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    Quote Originally Posted by strictProfessor View Post
    Actually no. I have a fear of being held down and tickled because the thought of people hearing me laughing my head off but not able to see me, might think " oh? They must just be having fun over there, listen to them laughing" instead of running to my rescue to get me untied or whatever. Yet for some reason actually being able to be the one tickling the poor captive "victim" thrilled, excited me to no end begin at age 4 or 5 actually. I guess it makes me sort of a "tickle hypocrite" or something 😜😜
    what you posted doesn't sound crazy at all
    This post is sooooooooo old. How many pages did you go back to find it? Lol....

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    Apr 2001
    upstate NY
    I absolutely loved being tickled as a kid. I would actually ask to be tickled.
    Life's short, tickle hard

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    I hated being tickled as a kid. I'm the youngest sibling, and the youngest cousin in the family, so I would get tickled quite a bit. I would scream, and bang my head on the wall to get them to stop. I was extremely ticklish. If tickling came on TV, I would bury my head in the sofa, or run out of the room. I couldn't say the word tickle out loud.

    I still hate the thought of my family tickling me, but I love being tickled by my bf.

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    Mar 2005
    I couldn't stand getting tickled when younger, for I considered it humiliating, as my feet, sides and tummy were insanely ticklish. The doctor, who could barely examine my body, had said that I was extremely introvert and had encouraged my father to make me endure feet tickle sessions each evening, which he partly obeyed, for he loved to tickle my mother's feet and never lost an opportunity to get me on my bed. This was pure torture and humiliation, so as the couple of sessions I went through from mates.

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    Nov 2001
    chicago suburb
    yes, even as a child i liked it.


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    Jul 2001
    Kansas City
    I never had much tickling as a kid. There was a girl who lived next door who encouraged me (we were maybe 4 years old) to take my shoes and socks off in her backyard and we would tickle each other's feet for an hour or longer. We looked for different kinds of grass, twigs, leaves, etc. to see what would tickle the most. This tickling had an influence on me for sure, but I didn't have a really life-changing experience until I was 16, when another boy tried to tickle me to death in a motel room. He didn't know it but he tickled me to orgasm, and that was really the start of it all....

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    Feb 2021
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    I liked it to an extent as a kid. My best friend in elementary school would tickle me constantly. Thinking back on it she probably grew up to enjoy it in a kinky way. I would get annoyed with her sometimes about it, but when we grew apart I missed the tickling lol.

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    Mar 2010
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    I was always scared of being tickled whenever I had to go to the doctor's as a kid because I felt embarrassed and I also got tickled by boys a lot in school which I also found embarrassing, but they thought it was cute. One time a boy started tickling my tummy and sides in front of the whole class.

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