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    Sep 2013

    A Rogue's Predicament (F/f, Machine/f)

    Hi all,

    My first attempt at a tickling fiction story. Possibly it's too long. Fedback appreciated.


    ************************************************** ******************
    A Rogue’s Predicament

    Kazuki emitted a low moan as she opened her eyes. Her head was still sore as she groggily struggled back to consciousness. She blinked as she took in the scene before her. A wooden dresser on top of which sat a lit oil lamp, casting a warm glow across cream covered wallpaper. A small mirror sat on top of the dresser, reflecting back an image of Kazuki’s beautiful oriental features, framed by glossy black hair that reached down past her collarbone, which was as far as she could see. She hardly noticed several shards of a smashed crystal beneath the mirror.

    Kazuki appeared to be wearing a thick steel tiara across her forehead. She tried to move her head to get a better view and found that her head was stuck in position. The “tiara” was apparently attached to something solid that was hidden behind her head. She reflexively tried to move her arms to reach for her head and found that she couldn’t move them either. She then tried to move her legs and found them immobilised as well.

    She took a deep breath and tried to fight down a rising tide of panic. She focused on where she was. Her head was restrained by the steel band around her head. Her arms were being held upwards at 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock, exposing her armpits to a gentle jet of cool air that blew into her right armpit before seconds later blowing into her left armpit. She could then feel the breeze across her now bare nipples. She fancied that she saw movement in the bottom of her peripheral vision and in the bottom of the mirror, but she was unable to check any further.

    She focused on her situation. She could feel tightness across both wrists. Hard and immovable bonds, that were softly padded so that she didn’t chafe as she struggled against them to no avail.
    She focused her senses further down her body. Her entire body was bereft of the touch of clothing. The next thing that she noticed was that she appeared to be sitting on a soft cushion. No, two soft cushions. On for each bum cheek. She felt that her bum cheeks had been spread out, leaving her puckered anus exposed. She also sensed that her pussy was bare and that her legs were spread apart. She could feel hard restraints across her ankles. They were softly padded like her wrist restraints, with absolutely no give in them.

    She started as she felt another soft breeze across her firm breasts, blowing slowly from left to right. She could her a soft feminine giggle from beneath her line of vision. She struggled to no avail to move her head from its locked position. She felt a soft stroke across her belly button. She gave an involuntary gasp. Another stroke followed, harder and more insistent. Then she felt a soft warm object in her belly button. It must be a tongue! She chortled as tickling sensations shot across her stomach. Her eyes darted desperately from side to side as she tried to see who her unseen tormentor was.

    “Who’s there?” she asked. “What do you want?” She tried to avoid her voice quivering, and almost managed it.
    She could feel a soft finger leisurely drawing its was towards her, now shaved, crotch . She gasped as the finger lazily followed a trail across her inner thigh and around her vulnerable pussy. The finger then stroked across her perinium and across her exposed anus. She shrieked as impulses of pleasure shot from her butthole to her crotch. She grunted as she pulled with all of her might against the restraints on her limbs. Her limbs spasmed as she felt another light touch across her anus. And then another. And another. Then several fingers dancing spiderlike across her anus and the gap to her pussy.
    “Get off! Get off!” Kazuki bellowed. “Stop it! “

    She shrieked and grunted as she pulled with all of her might to escape the cruel sensations of pleasure being forced on her, heedless of her protestations. The muscles on her neck and limbs stood out as she struggled in vain to escape. Her whole world now was the constant stroke, up and down, up and down, up and down across her anus. Her breathing grew louder and faster as the strokes grew faster and faster. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets and her toes splayed out as the pleasure signals intensified. There was a pause.
    She howled with a mixture of rage, fear and disappontment as she felt eight fingers thrust into the tender gaps between her toes. The fingers twisted around briefly before they were dragged quickly down her soles all the way to her heels. Then quickly snatched back again. Up and down. Up and down. Then the fingers started skittering at random across her soles. She screamed as the sensations shot up from her soles to her pussy.

    “You fucking bitch!” Kazuki screamed in rage, “When I get out of this I’m going to kill you! You fucking whore!” She cackled madly as forced laughter erupted from her lips. Her lungs laboured as she screamed a torrent of abuse at her captor, interrupted by constant peals of laughter and gasps for breath as the torment across her feet continued.
    The remorseless stroking , up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down, up and down... She scrunched her toes up as hard as she could. But then the skittering fingers assaulted the tops of her feet. Her toes splayed out and the fingers ducked in between her toes. She scrunched her toes again and the fingers went across her soles, then the tops of her feet, then between her toes, across the tops of her feet in a never ending web of teasing sensations.
    “Motherfucker!” gasped Kazuki. “Going to get you for this!” She emitted a loud cackle as a finger teased a particularly sensitive spot on her feet. “ You won’t get away with this. My friends will get me. Just you wait and see” . Kazuki laboured to breathe as the relentless feet tickling continued for several more seconds before abruptly ceasing.

    Kazuki drew in deep breaths, thankful for the respite. She spoke again, trying to sound confident. “What do you want? Why are you doing this?”
    There was no reply, as Kazuki felt soft hands gently stroke up her calves. A gentle tease of the backs of her knees eliciting a yelp from Kazuki. Then the hands continued up her inner thighs, skirting around her pussy and migrating to her sides. She felt a single finger on each side gently trace a path towards her breasts. She snarled with frustration at being unable to move her head to view the source of the soft teasing fingers, now gently stroking the undersides of her breasts. She giggled at the gentle sensations and moaned as the fingers danced around her erect nipples and continued over her collar bone. Kazuki could still see nothing. Obviously her captor was stretching her arms up as well.

    The soft teasing fingers traced a line up to her arm pits, followed by gentle prods with long nails into her arm pits. Kazuki involuntarily winced, but was unable to move an inch under her strict bonds, heightening the intensity of the sensation. The fingers traced a gentle circle in her armpits before they continued upwards, tracing slow teasing lines up her arms to her wrist bonds.
    Kazuki gurgled as the fingers ran up her collarbone, pushing aside locks of her hair before they gently tweaked the sides of her neck, muscles tensed as she tried in vain to shake her head from side to side. The immobility of her head increased the intensity of the sensations. Her face was twisted in an involuntary grin as the soft neck teasing continued for several more seconds. Kazuki breathed a sigh of relief as the teasing stopped and the face of a smirking brunette rose into her view. The brunette was strikingly attractive, with shoulder length hair and deep mahogany irised eyes framing a rogueish smile. Kazuki gasped as the brunette leaned forwards and ran her tongue across Kazuki’s lips. She was helpless to move away as her lips tingled with pleasure. The brunette gently kissed Kazuki on the lips before drawing her head back and smiling contentedly. She smiled as she gently stroked away a stray lock of hair from Kazuki’s face.

    “Mymymy” the Brunette purred. “What a beautiful prize I have here”. She gently stroked Kazuki’s lips with a soft index finger. “We’re going to have so much fun, you and I”. Before Kazuki could reply she felt her whole body moving as whatever she was being held in was quickly spun around. She was now facing a full length mirror set into the wall opposite the one that she’d been facing.
    She studied the details in the mirror. She was being held inside a large metal ring, seven feet in diameter. Her head, wrists and ankles were wrapped with padded metal rings connected to the ring by thick steel rods. The ankle rods were slightly bent forwards out of alignment with the ring, so that Kazuki’s soles were partly visible and her legs were bent into a semi seated position. This also had the effect of exposing her pussy more than if her legs were restrained in a vertical position. A sixth rod rose straight up, branching near the top into two rods supporting the two cushions bearing most of her weight whilst forcing her bum cheeks apart.

    Kazuki saw that her lean taut body was covered by a sheen of sweat, with strands of her lovely glossy hair stuck to her forehead. She was also shocked to see that her pussy was moist with juices, that must have come unbidden whilst her helpless naked body was stimulated by her captor – who kazuki was shocked to see was also naked.
    “You’re so horny” stated the Brunette. “Such tight muscles and you’re so beautiful as well. Such lovely black hair and such deep brown eyes. And your smile is so divine when I tease you”.
    “What do you want?” Asked Kazuki.
    “Why, you of course my dear. You’ve taken some of great value from me. Objects that were a source of pleasure for me as part of my collection. Hence I’m going to get my pleasure from another source – that’s you my dear” The Brunette leaned in close to Kazuki, facing the full length mirror as well. Kazuki was shocked to see that the Brunette’s inner thighs were coated with juices from her gushing, also shaved pussy. “But it looks like you’re enjoying our playtime as well my dear”.

    Kazuki gasped as the Brunette’s right hand slipped behind her back. She saw the hand moments later, fingers waggling playfully from behind the Y shape of the bum supporting rods. The Brunette pursed her lips in mock concentration as she slowly stroked her hand forwards through Kazuki’s legs. She paused at Kazuki’s pussy, gently stroking her fingers around the juices dribbling down her inner thighs. She then slowly moved her hand back, gently teasing her lubed fingers across Kazuki’s inner thighs and perinium. Kazuki gasped in pleasure even as she tried in vain to lift herself away from the infuriating sensations.
    “Such a horny young woman indeed” mused the Brunette. “Your laughter is music to my ears, and each of your futile curses makes my pussy wetter as I think about dominating such a spirited and defiant creature”. Her fingers started stroking Kazuki’s periumium at faster pace, drawing gasps from Kazuki as she breathed faster in time with the stroking.
    “Hmmm, you like that don’t you?” the Brunette said casually. “But you’ve been a very naughty girl, - and naughty girls get punished!” snarled the Brunette. The Brunette’s gentle stroking stopped and Kazuki’s eyes widened in anticipation of what the punishment was going to be.

    Kazuki was unprepared for what happened next. The fingers across her puckered and helpless bumhole began stroking up and down with a never before felt intensity. Like a swarm of hundreds of tickle spiders sprinting across the millions of nerve endings clustered across her anus and the bottom of her pussy and the soft tender patch of skin in between. At the same time the Brunette’s left hand reached over and began a merciless and frenzied tickling of Kazuki’s breasts. Fingers raced across the tops of both breasts before skittering across her now erect nipples and then around the bottoms of her breasts, tracing a rapid sideways figure eight across both breasts. Both sets of fingers were moving at tremendous speed. Three bumhole strokes and a complete circuit of Kazuki’s breasts every second.

    Kazuki was overwhelmed by sensations of pleasure and torment. All she was aware of were her breasts and her crotch areas, flooding her with unbearable teasing feelings. Her heart was beating like a jackhammer and her chest hurt as she struggled to breathe through her now constant moaning – forced from her by the constant teasing of just ten fingers applied in such a cruel and diabolical fashion . She focused the entirety of her being on escape. Every muscle in her body tensed against her bondage, to no avail against the solid steel entrapping her head and limbs. She wanted to beg her captor to stop the unceasing torment, but she’d forgotten how to speak, such was her focus on the constant teasing of her anus and breasts.
    The Brunette smiled and whistled a jaunty tune as her fingers continued on their unceasing torment of Kazuki’s lovely restrained body. Kazuki was her very own little tickle toy and nobody was going to stop her having her fun. Nobody.

    ************************************************** ***********************
    Meanwhile, in a room several corridors and rooms away, three women stood bickering as they decided on their next course of action. They stood amidst a partially collapsed chamber on which the dust was still settling. A back pack had been partially ripped free from beneath a collapsed wall. Next to the backpack were two shattered crystals that had apparently been inside the pack, evidenced by many small crystal chards still glinting from inside the pack.

    The loudest of the figures was Ashanta, a stauesque, almost ebony coloured woman with striking cheekbones above which nestled two piercing onyx eyes. Her hair was cropped short. Despite her ascetic features she was still very desireable to many men who had crossed her path. Her burgundy lips matched her finely woven red robes, edged with gold trim, which were just substantial enough to contain her magnificent breasts.

    Her opponent was Kavita, a strikingly beautiful Indian Asian woman. Her dark almond eyes widened in anger as she raised her arms whilst gesticulating at Ashanta. She was a couple of inches taller than Ashanta, with a well developed and lithe frame honed by years of constant exercise. With her leather armour, sword and holstered pistols, she cut an imposing figure. She edged closer to Ashanta, trying to intimidate her. Ashanta defiantly thrust her face at Kavita’s so that they were both nose to nose and glaring straight into each other’s eyes whilst still caterwauling at each other.

    The third woman, Josephine, stood between the two, trying desperately to restore order whilst doing her best to remain calm. She was not helped by her general lack of stature, being several inches shorter than Ashanta. She possessed fine elfin features, now locked into a mask of consternation at her companions’ pig headedness. Her pale skin, short mousy blonde hair and white robes were a marked contrast to her companions’ darker and more animated appearance.

    “Shaddup!” roared Josephine. Kavita and Ashanta were struck dumb with shock at their petite friend’s outburst. As one they both turned to listen to Josephine. “I don’t care who’s fault it is. I don’t care if the two crystals were smashed. I don’t care if we’re not getting paid for this expedition. All that matters is finding Kazuki and getting out of here. We can bicker later”.
    Kavita nodded. Josephine was right, as always. She shouldn’t have let her annoyance at Ashanta’s arrogance make her lose focus on the most important objective. She was glad that Jo was here. She was a valued and dear friend, able to offer great compassion and wisdom one moment, before cracking everyone up with a dirty joke the next.

    Ashanta also nodded agreement. She’d let her disdain for Kavita’s delusions of leadership cloud her judgement. They needed to get Kazuki back. She at least, unlike Kavita, was engaging company and not totally boring and humourless. Still, Kavita was certainly a fine figure of a woman. If Ashanta tied Kavita down naked to a rack, she was sure that she’d have her roaring with laughter as she ruthlessly scraped her nails down her helpless pink soles and her finely muscled stomach and breasts. She’d make her eyes bulge and her head flail in ticklish apoplexy as she attacked every inch of her naked body.
    Ashanta shook her head and slapped her hand to her face. What the hells was that thought about? She may not like the woman, but she didn’t deserve to be treated that way. Was it strain from being knocked out by the explosion? She’d heard the crash of the wall collapsing and the next thing she knew was waking up on the cold stone floor and Kazuki was gone, snatched away down a trapdoor seconds before the collapse blocking off their pursuit.

    Jo and Kavita looked at her with concerned expressions. Ashanta tried to reassure them with a weak smile. Jo walked up to Ashanta and tenderly placed her right hand on Ashanta’s head. A feeling of peace emanated from Jo’s hand, soothing a headache that she didn’t even know that she had. She smiled properly at Jo. Jo smiled back with the enchanting smile that had won over the hearts of everyone that had met her.

    Ashanta realised that she would love to make Jo smile all the time. By tying her naked petite body spreadeagle to a four poster bed and then straddling her stomach as she mercilessly played her ribs like a pair of pianos, producing the sweet music of Jo’s laughter and the adorable sight of Jo’s face trapped in a rictus grin of forced glee, eyes scrunched up as she flailed helplessly, stimulating Ashanta’s naked pussy on Jo’s body...
    Ye gods! Ashanta needed to pull herself together. She tried to ignore the weird images passing through her imagination and focus on rescuing Kazuki. She spoke to her two companions, “So anyone got a plan?”

    ************************************************** **************************
    Kazuki emitted a low mournful wail as the brunette continued her merciless assault on her naked anus and breasts. All rational thought had left her now as she yearned only for release. Her eyes stared ahead unseeing, her senses overwhelmed by cruel stimulation being forced on her. She was exhausted. She could no longer laugh or even speak as her lungs felt like they were filled with lead rather than air.
    Then without warning the tickling stopped. “Wow, my arms are tired”, said the brunette conversationally. “How are you?” she asked cheerily. Kazuki was unable to answer as she struggled for air. The brunette slowly sroked a nail down Kazuki’s side, eliciting a low groan. “Looks like you’re pooped. And we’ve hardly even started yet”. Kazuki moaned in despair.

    “Looks like you’ve made a mess as well”, said the brunette cheerily. Kazuki focused her eyes ahead at the mirror and blushed as she saw a puddle of urine on the floor between her spread legs. She had no recollection of when she’d pissed herself during the ordeal. “You’re such a sensitive girl my dear. Normally it takes a lot longer before my captives pee themselves. I’ve never tried breasts and anus before. Your little bumhole seems very sensitive. I wonder if I can make you cum if I tickle there for long enough?”. The brunette moved her fingers beneath Kazuki’s perinium again.

    Kazuki sobbed and whimpered. “Please. No more. I’m sorry. Please. I’ll do anything. Just stop”.
    “What you’re going to do my dear, is be my tickle toy. I’m going to tease every square inch of your magnificent toned body, inside and outside, with my fingers and various other implements until I’m satisifed that you’ve paid for my two missing crystals”.
    Kazuki began to gently sob. The brunette tenderly stroked Kazuki’s cheeks and placed a gentle kiss on her lips. “Don’t worry my dear. I’m not completely heartless. Whilst I am intending to keep you here for at least a month...” Kazuki gasped in horror, “...I am a big believer in giving my prisoners a chance for early release. If you pass my challenge then you can leave tonight”. Kazuki looked hopeful. “But only one person has ever passed”, finished the brunette.

    Kazuki held to a thin sliver of hope. At this rate she’d be dead of heart failure in a day at most. She felt like she’d run a marathon, and there was still more to come tonight. What was this chance?
    The brunette sauntered away out of Kazuki’s view. She could see her curved figure in the mirror as she headed out of the room. “Don’t go anywhere!” teased the brunette from the other room. “I’m just getting some more toys to play with you with”. There was the sound of several metal objects being thrown into a small receptacle, judging by the tinny echoes emanating from the next room.

    Kazuki tried to hold back tears as she reflected on her hopeless situation. She wished that her friends were there to rescue her. Ash with a powerful spell to blast away the foe, whilst Kavey charged in with pistols blazing and sword hacking to get to the objective. And most of all she wished that Jo was there. She didn’t do much during fights, but afterwards she used her healing magic to salve their wounds. Kazuki was forever grateful to Jo after she’d cured her of a crippling wound caused by an arrow to the knee that was sure to end her adventuring career. Kazuki realised that she missed Jo more than anyone. Jo’s bright smile lifted her soul whenever she saw it. No matter what happened Jo always had a joke or piece of sage advice to make things better. Kazuki saw the brunette walk back into the room. She saw what the brunette was pushing and thought that even Jo would be hard pressed to make her feel better about what was going to happen next.

    ************************************************** *******************************
    Jo couldn’t believe that they were apparently lost in what had appeared to be a simple manor house. It seemed that hey’d been traveling for hours around the same few corridors. Ash and Kavey were glowering at each other. Jo loved them both dearly, but they did infuriate her sometimes with their constant bickering. Why couldn’t they just get on?

    “Aha!” excalimed Kavey! She’d found a staircase heading upwards. She bolted up it. Ash and Jo followed more cautiously. They were sure that Kazuki would have wanted to check it for traps first. A few seconds later they were in another landing, dozens of ornate wooden doors lining both sides.
    “Stand back” commanded Kavey. Jo stepped back, as did Ash after giving a snort of derision. She tried the handle and found it to be locked. She was about to raise her foot up to boot down the door when Ash interrupted, “Don’t do that you clodding fool. You’ll let the countess know that we’re here”.
    Kavey glowered at Ash, and stepped aside, gesturing at the door, “Please show us how it’s done oh wise one”. Ash smiled smugly before pointing her finger at the lock and saying an arcane word. The lock popped open. Kavey momentarily looked impressed before hiding her admiration with a scowl. Ash made a mocking bow and said, “Please lead the way boss-woman”. Kavey glowered even more even as she cautiously turned the handle. The door opened and she gasped as she saw the contents.

    Ash and Jo rushed forwards to see inside. It was a well appointed bedroom with an absolutely magnificent four posted bed dominating it. Of more interest were the four elastic ropes hanging from each upper corner, each ending in unlocked leather restraints. On the side table were various objects, consisting of: A jar of baby oil, goose feathers, various dildos of differing sizes and other strange contraptions of dubious use.

    Kavey managed the seemingly impossible task of looking even grimmer, “This countess appears to be a kinky bitch. I’m worried for Kazuki”.
    Ash grinned as she said, “Worry about yourself”. She roughly pushed Kavey towards the bed, causing Kavey to fall face first onto the soft covers and mattress. Ash appeared to possess a strength seemingly beyond her average frame. Jo gasped in shock and Ash turned to her and spoke, “Find your own toy, sister”. She gave Jo a relatvely gentle push, forcing her back into the doorway. Before Jo could react, Ash had pressed a concealed switch, causing the wooden door to slam shut and then a steel shuter to slide down from the ceiling in front of the door, totally blocking access to it. Jo stood in stunned shock. What had just happened. She was all on her own. Kazuki was in the hands of a mad woman and now Ash appeared to have gone mad. What was she going to do?

    Jo set off to try to open the door next to the previous room. Maybe she could sneak back in through a thin wall or somesuch... Only one way to find out. She tried the handle of the next door along.

    ************************************************** **********************************
    Kazuki was feeling somewhat rested now. She hadn’t been tormented for several minutes now and had regained her breath. She was watching in horrified fascination as the brunette assembled a horrendously complex looking set of metal rods and joints, each of which appeared to end in feathers of varying lengths and hardness; from soft duck down to hard goose feathers. Her odds of escape appeared to be non-existent. She had been told that it was possible to befriend a captor to catch them off their guard somehow.
    Kazuki spoke, “Hi, I’m Kazuki”, The brunette glanced up at her and went back to adjusting her apparatus. “What’s your name?” She smiled in a hopefully friendly fashion.

    “My name’s Tara” the brunette replied. She chuckled, “You’re probably wondering what all this metal is for?”
    Kazuki tried to nod, failed and said, “Yes”.
    “Well, I’ve had a number of very entertaining and enchanting creatures here over the years, enjoying my ministrations. Each of them like a unique snow flake, beautiful in their own way. You’re very beautiful as well my dear. Your laugh is also very nice”. Tara carried on with the adjustments of the rods.
    Tara continued, “Suffice to say that I’ve enjoyed my guests in many ways. Firstly it was having them tied to a bed, then tied up in the bathroom, then hung up from the ceiling so that I can access every inch of their luscious bodies. But you see my problem, don’t you my dear?”

    Kazuki looked puzzled. Tara’s problem? She wasn’t the one tied up helpless and about to suffer some unknown torment. “Problem?”
    Tara explained, “Well, whilst I was tickling your titties and pussy, your belly, bumhole and feet were going untickled. Whilst I tickled your tootsies, your entire upper body was bereft of my attentions. Now I admit that I am somewhat kinky in that I get off on mercilessly tickling my captives as much as I can. And the thought that I wasn’t tickling everywhere at once irked me”.
    Kazuki was disturbed by this explanation, but she decided to try to keep up the conversation, “Couldn’t you get in some people to help out?” she asked.
    Tara looked annoyed, “No. You’re missing the point! It has to be me bringing out the laughter of my pretty playthings. Making them forget everything in this world apart from my teasing fingers and lickling tongue. I have to be the one dominating them. Only me...”

    Tara brightened as she held up what appeared to be a five fingered frame with ring sized loops. Kazuki looked into the mirror and could see that Tara had affixed it to the upper metal rod on the right side, just above her right hand. She instinctively made a fist with the right hand. “Can you open your fingers up please?” asked Tara, “I need to secure them in place”.
    “Hells no!” snapped Kazuki.
    Tara walked around and stood face to face to Kazuki. “You’d be better open your fingers my dear or there’ll be consequences”. She slowly stroked her fingers down Kazuki’s stomach and across her belly button.
    “But you’re just going to tickle me like mad anyway!” Kazuki protested.
    “That’s true” said Tara, “Guess I’ll just need to tire you out a bit first”. Tara gave a sadistic grin as she hovered her fingers near Kazuki’s sides. Kazuki had a bried moment to gasp in fear before Tara started her assault.

    Kazuki howled with laughter as Tara’s fingers mercilessly scraped up and down her ribs and the sides of her belly. A constant and monotonous up and down motion. There was nothing soft or caressing about this tickling. Just the relentless digging in of fingers into her sides. Tara laughed with pleasure even as Kazuki began to moan and howl with tortured frustration as she struggled in vain to escape. Kazuki’s howls turned into gales of forced laughter as the stimulation continued.
    Tara’s hands scraped up Kazuki’s sides and she grinned as she began stabbing her fingers into Kazuki’s armpits. Kazuki squealed in shock at the sensations racing through her nervous system. She couldn’t believe how helpless she was as she was being forced to howl with laughter at the whims of this mad woman. She grimaced slightly as she felt a gentle biting sensation on her left nipple. Tara was gently nibbling and lickling it, even as both hands continued tormenting her armpits. The hands then began graduating to irregular scraping of fingers from armpits down to hips. Up and down, up and down, up and down. Never stopping or pausing to give Kazuki respite.

    “Tickle tickle tickle” Cooed Tara. “Who’s a ticklish little girl then? Who’s a little ticklish baby? Coochi koo”. Tara smiled as her head moved down and she stuck her tongue into Kazuki’s belly button, whilst still continuing her relentless assult on Kazuki’s sides.
    Kazuki realised that hidden amongst the other sensations was an urgent need to relieve herself again. The hands roughly abusing her sides were causing her bladder to feel tighter and tighter. She had no idea how that worked, and she didn’t care at this point. She just needed to go to the toilet. “Wait!” she howled, “I need to..Ahahahahahaha!” she screeched as Tara began an extra vicious assault of Kazuki’s sides with her teasing fingers.
    “You need to be tickled!” crowed Tara, before sticking her tongue back into Kazuki’s belly buton.

    Kazuki’s eyes scrunched up in an attempt to concentrate to stay continent, but she was constantly frustrated by the indescribable sensations coming from her belly button. She was going to lose it. And she didn’t want to antagonise Tara by pissing on her.
    “Pee. Nee... ahahahahahahahaha!” Kazuki cackled as Tara started to run her hands around her kidney areas before going back to the somach. Back and forth, back and forth, like two halves of a championship belt. “Gaaahhhahahahahahaha!” Kazuki howled.
    “Little baby needs a pee pee does she?” cooed Tara. “Baby baby wants pee pee?” Tara chuckled as she continued tickling Kazuki mercilessly. Kazuki howled with gales of forced laughter unable to answer Tara.
    “Don’t le me stop you”, said Tara. Kazuki felt Tara’s face brush down from her belly buton to her crotch. Her eyes went from scrunched up to opened in shock as she felt Tara’s tongue flicking lightly against her urethra, even as Tara’s tickling of her sides continued. Kazuki howled, “Noooooo.. ahahahahahaha!” as she realised that this crazy bitch was going to get off on drinking her piss.

    “Pee little baby” cooed Tara, “Pee for mummy”. Kazuki continued her cackling, getting ever more desperate, as she realised that she was losing her battle to keep some last semblance of dignity at the hands of this crazy bitch. She was beginning to lose hope of ever being rescued by her friends. And the saddest thing of all she was losing hope of ever seeing sweet Jo, and her beautiful smile, again. Her whole world now was that of forced laughter and the inevitable surrender of her body to her captor.

    ************************************************** ********************************************
    Jo was overcome with frustration as she continued her fruitless search of the upper hallway. She’d been to a dozen rooms so far. All unlocked, and all empty apart from assorted bric a brac. She didn’t understand why a person would want to own a house that was far larger than was needed to live in. Apart from avarice and envy and other human failings.
    Not a time for a philosophical debate now though. She tried the handle of yet another door and she opened the door cautiously. This room unlike the previous empty room was lit. She checked the ceiling for any sign of a steel shutter (She had no wish to be sliced like a neck on a guillotine). Satisfied she proceeded into the room. The light source was a large window which had a large sofa and a small coffee table set up in front of it. She walked up to the sofa and gasped as she looked through the window. It was Kazuki, nude and strapped to a metal frame, being tickled and tormented by a naked brunette woman.

    “Don’t worry Kazuki” Jo muttered to herself, “I’ll save you”. Jo unslung her clerical mace and made to smash the glass. But maybe now wasn’t the best time? The brunette might turn around and grab one of the metal objects from the nearby tray and hold Kazuki hosage with it. What to do?

    She could hear Kazuki’s manic cackling as the brunette ate her pussy and tickled her sides. Kazuki looked so beautiful. Her lovely raven black hair still looking magnificent despite being plastered to Kazuki’s sweat soaked head and shoulders. Her eyes were scrunched tight in a way that Jo found rather cute. And Kazuki’s perfect pearlescent teeth were on open display as her mouth was forced open by the brunette’s tickling adminisrations. Her upper body was so lithe and beautiful, stretched out to full effect by the metal frame. Her nipples were errect, two chestnut brown nuts and areola against the sweat glistening pale brown of her perfectly proportioned breasts. Jo had always wished that her own breasts were just that bit bigger, just like Kazuki’s, which she’d been privileged to see numerous times when they’d bathed together at the bath house.

    Jo wanted to slowly stroke Kazuki’s nipples and lick the glistening sweat from around her breasts, and run her tongue down the vertical gap between Kazuki’s hard taut stomach muscles. She was so beautiful. Never more so than now, displayed to full advantage by the brunette’s cunning contraption. Jo realised that she was feeling flustered. She took an unsteady step towards the sofa and sat down on it, her eyes riveted to the scene beyond the one way mirror. She’d pick a good time to recue Kazuki. The most opportune moment. Or at least, that’s what she kept telling herself...
    ************************************************** ********************************
    Kazuki was in ticklish agony as she tightened every muscle she could to stop her piss flying out into Tara’s waiting mouth. She’d managed all night stakeouts of a job, but she’d never needed relief as much as she did now. She cried out in defeated humiliation as she allowed herself the sweet relief of pissing herself. She tried to conrol the stream, but she was too tired, and all of her muscles relaxed and a clear stream cascaded out of her. Some of the piss caught on Kazuki’s pussy juice, secreted during her ordeal and she felt the warmth as it dribbled downwards, making a trail down her right leg to the floor. She could hear slurping sounds as Tara greedily guzzled up the mixture of bodily fluids that she’d forced Kazuki to secrete with her tormenting fingers and tongue. She heard a satisfied exclamation from Tara as she consumed the last of Kazuki’s juices.

    Kazuki began to sob at her wretched defeat at the hands of his crazy woman. Bitter salty tears stung her eyes and she felt the warm trails going down her face. She had been robbed of all control and dignity by this woman. Her friends weren’t coming to save her. It was all over. She was going to die here.
    Tara stood up and placed her face next to Kazuki’s. She gently wiped away Kazuki’s tears with her slender fingers and tenderly kissed Kazuki’s cheeks. “I’m sorry my dear. I might have gone a bit far then. Can you forgive me?” She gently stroked Kazuki’s cheek and neck, whilst planting soft kisses on her lips.

    “Please let me go”, pleaded Kazuki, her voice sounding hopeful that maybe Tara wasn’t so bad after all.
    “All in good time my dear. All in good time”, replied Tara softly. “But first I want to fully appreciate your luscious toned body. Tara began to stroke her hands down Kazuki’s sides, tenderly with no trace of tickling. “You obviously work out a lot. Your muscles are so toned”, Tara’s caresses lingered on Kazuki’s rock hard abs. “So hard, and yet with a few gentle strokes I reduce them to jelly”. She smiled at Kazuki’s expression of fear at more tickling to come. However, she simply continued her teasing of Kazuki’s body even as she gently kissed Kazuki and nibbled on her lower lip.

    “Please let me go. Mmmm” said Kazuki, “This is wrong”. But it felt so right. Tara’s fingers and tongue began a migration across her trapped body. First with gentle kisses and caresses of Kazuki’s face and arms, proceeded by soft caresses down Kazuki’s sides and gentle kisses on her stomach. She inhaled hard at the soft sensations that were being gifted to her. Her breathing grew deep and slowed to match the rythmn of Tara’s caresses. Why couldn’t Tara be like this all the time? She feared that it would not last.

    ************************************************** ***************************
    Jo was standing at the one way mirror. When Kazuki had burst into tears it had torn at her heart. She would just have to charge in and risk the brunette taking Kazuki hostage. At least then she wouldn’t be tormenting Kazuki anymore.
    Jo was all set to burst in and save Kazuki when the brunette began to speak with Kazuki. Kauzki seemed no to be upset anymore. Jo was even more pleased to see that the brunette has begun gently teasing Kazuki’s body and that Kazuki seemed to be enjoying it.

    “Well” she muttered to herself. “Looks like I can wait”. She sat back down on the sofa and watched the scene unfold. She only wished that she could be the one in there, caressing Kazuki’s magnificent torso and long perfect limbs, whilst kissing her gorgeous lips. She looked down and realised with some surprise that her right hand had crept down the front of her robes and was now slipping underneath her loin cloth. She felt sticky juices on her fingers as she neared her pussy. She gasped, shocked at her licentiousness. She shrugged and then she slowly slid her fingers further under her loincloth beneath her robes and sat back to enjoy the show.

    ************************************************** ****************************************
    Kazuki’s eyes were open with longing as Tara relaxed her with soft tender strokes down her sides. She bit her lower lip in an expression of suppressed desire as she was subjected to sensations that she’d never felt before. Tara reached around and slowly stroked Kazuki’s back. Her hands stroked up Kazuki’s neck and Kazuki tittered, Tara reduced the pressure so that the strokes were more pleasurable than tickling. All the while Tara planted gentle kisses on Kazuki’s body. She also alternated with gently blowing across the downy hair on Kazuki’s stomach, causing Kazuki to emit low moans of pleasure.
    Tara’s handscontinued downwards and stroked Kazuki’s hips and lower back. Tara’s right hand stroked Kazuki’s spine all the way down to her cocyx. She breathed deep in anticipation as she expected Tara’s hand to continue its course and gently sroke her anus. “Uh uh” teased Tara. “Not now”. Tara’s hands moved past Kazuki’s pussy and anus and started to stroke Kazuki’s thighs, both inside and out. Kazuki emitted a low moan as Tara’s hands stroked behind her knees. She had no idea that she was so sensitive there.

    Kazuki didn’t understand how Tara could know more about her body than she did. “Do you have a special someone” , asked Tara, her voice coming from near Kazuki’s knees, where she was gently nuzzling her nose against one of Kazuki’s inner thighs.
    “No. Not now”, Kazuki admitted. She didn’t know why she was telling Tara, but at least it didn’t involve her being tickled beyond endurance again. “One man, but he seemed to just want me as a cock sock. And then a couple of women”. She moaned as Tara slowly stroked the back of her calves. “But they didn’t last sadly”, she continued.

    “No special someone at all?” asked Tara, as her hands stroked Kazuki’s ankles just below the restraints.
    Kazuki though of Jo. “I don’t know if she feels the same way”, admitted Kazuki. She instinctively scrunched up her toes as she felt Tara’s fingers stroking her heels.
    “Relax” commanded Tara. “You can trust me”
    “Uh, no I can’t”, protested Kazuki indignantly.
    “Come now”, said Tara, “Whilst I may have tickled you beyond endurance during our brief relationship, I’ve never actually lied to you. You can scrunch up your toes if you want, but I promise you that you’ll get more from this if you don’t”.
    Kazuki had to admit, as perverse as it sounded, Tara was correct. She acquiesced and open up her toes.

    “All the way”, commanded Tara. “So I can get at the gaps”. Kazuki paused a moment and then did so. Kazuki was rewarded seconds later by an amazing feeling of contentment emanating from her feet as Tara slowly stroked her fingers between her toes. Kazuki was astonished at the feelings of pleasure tha could be gained from simple strokes in the right place. Kazuki giggled softly as Tara slowly stuck her tongue between two of her toes, whilst Tara’s hands began a soft teasing of her soles and upper feet. The tongue was tickly, but in a pleasurable way. She murmured in contentment as she kept her toes open and alowed Tara’s tongue to explore between each toe.

    Kazuki felt some disappointment as Tara knelt back up from her toes and placed her face against Kazuki’s pussy. She was astonished at her reaction. She preferred foot stroking to bum stroking? Tara spoke, “I think that you should tell her”.
    “Tell who?” asked Kazuki.
    “This special someone that you long for”, replied Tara. “They’d be a fool not to want to be with a beautiful creature like you”. Kazuki moaned with pleasure as Tara began softly teasing her anus, whilst at the same time slowly folding aside Kazuki’s clitoral hood and planting kisses on her throbbing clit.
    “Wait, what are you doing?” protested Kazuki. This was even more intimate than she would like, let alone all of the other stuff that had happened so far.

    “Tut tut my dear”, explained Tara, “I’m doing this for me, not for you. The screams that you make from this orgasm that I am going to give you will turn me on so much”. Kazuki cursed herself for thinking that Tara was anything but horribly self centred.
    Kazuki felt a pressure inside her vagina as Tara poked a finger in. Tara was perplexed at a seeming obstruction. Kazuki rolled her eyes at this latest indignity. Tara reached in with two fingers and found purchase on a small leather pellet. She tugged, causing Kazuki to gasp, and there was a schlorp sound as the leather package was freed from its slick prison. It was tied with a fine string. Tara slowly opened it up and squealed with delight.
    “How ingenious!” Tara exclamied. “Lock pick; garotte, mini compass, mini file, all other sorts of gadgets. My, you are a crafty one”. She chuckled as she gently tossed the discovered escape package onto the trolley with the metal rods. “Now that’s taken care of...”

    Tara trailed back some newly generated pussy juice across Kazuki’s perinium to her anus and her left hand began a gentle teasing around the puckered ring, packed with millions of nerve endings. At the same time Tara’s tongue flicked across her clit whilst Tara’s right hand began a slow rythmic piston motion in and out of Kazuki’s pussy. Kazuki had no idea what was going on, as Tara’s head blocked the reflected view, but it felt bigger than any cock or dildo she’d ever had inside her.
    “What is that?” she asked, gasping.
    “Four fingers and my thumb”, replied Tara matter of factly. Kazuki’s eyes opened in shock. Involuntary moans of pleasure escaped her lips as Tara’s relentless stimulation of clit, vagina and anus continued. She scrunched her eyes shut and gritted her teeth as she attempted to shut out what was happening to her. Her erogenous zones were held totally immobilised by the head restraint and the two bum cushions. She could do nothing to relieve the unwanted pleasure being inflicted upon her.
    “Tara!” Kazuki cried out in a vain appeal to Tara’s better nature. As expected, it didn’t work.

    Kazuki began panting in time with the clit tongueing and vaginal fisting that Tara was giving her, whilst the pleasure signals from her anus caused her to gasp even louder with each casual stroke. The pleasure was building up too fast. If she was with a girlfriend she’d have asked her to pause, but Tara was merciless, continuing to stimulate Kazuki against her wishes.
    Kazuki knew there was no point fighting this stimulation. Tara was too expert. All she could do was pant and pant and pant faster and faster as Tara increased the tempo of stimulation to an unbearable level. Kazuki screamed with forced pleasure as the orgasm tore through her from the very core of her vagina, intensified by the clit and anus stimulation Tara was giving her. Kazuki had never felt such bliss. But she was horiified to find that Tara hadn’t stopped. The pleasure was building up beyond anything that she’d ever felt before. Tara continued the stimulation with her tongue and fingers and Kazuki was astonished as an even more powerful orgasm tore through her, overwhelming her so much that she blacked out.

    ************************************************** *******************************************
    Jo orgasmed at almost the same moment. She’d been fingering her clit frenziedly, getting faster and faster in time with Kazuki’s screams of pleasure. She covered her mouth with her other hand and emitted a very quiet moan of release. She gave a heavy sigh as she lay back on the sofa. Kazuki had been so horny just now. Screaming with pleasure at Tara’s stimulation. Sweat dripping from her body onto Tara and the surrounding floor.

    She watched Tara stand up, licking Kazuki’s juices off her lips, and check Kazuki’s neck pulse. After a second she nodded, satisfied, and walked to the bench with the metal rods on. Tara lifted up another five fingered item and afixed it to the left upper rod. She then genlty eased Kazuki’s fingers into each ring, eventually splaying out all fingers on both hands. Noting that Kazuki was still unconscious , Tara retrieved two similar objects and attached them to the lower rods. Via much dextrous maneuvering she was able to immobilise each of Kazuki’s toes in a splayed out position, exposing the sensitive flesh between the toes.
    Jo noted her hand heading back down to her slick pussy as she wondered what was going to happen next. Once Tara was out of there, Jo could smash through the mirror and save the day. Absoluely. No doubt...
    ************************************************** ******************************
    Kazuki awoke with a start as Tara placed smelling salts beneath her nose. She moaned as Tara smiled at her. “How are you my dear?” asked Tara.
    “Go to the hells” snarled Kazuki.
    “My my, that’s not very nice”, protested Tara. “I think some tickles will cheer you up”. Kazuki gasped as Tara slowly stroked a forefinger up and down her left breast and neck. Slowly up and down. She began chuckling as the tickling sensations were inflicted upon her. She was also shocked to find that she was reacting far more strongly to the teasing than before. “Ah, feels more intense now doesn’t it?” teased Tara. “Your body is filled with all sorts of post orgasm arousal. I don’t know how it works, but you’ll be super tickly now!” Kazuki’s eyes opened in horror, even as she giggled helplessly. Tara stopped.

    “That said, it takes a long time to set up my device, so I may need to eat your pussy again. We’ll see”, Explained Tara.
    Kazuki could see in the mirror that her toes and fingers were splayed out in metal rings, obviously when she was unconscious. Tara picked up a very thin rod from the trolley and reached up to affix it near Kazuki’s right hand. She noted a feather on the end. The rod somehow stuck to the metal frame. She gasped as the rod seemed to come alive and beging stroking up and down her immobilised palm. It was far more stimulating that she would have expected. Her sensations were heightened by her immobility and aroused state.
    The feather stroking stopped and Tara set up a similar rod and feather at the top of Kazuki’s hand. Again it gave a surprisingly ticklish stroke and then stopped. She placed a similar rod over the other hand, again eliciting a gasp from Kazuki when it activated. Tara was now rushing to and from the trolley every few seconds, collecting and placing eight very fine rods above both hands. Once they were in place they slowly stroked a few times between Kazuki’s fingers and thumbs before stopping. She gasped at the sensations.

    “Amazingly stimulating isn’t it my dear?” asked Tara rhetorically. The immobility heightens the sensations on an otherwise very untickly part of the body”. Kazuki frowned. “Think what this will be like on yout tootsies”, Tara commented, confirming Kazuki’s worst fears.

    Kazuki was held like a fly in a rapidly expanding web as Tara worked industriously adding more and more of the feathered rods to either the smaller restraining rods or on very long rods to the main frame. She noted that there was virtually no obstruction to observing her nude form. That would spoil Tara’s fun, no doubt.
    She gasped periodically as particularly sensitive areas were stroked. She was amazed at how sensitive the side of her neck was. She heard Tara mumbling under her breath as she decided on the best orientation of each feather rod before letting it make some test strokes. Tara seemed to be placing based on the volume of Kazuki’s giggling or moaning. Kazuki tried to stay silent and then make louder noises on less sensitive areas. But Tara wasn’t fooled. She was a master at tormenting women in her lair and eventually started using her own judgement, which was always correct much to Kazuki’s dismay.

    Kazuki lost count of the number of feather rods attached to the frame. It must be nearly one hundred. And Tara was only down to Kazuki’s waist. The placement of the feathers running up and down her sides had been particularly mirth inducing, much to Tara’s delight. Even as she was appalled by Tara’s apparent sociopathic tendencies, she could not help but admire her obvious genius and hard work – albeit for sick and twisted ends.

    As before, Tara passed over Kazuki’s erogenous zones and proceeded to feathering her thighs with several rods. Then down to Kazuki’s calves and the backs of her knees. Kazuki grimaced in ticklish agony as the backs of her knees were feathered. “Interesting” murmured Tara, smiling at Kazuki’s pained expression.
    Eventually Tara reached Kazuki’s feet. She placed eight metal feather rods betwen her toes and turned them on. Kazuki squealed in amazement at the intensity of the tickling between her toes as the feathers went up and down in random patterns, never giving her a chance to get used to where they would tickle next. Tara smiled in satisfaction once they’d stopped. Tara applied other rods around Kazuki’s feet. She ran a nail across Kazuki’s heels, eliciting a quiet squeal, and decided to use rods with rotating long bristled brushes on them. She turned them on and Kazuki could feel them even with the hardened heel skin. Tara assigned goose feathers to the insteps and a couple more, softer bristled brushes, to other parts of each foot bottom. Two feathered rods were placed to stimulate the tops of each foot.

    “Let’s see how that works for you”, said Tara. She pressed a series of butons on the rods by Kazuki’s feet and stood up and away from Kazuki. A couple of seconds later Kazuki roared with laughter as each foot was subjected to a tickling unlike any she’d experienced in her whole life, including the time already spent with this mad woman.
    “Noooohooohohohohooh. Noooooooo”, Kazuki bellowed, in a mixture of fear and impotent rage. “Stop it! Stop, ahahahahahaha!”. Kazuki roared and bellowed at the top of her lungs. “Mother fucker. Fuck! Noooohohohohohoho!”

    Tara smiled as she bent down and turned off the foot rods. “Hmmmm, excellent”. She moved back to the rolley and obtained three rods. She moved behndi Kazuki and began placing the rods. Kazuki could feel the hard feathers being placed around her puckered anus and perinium. She gasped in dread as she waited for the feather to start working. She squealed with shock as the triple stimulation began. She was so shocked that a tiny spurt of pee came out as she lost control of her bladder. Her eyes bulged at the intensity of the sensations afflicting her vulnerable bum hole. “Hmmm, excellent” commented Tara. Kazuki emitted a low keening sound as her ability to elocute was overwhelmed by the sensations from her oh so tender anus. After a few seconds Tara stopped the feathers and approached Kazuki’s pussy region with four rods. Three ended in stiff goose feathers whilst one ended in a piece of soft down.

    “I’m always ambivalent about these rods”, explained Tara. Kazuki was indignant. Tara was ‘ambivalent’ about them. What about all of the many poor women she’d tormented with them? “You see, they obscure my view of your pouting and dripping wet pussy as the juices dribble out. That really turns me on”. Kazuki’s eyes opened in shock, albeit moderated by what she’d learned of Tara in the last few hours.
    “But, innovation requires experimentation”, said Tara philiosophically. “And at worst I can get rid of them and just eat your pussy. We can try that tomorrow, maybe. Unless of course you pass my challenge and are released tonight”.

    Kazuki’s interest perked up. She vaguely recalled an earlier mention of a challenge that one other woman had passed. “What’s the challenge and who passed it?” asked Kazuki.
    “I’ll get to that in a moment dear”. Tara said, as she positioned the three goose feathers on either side of Kazuki’s pussy and at the botom of Kazuki’s pussy. She then placed the soft downy feather over Kazuki’s clit. She activated the feathers and Kazuki moaned in pleasure, but also with much frustration, as the hard feathers stimulated around her pussy but her clit hardly felt the soft downy feather stroking against it.

    “The challenge is simple”, explained Tara. “To stay silent for ten seconds whilst the machine is active. The person who passed was a paladin. She was so beautiful. A young blonde with sapphire blue eyes and the most delightful laugh and a really tight pussy”. Tara’s eyes glazed as she reminisced. “She squealed and giggled so delightfully as I teased her for hours. Then I set up my machine. I explained the challenge and she nodded grimly at me. I turned on the machine to full power and then activated the microphone. Her laughter stopped and the restraints fell from her ten seconds later. I was shocked. She overpowered me with her superior physique and turned me over. She bent me over her knees and gave my ass a thrashing like you wouldn’t believe. I cried out in pain, even as I secretly desired each stroke as this magnificent woman dominated me”.
    “I was ready to submit to her every whim. She’d won fair and square and I was honour bound to let her go. I was all set to pass over ownership of the house to her as she’d bested my machine. But she refused and said that I was crazy and she’d have me arrested and sentenced for kidnapping and assault. Luckily I was able to slip her a dose of Lethe water on the way out. I then explained to her that she’d been concussed in a fight and had stumbled upon my manor house. I made a show of giving her some healing draught and sent her on the way none the wiser”.

    Kazuki’s head swam with questions. “What’s a microphone? What’s Lethe water? And do you know that you’re crazy?”
    Tara smiled as she gently stroked Kazuki’s chin. “In reverse order, I don’t think that I’m crazy. Maybe I am? But what I do feels so good, I don’t care if I’m crazy”. Tara paused, “ Lethe water is what I will give you when I feel like letting you go. It’s a magic potion that causes the loss of one day’s memories per drop. It’s what I’ve given all of my previous guests here. I have my fun with them and then release them none the worse for wear, with no marks on them. For peasant girls I give them some gold coins and I’m sure they’re delighted with their unexpected good fortune”.

    Tara lifted up a strange metallic device from the trolley. Tara held it in front of Kazuki’s eyes. It was pitch black. Then the rod slowly began to turn red, from one end to the other. “Like sand from a timer” Kazuki muttered to herself. Instantly the rod turned black again. A red colouring began creeping along its length. After ten seconds, as Tara amd Kazuki waited in total silence, the entire rod turned red.
    Tara blew loudly on it. Kazuki was horrified to see the rod turn black again. It was that sensitive? Tara drew out a thin metal rod from within the main bondage frame and placed the microphone on the end, mere inches from Kazuki’s mouth.
    “I’ll start the machine slowly for you. When it’s fully going I’ll activate the microphone and you can try to stay quiet”. Tara smirked. “Good luck with that...”

    Tara pressed a button on the frame and stepped back. The upper set of hand feathers came on. Kazuki grimaced at the itching sensations between her fingers and on her hands. Then feathers began gently teasing her forearms. A slow up and down rythmn making her moan before she suppressed it. This wasn’t so bad. She could handle it.
    Feathers began flicking around Kazuki’s elbow joints, inside and outside. Kazuki held her breath and stayed silent. “No point doing that now dear” said Tara helpfully, “Timer hasn’t started yet”.
    Kazuki tried to stay silent. If she couldn’t manage it now, she had no chance with every feather active. Feathers began stroking her biceps and triceps. She grimaced and let out a small yelp before gritting her teeth and holding her breath, even as her body demanded that she giggle uncontrollably.

    Kazuki yelped as stiff feathers began circling around her arm pits. There were 2 feathers circling outside each pit, whilst 2 featherless rods poked into each armpit at rapid intervals. Kazuki’s face cracked a helpless grin as both of her arms were fully simulated. She tried to block out the sensations as she focused again on staying quiet. A second later she emitted a helpless “Eeeep” sound and grimaced involuntarily as stiff feathers stroked rapidly up and down the sides and back of her neck. More feathers stroked in her ears and began teasing her lips and under her chin. Those feathers appeared to be on flexible arms so that they continued their tickling strokes even as Kazuki burst out laughing and her mouth opened wide.

    She struggled to control herself, even as more feathers activated, starting to slowly flitter their stiff points over her lats and her collar bones. A moment later she cackled maniacally as two stiff feathers started flicking the tips of her erect nipples. More feathers came online, starting to stroke clockwise and anti clockwise around each breast, whilst others turned on and started a relentless path left and right on the soft botoms of her breasts. She started spluttering as she tried to keep quiet whilst also processing all of the intense tickling sensations.
    She burst into raucous laughter as dozens of stiff feathers began rapidly scrabbling up and down her ribs and the sides of her stomach. Her breath caught in her chest as the sensations along her ribs and sides started to disrupt her normal breathing. She cackled madly as she tried to breathe through the tickling. It was all she could do to take in air, let alone be quiet.

    More feathers activated, beginning to stroke the skin on her back. Rapid strokes up and down her spine, as well as many soft tipped feathers around her kidney areas. The feather over her cocyx activated, followed seconds later by the feather over her bum hole. Two stiff feathers started brushing the tops of her buttocks. She gasped at the tormenting sensations shooting towards her pussy. The perinium feather started it relentless up and down stroking, followed seconds later by the four pussy feathers. She gasped in frustration as she could only feel the three big feathers stroking the outside of her vagina. She couldn’t even feel the fine clit feather. Tara was such an unspeakable fucking bitch for not even giving her clit a proper feather. Kazuki howled in frustration, as well as she could whilst being forced to cackle madly by the maddening tickling of her sides and made to gasp from the relentless anus tickling.

    The feathers down her legs all activated in descending order, with the knee feathers being particularly shocking to her. The laughter induced by those was lost in her forced merriment from her sides and anus tickling.
    Her eyes opened in horror as she realised what was next. Seconds later her body shuddered as the foot feathers and brushes turned on. She emitted a piteous keening noise as her senses were overwhelmed by the feathers and brushes forcing their touch on her nerves packed feet and helplessly clamped tootsies.

    “Nooooooo!” Kazuki emitted hoarse screams of helpless rage and frustration as every inch of her body was tormented at the whim of the evil bitch sat in front of her, starting to finger herself at Kazuki’s plight. Kazuki keened again and again as her senses were overwhelmed by the overstimulation of her body. “Nooooo! Nooooo! Motherfucker.ahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!”
    She drooled as she laughed so hard that she had forgotten to swallow her excess saliva. Isolated spurts of pee shot out of her urethra as she had lost all control over all of her muscles. Her body was now a single giant tickling erogenous zone being stimulated mercilessly and without respite. She was unable to register which sensations were coming from her feet and which were coming from her anus, or pussy or her heaving ribs. She was just one giant nerve ending being tormented without remorse.
    Her mind retreated from her surroundings as she could no longer process the sensory data flooding into her brain. Why wasn’t Jo there? Why hadn’t Jo saved her? Maybe Jo knew that Kazuki had long fantasised about tying Jo up and tickling her sweet little feet and sucking on her cute little piggies. That was it. Kazuki was being punished for thinking such unworthy thoughts about her best friend.

    But if Kazuki was going to be punished, it should be Jo doing it. Jo should be the one tickling her feet; running her soft tender fingers over Kazuki’s foot bottoms and at the same time running some other fingers between Kazuki’s toes. But that didn’t explain the rest of the tickling on her body. Her mind, maddened with sensations reasoned that there must be more than one Jo. Ash has cast some spell so that Jo could give Kazuki the punishment that she deserved.

    I’m such a naughty bitch. Punish me Jo. Jo smiled at her with that adorable smile of hers and another Jo appeared and began mercilessly tickling Kazuki’s other foot. More Jo clones appeared and took positions around Kazuki’s nude form. Kazuki’s tormented mind translated the tickling sensations from the feathers and brushes as the teasing fingers of dozens of Jos pinning Kazuki’s limbs down as they began to punish her naked body for her unworthy thoughts. There was a Jo on each foot, tickling for all she was worth. More Jos had teamed up to pin her arms and tickle up and down her arms. Two more Jos had started mercilessly licking and finger teasing her breasts. More Jos appeared. Somehow Kazuki could see them all, as if she was above them all, and they were all using their tongues and tender fingers to give Kazuki a proper punishment.

    “That’s it Jo!” Kazuki shouted out, startling Tara, who paused in her masturbation. “I’m such a dirty bitch! Punish me!”
    Kazuki roared with more forced laughter. She imagined a final Jo looking up at her as she nuzzled her face to Kazuki’s pussy. Jo looked up and asked, “Do you want me to do this?”
    “Please Jo! Please. Fuck my pussy! Fuck it good!” Kazuki shouted out loud. In her demented daydream she imagined Jo starting to lick her clit and fist her pussy, even as Jo’s other hand fingered her bumhole. Jo’ newly formed third arm (This was magic after all) teased her perinium, whilst the other Jos continued punishing Kazuki’s body with tongues and fingers.
    Another Jo appeared and stuck her toes towards Kazuki’s mouth. “Suck my piggies” Jo commanded. No, not commanded. Jo never commanded. She’d asked nicely and flashed that sweet smile of hers. But Kazuki would do anything for Jo. Kazuki hungrily slurped at Jo’s soft and tender piggies, even as Jo rubbed her other foot up and down Kazuki’s face and the sides of her neck. “Say my name”, Jo commanded. Kazuki looked up at Jo. She was so beautiful. Her heart ached at the thought of displeasing her.
    “Jo.”, said Kazuki.
    “Again” said Jo softly, before giving a beaming smile. Kazuki’s heart soared to have such a lovely creature want her to do something for her. Anything for Jo.
    “Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo” repeated Kazuki. She opened her mouth wide and Jo shoved her other foot near Kazuki’s mouth. Kazuki began to greedily slurp at Jo’s toes, feeling her tongue against the soft flesh of Jo’s tender foot bottoms.

    Tara sat up from her reclined frigging position and wondered what the hell was up with her tickle toy. “Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo!” Kazuki shouted. Kazuki’s tongue flicked back and forth against empty air, even as drool cascaded down her chin.
    Tara stood up and walked towards Kazuki, who was now beginning to emit faster and faster gasps of pleasure. Pussy juice dribbled freely down between her bound legs. How could that be? The clit feather wasn’t strong enough to produce such as effect. Kazuki’s eyes were rolled back in their sockets, not seeing the real world. “Fuck me Jo! Fuck me! Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo Jo”. Kazuki’s breathing got even faster and faster and Kazuki shouted out in a stacatto voice “Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjj ah ah ah AAAAHHHHHHRRRGGHHH!” Kazuki’s pussy erupted with juices as she experienced the wildest orgasm of her life. Her fantasy of Jo was so convincing to her that her vagina muscles had contracted against each other. Truly, her mind had overcome the lack of matter in her vagina. Kazuki fell limp in her restraints.

    Tara walked up to Kazuki, who was perfectly still in a peaceful repose, oblivious to the hundreds of feathers still stroking her skin. Tara waited in complete silence as she watched the timer turn more and more red from black. After ten seconds the timer was fully red. The feathers shut down and the restraining clamps opened up. Tara caught Kazuki’s limp form and tenderly laid her down to rest. Kazuki was alive, her breathing so shallow that even the sensor hadn’t registered it.
    Tara hadn’t expected anyone to beat her challenge in that way. In fact, a voice in her head was saying, she hadn’t beaten it properly. She’d cheated. Tara should just string her back up and let her try again. But a promise was a promise. So what? The bitch was hers. She could do what she wanted with her. Yes. Make the bitch do it properly. Tara picked up Kazuki’s limp form and moved to place her back into the clamps.

    There was a smashing of glass from behind her. Tara whirled around, in time to see a petite blonde in white robes smash away more of the mirror before rushing at her, a clerical mace held high. “Put her down you bitch!” screamed the blonde.

    ************************************************** ****************************************
    Mere seconds earlier Jo had been sat on the sofa transfixed by the sight of Kaszuki’s merciless stimulation by the hundreds of feathers and brushes. She had already orgasmed twice, leaving juices dribbling from her loin cloth. But she craved even more stimulation. She’d shoved her left hand down her robes as well as her right. She was using the left hand to hold open her pussy lips as she forced as many fingers as she could up her clunge, rapidly fisting herself in a sexual frenzy at Kazuki’s plight.
    She panted rapidly as she approached yet another orgasm. All she could perceive was the fingers up her pussy and the image of Kazuki’s toned body held immobilised, glistening with sweat that Jo wanted nothing more than to lick off her.

    “JoJoJoJoJoJoJoJo!” Kazuki started shouting. Jo jumped with a start. Kazuki was calling her name! It was as if she’d just woken up. Kazuki had called for her. Kazuki needed her! She gasped as she raised her hands back out of her robes. She was amazed at how slick her hands were with juices. She quickly wiped them against the front of her robes and reached for the mace hanging at the side of her belt.

    Jo had never swung the mace in anger before. It was more ceremonial than anything. Also, the other three group members were always able to tackle any enemies that came there way. She’d even seen them put themselves in harms way to protect her. She remembered Kazuki pushing Jo aside as an arrow flew towards her. It had pierced Kazuki’s knee, crippling her. Luckily Jo had healed her. Kazuki had done so much for her and she’d repaid her like this! Fingering herself as Kazuki suffered. Jo felt a wave of shame overwhelm her. She shouted in rage, at herself more than anyone else, and smashed through the mirror. She was oblivious to the few cuts that she received from flying glass. All that mattered was saving Kazuki. “Put her down you bitch” she shouted at Tara.
    ************************************************** ********************************
    Tara stood up and grinned. This blonde was fiery, but also very small and ineffectual looking. The blonde snarled as she clumsily swung her mace at Tara. Tara caught the mace head in one hand. She snatched it from the blonde’s grasp and held it triumphantly. She seized the end of the handle in her other hand and easily bent the handle into a U shape. She threw the ruined mace aside. The blonde looked astonished at Tara’s strength.

    Jo’s mind raced as she tried to figure out what was happening. Tara didn’t look that strong. It had to be Daemonic possession. She’d learned about that at cleric school. She reached for her pouch in which she kept her abjuring charms. She fumbled desperately around with one hand even as her other hand was seized by Tara and cruelly bent. Jo cried out as Tara forced her into an arm lock. She’d found the binding parchment, but was unable to place it onto Tara.
    At that moment Tara grunted in surprise. Kazuki had woken up and had grabbed Tara’s ankles. She reached down to grab Kazuki and lifted her up over her head, causing Kazuki to scream in astonishment and fear. Jo seized her chance and pinned the parchment onto Tara. Tara screamed as her srength left her and the deadweight of Kazuki overwhelmed her muscles, causing her to collapse in a heap with Kazuki on top of her.

    Kazuki continued laying on top of the weakened Tara even as Jo found some thin rope and began binding Tara’s feet, and then her arms. She wrapped several lengths of rope around the parchment sealing away Tara’s Daemon. After a few frenzied seconds Tara was bound securely. Kazuki emitted a loud sigh of relief and rolled off Tara’s struggling form.
    Jo quickly knelt besides Kazuki. She lifted her head tenderly towards hers, cradling it even as she cried in shame at her prior inaction. Kazuki opened her eyes and smiled. She whispered something that Jo couldn’t hear. She placed her face closer towards Kazuki’s. Then Kazuki grabbed the back of Jo’s head and pressed her face towards hers. Jo was astonished as Kazuki gave her a long lingering kiss. Kazuki’s eyes were open and she found herself lost in Kazuki’s deep teak brown irises. She’d never been kissed like this before. And she didn’t deserve to be either. Not after she’d betrayed Kazuki with her inaction. She pulled her head away, noting disappointment in Kazuki’s eyes, before she placed a gentle kiss on Kazuki’s forehead. “I’m with you Kazuki. I’m with you”. She channeled healing energy through her hand to eliminate Kazuki’s fatigue. Then they held each other close.

    ************************************************** ******************************************
    After they eventually pulled themselves apart, it took them several more minutes to bind Tara even tighter as well as to find Kazuki’s discarded clothing and weaponry.
    Jo marveled at how quickly Kazuki had transformed from a helpless naked tickle toy to the deadly warrior now standing beside her.
    “Let’s stop Ash and save Kavita” Jo declared as she walked forwards boldly through the broken mirror. Kazuki nodded in grim affirmation, even as she hoisted a protesting Tara over her shoulder and followed Jo’s lead. Jo was going to stop the daemon in Ash. She just hoped that Kavita had not fallen victim to its vile depradations...
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    wow ...... oh my God. This is so great. its amazing story! what a great description, good length and awesome plot!

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    great story. don't worry about length. love the detail.

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    awesome story, so the length hardly matters to us, keep it up.

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    Wonderful story.
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    Exceptional story, thanks!


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    What is this "too long" you speak of? Where's the rest of it :P

    P.S. A little minor editing. You switch between Kasumi and Kasuki a few time, but thank you thank you thank you thank you for the fine story.

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    Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    With the name typos, I guess you can tell where my inspiration came from... Corrected now.

    Will work on part 2 when I get time.


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    I love this story... This is my kind of story!!!

    This is one of my favorites of all the time!!!


    (I cant belieave i hadnt seen before)

    (Oh this post is new... And is your first one...
    I can asure you, you have a great talent!)
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    Great Story

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    Wow! Amazing Story

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    it was perfect. the length is fine. really. i like longer stories ^.^

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    Awesome story!

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    Thanks for the kind comments guys/ ladies. I'm working on something unrelated right now, but should still be good.



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    wowbvery good work

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