none of it feels as intense. My most intense was 2 by far, it's the whole "too many cooks" thing I guess.
  8. H

    Weird shift in my preferences. Should I worry?

    I've found no solid pattern or much to go off in terms of what makes a session go well. I've thought it could be more attraction based, maybe experience based. Neither of which ended up being consistent. Only thing I do know is that it's always better with a close intimate parter I'm...
  9. H

    Ballerina Feet

    Serious, non pervy question. Obviously I'm a foot guy, I've just started dating a girl who is well into her dancing (not sure to what degree, it's early days) I'm aware shes done some ballet in her time, perhaps a lot, this isnt her job however a huge part of her life from what I gather, My...
  10. H

    Favourite amateur/real girl next door ticklee?

    I'm quite enjoying our own resident couples new stuff, Megans delightful! :D http://www.ticklingforum.com/showthread.php?300502-Megan%92s-sock-removed-and-foot-tickled-M-F
  11. H

    FEET! Is it wrong.

    I'd ask in return, what does it matter? Bounce back to what? People who are into tickling, feet or both will involve themselves, everyone else doesnt matter.
  12. H

    Why is non-con so popular?

    base level its just the difference between being into tickling, and being into tickle torture. I'm into torture, It'd be illegal for me to have a true 100% non con session but I get as close as I can :D all my best sessins have been with people who are really not into it, usually have it as a...
  13. H

    Curious about prices

    £0 :)
  14. H

    The Use of Gags: Good or Bad?

    I use gags most of the time... to be honest a standard ball gag doesnt muffle laughter much at all, they just cant pronounce words properly inbetween laughter, which i find hilarious, especially if you tell them to say a word beginning with like... B in order to make it stop. Ball gags just...
  15. H

    Are tickling or bondage videos legal in Canada?

    if it is, then the irony would be hilarious as FetLife is based in Canada :D
  16. H

    What do you think is the best weak spot video?

    I always go back to a small clip I have of a session I had with a friend who initially had tickling as a "hard limit" oh the powers of friendship :D I explore the soles for a while and then find this great spot and the pitch changes completely! so stay there I do! in fact shortly after I...
  17. H

    Fear of others discovering

    Back when I was younger and had loads of single mates that actually hung out regularly (not bitter at all about being older with only married mates :p) a girl that I'd played with was a little drunk at the pub we all went to and I wasn't there, and she told my entire friendship circle about what...
  18. H

    Ever curse at your tickler?

    If they're not swearing, you're doing it wrong,.... or you're doing it really right and remembered your gag/anti curse device
  19. H

    How to find someone to tickle if you are an incel

    Step 1 - accept that incel is something a person self subscribes to, it's not something you're bound to, despite how it might feel. So the first thing is to recognise this orelse you'll expect nothing and never gain any self confidence. It's much easier said than done, but the raw facts are that...
  20. H

    Would you move?

    I've thought about this before, and I wouldn't move. But then, I've actually found I don't much like playing with tickle fans, I prefer people who aren't fans, but that I've convinced to give it a try. People I've met though fetlife etc. They're always suffering way more genuinely, and almost...
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