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    A Birthday Surprise (F/f) Part 1/4

    Hi all,

    Not a follow up to my previous story but something a bit different, being told (95%) from the 'ler's POV. This is only approx 1/4 of the story. The really kinky stuff follows in later parts, including a suggestion from TMF member April, which will be in circa part 3.

    I'll endeavour to get parts 2-4 written soon.


    ************************************************** ******************************************

    Lindsey sat on her plush sofa surveying the decor of her spacious living room. Polished glass cabinets gleamed, as did the screen of her ceiling mounted giant plasma TV. To the right hung a portrait of her, painted by a very talented friend. Lindsey looked admiringly at it, hoping that she really was as beautiful as the artist has portrayed her: a blonde haired angel with piercing blue eyes and a heavenly smile; her face framed by straight blonde hair reaching her shoulders.
    She was pleased with her house. She’d worked hard for it. 80 hour weeks as a junior lawyer, earning a pittance. But now she’d just turned 30 and was a partner at Hunter & Associates, one of the most prestigious law firms in the country. She felt she had the right to bask in some small measure of luxury.

    She checked once more the fit of her black silk blouse and black jeans. She scrunched her bare feet on the plush carpet as she leaned forward, eager for the ring of the doorbell. Her guest would be here soon.
    He face brightened as she heard the bell. She quickly slipped on her black evening slippers and rushed to the door.

    The all black clad woman, carrying a large holdall, waited at the door of the large detached house, under the cover of a front archway. Her name was Sendita. She was of Indian descent, in her ealy twenties, with chocolate brown skin and smooth black locks reaching well past her shoulders. She had full lips, painted dark magenta to bring out their lushness. She was tall and powerfully built, with lithe musculature honed by hours of martial arts and gymnastics. She slipped on a black mask, now that she had no more need to worry about looking suspicious to passers by.

    Through the glass portion of the front door she could make out the petite blurred form of her target. The door opened and Lindsey’s expectant smile faded as she saw Sendita’s masked visage. Sendita clamped a firm hand over Lindsey’s mouth and slowly pushed her back inside the hallway. Lindsey’s eyes opened in shock and she gave no resistance. Sendita pushed the door shut behind her. She turned to face her captive, who she towered over, and leant close to her. “I know that you have the password to the company systems. Give it to me and my employers will pay me well and I’ll stop having to ask you for it. Do you understand me?”

    Lindsey nodded her head slowly.

    “Good, I’m going to release you now. Don’t try to run away”, Lindsey nodded. Sendita released her grip. She saw Lindsey’s furtive glance towards the back door a split second before she ran for it. Sendita smiled. This was not unexpected. She sprinted after the errant lawyer and was soon able to place a firm grip on her shoulder. Lindsey tugged out of her grip and grunted with effort as she rushed to the kitchen. Sendita launched herself at Lindsey and caught her around the shoulders. She then twisted in mid air so that she hit the floor first and Lindsey was cushioned by her body. Lindsey cursed as she struggled to get away. Her limbs flailed as she writhed like tasmanian devil and howled like a banshee. Sendita smiled and kept her cool. She slowly forced Lindsey’s arms up above her head and hooked her right arm behind Lindsey’s head, which also pinned both her arms upwards. Sendita then lay clamly as Lindsey exhausted herself with more fruitless struggle.

    Sendita amused herself by slowly stroking her free hand across Lindsey’s face. She felt the softness of her pale sking beneath her fingers and revelled in the defiant glare of her captive as she slowly stroked her hair. She sure was a bundle of energy. Sendita was going to enjoy breaking her in.

    After a while Lindsey lay panting as Sendita relaxed beside her. “Are you done yet my dear?” she asked sardonically. Lindsey glowered at her. Sendita smiled sweetly. “Now, let’s see what we have here, hmmm?” Her left hand began to edge towards Lindsey’s blouse buttons.

    “Oh shit, nononono!” Lindsey protested.

    “Oh shit, yesyesyes” purred Sendita. She slowly unbuttoned Lindsey’s blouse and flipped the sides open revealing a lacey black bra and Lindsey’s vulnerable ribs and belly. Sendita began to slowly tease her finger along the ribs, slowly going up and down and meandering her finger along, with infinite patience. This young blonde wasn’t going anywhere. Lindsey began shaking her head back and forth wildly and she began panting. Her arms stiffened as she struggled to escape, but Sendita’s one arm around them was enough to keep them locked outwards.

    Sendita started stroking with several of her fingers at once. Lindsey started panting more loudly. Sendita was hoping that her captive would be laughing by now. Still, the night was young. Lindsey struggled even more furiously, her teeth gritted in determination to escape. Her body shook as she lashed her legs upwards in a futile attempt to kick out at Sendita.
    “Well, if you insist.” Teased Sendita as she awaited another kick towards her. As Lindsey’s left leg reached its full extension Sendita quickly hooked one of her own legs around it and then tightened her grip around it so that Lindsey’s slippered left foot was held immobile just above her chest. “Tootsie tickles it is then.”

    Sendita felt a sense of giddy excitement as she slid her hand to the heel of Lindsey’s slipper. It was like being a child again, about to open the biggest present on Christmas day. She gave Lindsey a sweet smile as she quickly flipped off the slipper.
    “Oh shit! No!” gasped Lindsey, her eyes opening as she realised the scope of her error. Sendita smiled as she wiggled her fingers even as her hand hovered over Lindsey’s immobilised foot. Her soft creamy sole was just begging for a tickling, and Sendita was glad to oblige. She smiled as the nail of her index finger dug into the leathery skin of Lindsey’s heel. Lindsey looked apprehensive, as well she might. Sendita quickly flicked her nail down the entire surface of the sole, all the way down to the soft skin between her big toe and its neighbour. Lindsey gasped in shock. Sendita moved her finger up for another stroke. Lindsey scrunched up her foot as tightly as she could. Sendita pondered for a moment before she slowly stroked her nails around the oh so tender flesh just above the ankle, slowly dragging the nails across the soft and pale skin across the top of the foot. Lindsey’s toes opened up as if on cue and Sendita quickly darted her fingers between the four gaps between the toes. Lindsey squealed in shock. She squealed even more as Sendita dragged her nails down the soft and helpless foot bottom.

    “Please stop.” Pleaded Lindsey.

    “Oh no my dear. Until you say the password you’re going to be my captive. I’m going to use you as my personal play thing. I’m going to explore every inch of your cute toned body, inside and out. I’m going to make you laugh and squeal and giggle and then make you cum like you’ve never cum before. Then I’m going to tickle you some more until your body is at the height of exhaustion. But I’ll carry on, regardless of any pleading that you offer until you say the password. Then and only then will I release you.”

    Lindsey’s eyes opened in shock. “People will come. People are going to miss me. I’m expected out tonight. You’ll never get away with this!” Lindsey blustered.

    “I’m afraid that you’re wrong my dear. Dinner’s been cancelled. Your dinner guest is otherwise engaged tonight. She’ll not be talking to anybody until you’ve said the password. You’re not due at work for two days. You live in a detached house in an exclusive neighbourhood. Nobody is going to be coming round to help you. You’re all mine.”

    Lindsey’s eyes glared defiantly as she said, “Do your worst then. I’ll never tell you.”

    Sendita smiled, as she stroked her hand tenderly across Lindsey’s forehead. “I was hoping that you’d say that.”

    Sendita pondered for a moment. This was a fun postion to be in, but she only had one hand free and she was sure that the hard floor was as uncomfortable for her captive as it was for her. And she wanted Lindsey fully focused on what she was going to do to her.

    Sendita grabbed Lindsey’s opened blouse as best she could and pulled it overLindsey’s head and over her shoulders. She then released Lindsey’s arms and, with speed borne of years of wrestling practice, tightened the blouse around Lindsey’s arms as a makeshift arms restraint. Lindsey started to struggle, but she was already too late. Sendita then stood up, releasing Lindsey’s left leg. Lindsey immediately thrashed around, but Sendita stood well clear. She jumped behind Lindsey and lifted her up by her bound arms. She then quickly lifted her onto her right shoulder, facing forwards. She felt the impacts of Lindsey’s knees on her back as she thrashed around in a vain effort to escape. There might be bruises the next day, but she’d taken far harder hits during wrestling.

    Lindsey was as light as a feather, which was good as she carried her up a flight of stairs to the master bedroom. She’d cursed herself when halfway up the stairs she realised that she’d forgotten her holdall bag, full of various entertaining toys that she’d be using on Lindsey. She tutted to herself, before heading back downstairs; retrieving the bag and heading back upstairs, Lindsey struggling futilely all the while.

    The master bedroom was a brightly adorned room full of glass cabinets and tasteful decor. Trophies from numerous running and swimming events were proudly displayed in a cabinet by the bed. The double bed was sat atop a solid wooden frame and adorned with cool white bed covers. Sendita dropped the bag and gently lowered Lindsey onto the bed. As she loosed her grip, Lindsey bolted upright and made a run for the window. Sendita was momentarily stunned as Lindsey worked desperately to release the window catches. Surely she wasn’t going to jump?!

    Sendita rushed over and grabbed Lindsey. They both fell atop the bed. As Lindsey recovered Sendita quickly jumped across to Lindsey’s feet. She wrapped her legs around Lindsey’s calves, leaving her immobilised and face down. Lindsey tried to reach back with her arms, but was unable to do anything in her position. This is where Sendita would normally go for a submission, but she was happy with where she was. Both hands free to focus on Lindsey’s soles.

    She slowly stroked a finger across Lindsey’s left sole, eliciting a yelp and further struggles to get free. She stroked again and elicited further yelping and writhing. She stared at Lindsey’s bare sole. All she wanted to do right now was tickle the shit out of the bare foot. Rake her nails up and down her sole mercilessly, at the same time as stuffing her toes into her mouth and sucking and nibbling on them as she heard her captive erupt in paroxysms of forced mirth. But that would have to wait until later. She was going to escalate up slowly, to give her captive the chance to say the password. But she didn’t want the game to be over too soon. After all, she had the whole weekend.

    Sendita reached backwards, almost bending her spine backwards as she reached for the holdall bag. It was a struggle, as the bag was very heavy and she was stretching at an awkward angle, but eventually she got the bag close enough to open it and select some of the contents, which she set atop the bed covers.

    “Are you comfy my dear?” Cooed Sendita.

    “Fuck you!” replied Lindsey.

    “Ah no, if you don’t talk it’s going to be a case of “fuck you”.” Sendita replied. Lindsey stayed stoically silent.

    Sendita picked up a thin metal rod with a tapered end. She looked at Lindsey’s soft creamy white sole for a moment, choosing the best spot. She then stroked the rod down Lindsey’s sole and between two of the toes. Lindsey’s legs strained to escape the grip of Sendita’s thighs to no avail. Sendita started stroking the rod around Lindsey’s foot, faster and faster. As Lindsey scrunched her toes up, she’s poke the rod into a small gap between the toes and then slowly stir it around, stroking the soft and tender spots between the toes. Lindsey moaned as Sendita probed the tenderest part of her foot. Sendita was getting impatient. She was hoping to elicit at least some guffaws by now.

    She stopped stroking with the metal rod and pulled out a stiff goose feather. She studied Lindsey’s cute little toes. They were soft and tender and well formed. The little toes were a little scrunched up from tight shoes, but not enough to spoil the look of them. The nails were cut short and unadorned with make up. They were cute enough without needing any colour added to them. She gently pulled aside the left little toe and slowly flicked the feather into the gap between the toes. Lindsey gasped. Sendita then stroked the feather slowly and up and down the soft skin of the insides of her toes. She stroked faster and faster, drawing ever faster and faster gasps from Lindsey, matching the rythmn of the teasing feather strokes.

    Still no laughter. Ah well. Sendita focused her attention on Lindsey’s right foot, still covered with a soft black slipper. She’d opened one present too quickly. This one she was going to take her time with. She slowly stroked her hands down Lindsey’s calf, and then began teasing strokes with her finger nails. Lindsey’s slippered foot waved around helplessly. Sendita then grasped the ankle firmly with her left hand and began to slowly peel off the slipper. She pulled it forward oh so slowly, allowing the nails of her other fingers to trail langurously across the tender sole flesh. Lindsey moaned as more and more of her foot was exposed. Sendita’s grip was not strong enough to fully stop the foot moving, but the futile struggles only served to turn her on. She dragged out the unveiling for as long as she could, but eventually the slipper fell off, revealing another set of tootsies as soft and inviting as the others. For someone who did so much sport, Lindsey had some soft and pampered feet.

    Sendita realised that her breathing was heavy now. She was getting so turned on by having a beautiful captive at her mercy. This was better than she’d imagined. Fuck the feather and starting off slowly! She had a tickle captive to play with and she could do what she wanted with her! She placed the fetaher back into the bag. She paused for a moment and then hovered her fingers over the bare soles, like a maestro warming up his fingers over his piano keys. She gave a wicked grin and then she pounced! She scraped her fingers over the soft bare skin from top to bottom. Lindsey squealed in surprise. Sendita chuckled to herself as she changed tack and began to rapidly stroke her captive’s soft flesh with her nails, moving her fingers up and down and from side to side, across the tops and bottoms of the bare feet. Lindsey panted desprately, and emitted a maddening cacaphony of pants and grunts and high keening moans. She tried in vain to escape, straining with all her strength with her locked legs, but Sendita was far too strong for her.

    “Noooo, uuuuhhghhh, gaaahhhh, uhuhuhuh!” Wailed Lindsey as Sendita continued her merciless tickling assault. “Stop iiitttt!”

    “Not until you say the password,” admonished Sendita. She continued her relentless tickling assault, grinning with sadistic glee as she revelled in the torment of her captive. This was making her so horny! She sped up the rough strokes of her fingers across the captive soles, getting hornier and hornier as Lindsey’s protests grew ever more panicked. She realised that with the application of the right touches to the right parts of her captive she could elicit different sounds and appeals for mercy.

    “Fuuu! Noo! Uhuhuhuhuhuh! Eek! Uhuhuhuhahahahaha! Shit! Nooo!” Lindsey wailed.

    Sendita smiled and continued the constant scraping of her fingers across the trapped tootsies at her mercy. Time seemed to pass in a haze as she was lost in the moment of teasing her captive as thoroughly as possible. She noticed that Lindsey’s feet were starting to show a sheen of sweat, no doubt brought on by her constant yet futile struggles. Sendita also noted that Lindsey’s butt was moving up and down, as far as she was able, in time to the tickling strokes that Sendita was inflicting on her. She decided to try an experiment – she sped up her tickling strokes even further and the butt movement increased. It was almost hypnotic watching Lindsey’s cute black clad posterior thrust up and down in time to Sendita’s ministrations. She continued at this speed for a few more minutes until she noticed that Lindsey’s butt movements had stopped, along with any struggling or any high pitched protests.

    “What’s up deary?” asked Sendita snarkily. “Pooped already?” She teased her index finger across Lindsey’s right sole, eliciting a weak yelp of exhaustion. “Just say the password and I’ll stop this. Otherwise I can do this all weekend, and I don’t think that you’ll last that long.” Sendita looked at her watch. “It’s only been thirty minutes so far. I can do this for hours. Can you take any more of this?”

    Lindsey took in gulps of air as she composed herself enough to answer. Sendita was expecting that Lindsey was going to say the password, but was hoping that she’d decide to hold out for longer as Sendita had lots of other things she wanted to do to her tickle toy, and she hadn’t had this much fun in ages.

    Lindsey replied as best she could, as she continued gasping for breath, “I’ll never say it. You won’t get away with this you bitch. You’ll be in so much trouble when I get out of this.”

    Sendita was impressed. She’d have said the password after just a few seconds if the relentless tickling that she’d inflicted on her captive was visited upon her own vulnerable body. Her captive was obviously possessed of a strong will, as well as great brains and beauty. This was a great development. Now she could get really kinky!


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    Great start. Please continue!

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    Planet Earth
    I hope you publish the other parts soon.

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    Thanks for the positive comments folks.

    Part 2 below. Btw, how'd I change the thread title to say parts 1-2 of 4?


    ************************************************** *******************************

    Sendita unhooked her legs and quickly jumped from sitting to standing by the side of the bed. Lindsey made a quick movement to get up, but Sendita put and end to any thoughts of escape by grabbing the legs of Lindsey’s jeans and quickly yanking them part way down. Lindsey clawed at the bed covers as Sendita held her legs up and tugged again at her jeans. With one last tug Sendita has removed Lindsey’s jeans, tossing them into a corner with the same motion. Before Lindsey could react Sendita had darted her hands to the waist of Lindsey’s lacey black knickers and tugged at them.

    Lindsey flailed her legs in an attemp to escape, the knickers caught around her knees. Sendita Quickly faced Lindsey’s feet and hooked a leg around both of Lindsey’s thighs before she began to ease off the knickers, all the while dodging weak attempts by Lindsay to kick up at her face. Sendita gave a grin of triumph as she flicked the knickers past Lindsey’s ankles and they flew across the room. Then with a lightning fast motion she reversed her seated postion so that she sat facing Lindsey’s butt, both of her legs locked around Lindsey’s thighs. She tensed her hamstrings and oh so slowly, so as not to hurt her pretty tickle toy, she forced open Lindsey’s legs until they were held in an inverse V shape, with her puckered anus exposed to Sendita’s depradations.

    Sendita admired Lindsey’s cute posterior. She was virtually hairless, no doubt being able to afford fancy bikini waxes on her high flying lawyer’s salary. Her skin was creamy white, darkening around her bumhole. Lindsey struggled futilely, but Sendita’s legs were far stronger than hers. She tried to reach back with her hands to claw at sendita’s feet, but this just forced her face and upper body further down into the soft top of the bed. Sendita used her amazing flexibility to her advantage, again reaching back into the holdall and rooting through it until she pulled out an artist’s sable brush, it’s bristles tapered to a fine end. She pursed her lips in mock artistic cogitation before slowly placing the tip of the brush next to Lindsey’s pouting anus. She gave an evil smile before quickly flicking the brush across Lindsey’s vulnerable bum hole.

    “Guuuhh!” Lindsey wailed in shock and outrage at the stimulation of such a sensitive area. Lindsey tensed her legs so that they were rock hard in a futile attempt to escape. Sendita began to slowly tease the brush in a slow anti clockwise motion around and around and around, the bristles making teasing contact with the soft skin between Lindsey’s butt cheeks, forced apart by the precarious position Sendita had locked her into.

    “Guh uh uh uh!” grunted Lindsey rythmically at each brush stroke touched soft and vulnerable flesh. Sendita felt Lindsey involuntarily thrust forward with her pelvis every time the brush touched skin. But Sendita held her in a vice like leg grip, meaning that she was unable to find any release from the torments of the sable borne torture. Sendita realised that her own pussy was dripping wet now, feeling the soggy touch of her soaked knickers against her own clitoris, stimulated by the rapid vibrations of Lindsey’s futile attempts to escape as well as by her own horniness at being able to sadistically tickle torture such a beautiful plaything.

    “Does little Lindsey enjoy bum hole tickles?” crowed Sendita.

    “Grruuuhh!” Lindsey replied back in an enraged yet plaintive wail.

    “Ooh, let’s play with the choccy starfish!” Sendita teased as she twirled the brush between her fingers, causing the bristles to splay open and rapidly stimulate Lindsey’s helpless anus.

    “Guuuhhh!” Lindsey grunted as the torment continued. “Guhuhuhuhuhuuuaaaarrghhh!” Lindsey screamed in impotent rage and frustration as she was stimulated against her will by her cruel captor. Sendita revelled in her mastery, experimenting with different levels of speed and contact across different areas around Lindsey’s butt, provoking different levels of helpless grunting and frenzied pelvic thrusting. She was playing this hot bitch like a musical instrument and she was the one calling the tune.

    Eventually Sendita stopped and plaid the brush down on the bedcovers. Lindsey gasped for breath. Sendita wondered if her captive was enjoying herself as much as she was. There certainly appeared to be some juices glistening at the bottom, visible, part of Lindsey's pussy. She gently snaked her left hand between Lindsey’s akimbo legs and placed her hand against Lindsey’s pussy. Lindsey squealed in shock, even as Sendita smiled with satisfaction. The bitch was soaking wet! She pulled her hand back. Her hand was covered in shiny pussy slime. She studied her hand for a moment, appreciating the texture of the slime as she rolled her thumb across her soaked fingers. She brought her hand to her mouth and ran her tongue up all the way from palm to finger tips until all of the slime had been licked off and her hand was now covered in her own saliva.
    Things were about to get really kinky now. She’d give Lindsey one more chance to say the password.

    “Lindsey, I want you to say the password. If you do then I’ll stop and go back to base, leaving you here tied up, fully clothed, until the police turn up to release you after receiving an anonymous tip off.” Sendita explained, “Otherwise things are going to get really really bad for you.” Sendita waited for Lindsey’s response. She was expecting Lindsey to say the password and put an end to the fun of the night. Which would be a shame as Sendita hadn’t had as much fun in years, but she would stop if given the right incentive.

    “Screw you.” Snarled Lindsey defiantly, summoning up an impressive amount of dignity, despite having her womanhood exposed to the depradations of a tickle fiend.

    Sendita smiled, even as she reached back into her holdall. She pulled out two plastic jars. One containing baby oil and the other a large quantity of delicious golden honey. She took the honey jar and poured a large quantity on Lindsey’s coccyx. Lindsey squealed at both the cold touch of the honey and the sticky sensation of it. Sendita smiled as she felt more of Lindsey’s futile pelvic thrusts in a vain escape attempt to escape. Sendita watched as the honey slowly flowed down Lindsey’s skin across her anus and further down to her perinium. The honey then followed her skin towards her pussy, whilst excess honey began dripping down onto the bed covers. Sendita scooped this up with her index finger and licked it off. Lindsey gave more cute grunts of effort as she began to have an inkling of what was in store for her.

    More honey dripped down, but Sendita ignored this as she opened up the bottle of baby oil and smeared it liberally across both of her hands. She put the jar aside, and slowly teased her right hand down between Lindsey’s legs and placed her finger tips at the top of Lindsey’s pussy.
    “No!” screamed Lindsey. “Not that!”

    “I warned you.” Said Sendita. “I’m going to make you cum and cum and cum again and again until you say the password.” She began to probe with her fingers at Lindsey’s clitoral hood. Lindsey emitted a sharp hiss as Sendita’s finger brushed too hard against her clit. “Hmmm, bit sensitive are we? Sorry about that.” Sendita moved her index finger slightly so that she was stimulating Lindsey’s clit by rubbing it within the hood. Lindsey began to emit low moans of pleasure at Sendita’s ministrations. “You’ll love the next bit.” Crowed Sendita. Lindsey didn’t appear to take any notice. But she’d know soon enough what was happening...

    Sendita continued teasing Lindsey’s clit, even as her other fingers stroked gently across the folds of Lindsey’s pussy. She bent her head down and gently kissed Lindsey’s left butt cheek. She took a deep breath and then positioned her head so that her mouth was almost touching Lindsey’s honey smeared anus. She was looking forward to the next part... She moved her head up and ran her tongue all the way up from Lindsey’s bumhole to her coccyx. Lindsey squealed in shock. Sendita rapidly flicked her tongue up and down across Lindsey’s anus, using her left hand to stretch aside Lindsey’s left butt cheek to give her better access to this most sensitive spot.

    “Squeeee!” squealed Lindsey, “Noooo!! Fucking bitch! Going to kill you for this! Fuckaaaghhh!”

    Sendita smiled. She felt Lindsey’s hands claw ineffectually at her strumming hand, but her body position conspired to prevent her from getting any purchase to stop Sendita’s forced clit teasing.
    “Fucckk!” howled Lindsey, “Shit shit shit. Stop, stop, please no! Stop! Watch out!”

    Sendita ducked her head back even as she saw lindsey’s anus open up as she emitted a fart. This was why Sendita was holding her breath earlier. “Thanks for the warning deary. Guess you didn’t want to see what I’d do if I got really mad with you?” She carried on strumming Lindsey’s clit even as she reached across to the holdall bag and pulled out a thin silver dildo. She placed the thin tapered end against Lindsey’s anus. She then reconsidered and placed it down. She reached into the holdall and pulled out a jar of anal lube, all the while continuing her relentless stimulation of Lindsey’s clit and vagina. She poured the anal lube onto Lindsey’s anus before setting the jar down. She picked up the silver dildo again and began to slowly prod it between the puckered lines of Lindsey’s anal hole.

    “Fuuckkk! Noo!” screamed Lindsey, shocked by both the cold of the metal and the realisation of what was coming next.

    Sendita smiled a sinister smile as her eyes glinted with malicious intent. “Here comes the poop poop train!” She gently teased the silver dildo in a half inch up Lindsey’s bumhole. She then pulled the dildo out and rubbed the end against the anal lube dripping down around Lindsey’s ass hole. She then reinserted the dildo, this time a full inch in.

    “Noo! Please! Stop!” Lindsey squealed.

    “Poop poop!” joked Sendita. “Here comes the poop poop train down the poop tunnel.” She pulled the dildo back out so that the tip was out of Lindsey’s anus. She then reinserted it, this time and inch and a half in. Then she pulled it out and placed it two inches in. Then she pulled it out and placed it two and a half inches in. All the while she continued Lindsey’s clit torment.

    “Gaaaahhh!” groaned Lindsey, rebelling against the orgasm that was welling up. “Fuck you! Fuck you!” Lindsey cursed. “Fucking bitch!” Lindsey howled “Guahahahahahaha.” Moaned Lindsey as she began to lose the ability to speak.

    “Poop poop train is speeding up!” cackled Sendita as she began thrusting the dildo in almost a full seven inches into Lindsey’s captive bum hole. She then pulled back until it was almost fully removed and then forced the lubed dildo back in again. She realised that she’d changed the rythmn of her vaginal teasing so that she was stroking at Lindsey’s clit in time with each dildo thrust. As she pushed in she was stroking Lindsey’s vagina upwards. As she extracted the dildo she was stroking Lindsey’s vagina downwards. She realised subconsciously that it was very much like the piston motion of a steam train making the wheels go round. “Poop! Poop!” she hooted, even as she sped up the back and forth motions of both of her arms.

    “Guhauhuhuhuhuhuhuh..” panted Lindsay, unable to formulate any words through both exhaustion and sensory overload.

    Sendita cackled madly with sadistic glee as she continued to anally and clitorally rape Lindsey. She dimly realised that she was drooling as she’d lost all concept of self restraint, being so intent on inflicting her will on her helpless captive. Lindsey’s inarticulate cries of anger; frustration and desperation were drowned out by the rapid thoompthoompthoompthoomp of Sendita’s heart beat in her ears. “Poop poop!” she cackled, but even this loud exclamation was nearly drowned out by the rapid jackhammer beat of her heart. She realised that she was panting now and that her arms were beginning to feel leaden. Her head was starting to feel light. But so what? This was making her so fucking horny, she could go on all day.

    Then a dim part of her brain, almost drowned out by the sadistic joy she was experiencing piped up to remind her that she was here to get Lindsey to say the password. Damnit! She stopped her rapid dildo thrusts and vaginal fingering and gathered her breath. She listened intently to Lindsey’s exhausted gulping for air. She felt Lindsey thrusting her pelvis forward in time to the dildoing and strumming that Sendita had been giving her that had now ceased.

    After a few seconds Lindsey moaned in puzzlement and exclaimed, “Why the fuck did you stop?”

    Sendita smiled. There was still plenty of fun to be had with her captive yet. She had been worried that she’d broken her too soon. She tenderly stroked Lindsey’s bumhole and noted the purr of pleasure that Lindsey emitted. She stroked her finger around for a few more moments, noting Lindsey’s attempt to drive her butt closer to Sendita’s teasing fingers. Then she stopped.

    “Gah!” Lindsey emitted a snort of disappointment.

    “Tut tut” commented Sendita. “You’re such a dirty slut. It seems that I need to change things around.”

    “Huh!” snorted Lindsey in derision.

    “If you continue to defy me I’m going to tease you to exhaustion for the entire weekend.” Sendita explained, “But if you say the password I’ll give you the most mind blowing orgasm of your life... Or I can leave as previously offered.”

    “Fuck you!” screamed Lindsey.

    Sendita smiled. “You’re such a hot bitch when you talk dirty like that.” She reached into the holdall and pulled out two sets of tough velcro restraints. They could be hooked around any solid objects in the vicinity to immobilise any captives, whilst being extremely light and portable. The wrist and ankle restraints were lined with soft fur for maximum comfort for her helpless captive. She didn’t want any chafing to distract Lindsey from what she was doing to her.

    Sendita recalled her earlier light headedness and reached into the holdall for her low blood pressure pills. She scrabbled around for the pill bottle. Hmmm. No sign of it. Darn. She pulled over the holdall and had a thorough look inside: Sleeping bag, a second bottle of baby oil; various feathers, brushes and metal sculpting tools in tied packages; various other useful items... But no sign of her blood pressure pills. She'd been so looking forward to the weekend's fun she'd forgot the most mundane but important item.

    Ah well, what the hell? What’s the worst that could happen?


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    Hi all,

    A long part 3. The actions of the characters may seem strange at times, but all will be revealed in the "twist" ending in part 4. A slight experiment in writing this story.

    April's idea will be in part 4, coming soon.


    ************************************************** ************************************************** ***********

    Sendita unhooked her legs from Lindsey’s and jumped from the bed. She stood unsteadily, her legs stiff from so long contracting around Lindsey’s thighs. Lindsey stirred and made a weak attempt to turn herself over and get up. Sendita waited until Lindsey was on her back and then pounced!

    Sendita grabbed both of Lindsey’s wrists and forced her arms back over her head. She then quickly hooked her right leg over Lindsey’s arms before releasing her wrists and reaching for one of the bondage restraints. Each one consisted of a metal bar of thirty six inches length with wrist/ ankle loops at each end. Thick string ran from near each loop. Lindsey’s eyes opened in shock as she realised what was going to happen next. She struggled in vain to escape, writhing helplessly; hands clasping and unclasping as she struggled versus the massive weight pinning her arms. Again she kicked her legs up at Sendita. Sendita resisted the urge to grab Lindsey’s feet for more tickling fun. She was going to focus on the upper body for now. She undid both of the velcro wrist straps and slightly lowered the pressure on Lindsey’s arms. Before Lindsey could slip free she’d fastened one strap around Lindsey’s left wrist. Lindsey managed to free her right arm from beneath Sendita’s leg. Sendita quickly placed her right knee onto the central strap of the restraints and grabbed Lindsey’s flailing arm. She was surprised at how difficult it was to wrap the second restraint around Lindsey’s right wrist, but she eventually managed it. Lindsey sure was a little firecracker!

    Sendita then pulled on the central part of the restraint until it was next to the bed board. She then used the thick strings attached to the device to secure it at both ends to the top end of the bed, despite Lindsey writhing cutely all the while. Boy this sure was tiring work! She looked down at Lindsey’s face and noted that her lips were slightly chapped. She licked her own lips. Dry as well. They both needed some drinks. But, just in case Lindsey was super flexible enough to get her legs up and untie the device with her toes...

    Sendita quickly leaped across Lindsey, causing the bed springs to creak as her weight landed next to Lindsey’s legs. She reached down for the second restraint and pressed a button in the central bar. The 2 ankle loops came free and Sendita was now holding two separate loops and tying strings. The bar dropped to the plushly carpeted floor with a soft thud. She grinned with pleasure as she placed a loop around Lindsey’s left ankle and fastened it shut. Lindsey snarled in anger and pulled back with all of her might. Sendita released Lindsey’s right leg, which Sendita could then begin to feel kicking weakly against her back. She reached forward and tied the loop string to the bottom left post of the bed. She slid herself from under Lindsey’s trapped leg and walked to the bed post. She then tightened the string even more so that Lindsey’s left side was now stretched out with no flexibility whatsoever.

    Sendita noticed in her peripheral vision Lindsey’s right leg flailing around helplessly as Lindsey roared in anger. Lindsey glared daggers at Sendita even as she noticed Sendita giving a smug smirk. Sendita walked around to Lindsey’s right side, carrying the other loop with her. Lindsey feebly kicked out at her, but the blow glanced off harmlessly. Sendita watched Lindsey’s right leg flail around, hypnotised by how cute her little leg looked waving around, and she was getting horny with the thought of how much fun it would be to contain all that energy via tight restraint.

    After a few more moments, when she noticed Lindsey’s leg slow down with fatigue, she lay face down on top of it; her chest stopping movement, with her face right next to Lindsey’s right foot. Lindsey gave a cry of frustration. Sendita looked at Lindsey’s tender tootsies. The toes looked so soft and delicious. She slid herself down the bed so that Sendita’s nose was next to Lindsey’s tender tootsies. She sniffed and noted the soft smell of lavender soap. She gently kissed the top of Lindsey’s big toe.

    “What the fuck!?” protested Lindsey. Sendita grinned as Lindsey scrunched her toes up as tight as she could. It didn’t work before and it was going to work now. She began to slowly lick the soft skin above the gaps of Lindsey’s toes, eliciting yelps of disgust migled with reluctant pleasure. Lindsey’s toes opened up and Sendita quickly popped Lindsey’s big toe into her mouth. She felt Lindsey’s finely manicured nail pushing against her tongue as Lindsey groaned and writhed in an effort to free herself. She gently locked her teeth around the base of lindsey’s big toe and began sucking on it like a fine lolly, except that her pleasure wasn’t derived from taste, but from the squeals and shouts of outraged anger that she was eliciting. Turning this prim and proper high flying lawyer into a snarling tickle toy was just so horny!

    Sendita realised that she was in danger of repeating herself and that she was supposed to be getting the pair of them some water. So she placed the loop around Lindsey’s ankle and secured the loop to the right end bed post with the string. She got up and again tightened the string. She stood back and admired her handiwork. Lindsey was now fully stretched out across the entire seven foot length of the bed (Sendita was glad that Lindsey had such luxurious taste in beds). Her taut and athletic body was spread in an X shape, fully exposed to whatever torments Sendita devised. From the tips of her dainty little toes to her angelic face, made extra beautiful by the look of furious defiance that she bore.

    Oops. Just the small matter of Lindsey’s lacy black bra. Sendita moved to straddle Lindsey’s waist and reached down to untie the bra to expose her pert little titties. Lindsey smouldered with anger at this affront to her person. Sendita smiled as she clasped the front buckle and unclipped it. Sendita then slowly slid the bra apart to reveal Lindsey’s little titties.

    Lindsey looked away embarassed as her little titties were exposed to Sendita’s inspection. They were small and humble, and nobody would mistake them for mountains. Sendita pondered where she’d heard such strange song lyrics. Ah well, not relevant. Sendita thought that they were perfect. They were small and pert and perfectly formed, just like their owner. Sendita was pleased to see that Lindsey’s nipples were raised up, like little bullet heads. She was obviously still loving the attention that Sendita was giving her.

    She bent down and tenderly kissed Lindsey on the forehead. “Don’t go anywhere dear. I’ll be back soon.” Sendita said. She then jumped from the bed to the floor and headed to the door.

    “Was that supposed to be some kind of joke.” Enquired Lindsey snarkily, whilst testing her bonds. Sendita gazed longingly one last time on Lindsey’s helpless form before smiling sweetly at her and heading out of the room.
    Sendita ran down the stairs and quickly prepared a jug of iced water and quickly garbbed two plastic beakers from the cupboards. She worked in a frenzy, a crazy fear gnawing at the back of her mind that Lindsey would somehow escape. Sendita had so many things that she wanted to do her. So may toys to try on her and so many sensations that she wanted to force on her. She’d never before had such a sweet canvas on which to practice her art. She ran up the stairs, panting as she forgot to breathe as she was so worried that Lindsey would be gone and the bed empty. She raced back into the room and saw Lindsey writhing in her bonds, attempting to escape to no obvious effect.

    Lindsey snapped her attention back to Sendita and narrowed her eyes in angry defiance. Sendita smiled sweetly at her as she crossed the room and pulled up an ornate chair from the corner of the room and sat at the head of the bed. She held up the jug of iced water and noted Lindsey’s eyes widen in fear at the prospect of ice torture.

    “Don’t worry Lindsey,” Sendita said. “This is just to cool the water down. I don’t want to hurt you. I’m hoping that you’ll say the password before it comes to that. And there’s plenty more things I can do to you first.” Sendita placed her right hand under Lindsey’s head and gently lifted it upright. She slowly placed a water beaker next to Lindsey’s lips. Lindsey Stayed stubbornly closed lipped and turned away from Sendita in contempt.

    “Please Lindsey, you need your hydration.” Said Sendita. “Look, it’s not drugged.” Sendita took a quick sip. “What would be the point? I’ve got you right where I want you anyway.”

    Lindsey slowly nodded in assent. Sendita ever so slowly and carefully tipped up the water beaker so that Lindsey could drink it safely without choking due to her awkward position. “That’s it. Nice and slow. You don’t want to get cramps from the cold.” Warned Sendita.

    Eventually Lindsey had finished off the beaker and Sendita let her head fall back to the pillow beneath. Sendita quickly gulped hers down before looking fondly at her beautiful captive princess. Luscious, lovely, lawyer Lindsey... Sendita quickly jumped onto the bed, landing in a straddle across Lindsey’s waist. She took in the view. A horny blonde lawyer, completely naked and utterly at her mercy. Best of all was the look of defiance in her captive’s eyes. It was turning her on so much being able to dominate such a strong willed and beautiful woman.

    Sendita placed her hands over Lindsey’s little breasts, noting the hard touch of the erect nipples against her palms. She reached across to the discarded oil jar and oiled up her hands. Lindsey’s eyes opened in alarm as she saw Sendita smile evilly. Sendita slowly stroked around Lindsey’s nipples in soft teasing touches in both clockwise and anti clockwise directions, eliciting low moans of protest from Lindsey. Sendita felt an immense sense of satisfaction from being able to have her way with such a beautiful captive. Her breathing became rapid as she was getting so turned on by her dominance.

    She began to move her hands up Lindsey’s chest and towards her armpits. She quickly tickled Lindsey’s pits with rapid spider like strokes, eliciting multiple mirthful yelps from Lindsey. Sendita continued her assault on Lindsey’s little tender pits, speeding up her fingers. Lindsey gritted her teeth and her guffaws became a loud moan as she narrowed her eyes in concentration as she stopped Sendita getting the satisfaction of making her laugh. Sendita sighed in annoyance. She’d been so close.

    Sendita’s oiled hands rapidly stroked up Lindsey’s arms, nails lightly tapering across the soft skin. Lindsey gritted her teeth even tighter and emitted an angry moan in response to Sendita’s attempts to force her to laugh. Sendita was starting to get slightly annoyed now.

    “Say the password and I’ll stop.” Said Sendita. Lindsey gritted her teeth even tighter in defiance and shook her head as she fought against the sensations from Sendita’s gentle teasing touches. Sendita’s hands began to stroke quickly back down and worked the undersides of Lindsey’s pert breasts. Lindsey’s started gasping with shock at the new sensations before she regained control and started moaning again. Sendita had a thought and quickly darted her fingers across Lindsey’s exposed ribs.

    “Cucucucucu!” panted Lindsey. “Fucking bitch!” Sendita quickly darted her hands across the sides of Lindsey’s tight stomach. “Squeeahh!” howled Lindsey. Sendita grinned in triumph. She’d found her weakness! She began to rapidly change where her hands were teasing Lindsey’s body. They darted from Lindsey’s breasts before piching Lindsey’s sides, eliciting helpless yelps of mirth. Her hands then ran up Lindsey’s arms before rapidly tickling the sides of Lindsey’s neck, muscles taut as she attempted to keep herself from surrendering to Sendita’s touch.

    “Squeeaarrhhh!” Lindsey screamed as Sendita fingers darted into Lindsey’s cute little belly button. “Fuck fuck fuck!” roared Lindsey. Sendita took this as a good sign and tormented Lindsey’s little button whilst also rapidly teasing her little titties. “Fucking kill you!” Howled Lindsey. “Fucking Whore!”

    Sendita had a moment of inspiration. She moved her body down and reached her head down to Lindsey’s belly button. Her tongue darted in and out and around her belly button whilst Sendita’s two hands rapidly teased and rubbed and scratched and pinched across Lindsey’s taut and helpless upper body.

    “Fuhahahaha!” roared Lindsey, “Fuhahahahahaha! No! Fuck nonononono! Hahahahahah Aaghhhh!” Sendita’s face twisted into a rictus of sadistic pleasure as she realised that she was now totally in control of her captive. Sendita felt Lindsey strain with almost superhuman strength against her bonds as she tightened her body and attempted to push Sendita off. She had no chance. This was contributing to Sendita’s growing arousal as her pussy was stimulated by Lindsey’s struggles even as her sadistic side was aroused by her mastery of Lindsey’s body.

    Sendita continued to tickle Lindsey without mercy, cackling madly as she was caught up in her sadistic excitement. “Tickle tickle tickle tickle!” She crowed. “I’m dominating you so badly bitch. Coochi coochi coochi coo!” Her hands were now on auto pilot as they darted around Lindsey’s body, darting from one area to another to maintain a constantly chaging pattern of forced laughter. Her tongue was no longer needed so she sat straight up and gazed admiringly at her captive. The rapid thumping of her heart and her now rapid and husky breathing was deafening her to Lindsey’s howls of laughter, laced with helplessness and impotent fury.

    She was entranced by Lindsey’s face. She was so adorable as she screwed her eyes up tightly and her head pushed back uselessly against the pillow one moment and was then shaking from side to side in rapid motions, her pretty lips mouthing denials of her predicament in between gales of forced laughter. She was a blonde angel, sent to Earth to entrance Sendita with her beauty. Most enchanting of all was her forced smiles and grins of mirth. Her teeth were so perfect and white and her laughter was so full of life. She truly was a most heavenly creature. And now she was Sendita’s little tickle slave. Time no longer had any meaning for her. Her whole being was now dedicated to keeping her captive in a constant state of forced laughter. Nothing else mattered apart from her lust that was being fed and enlarged by her total control over her captive. This was better than sex. She wanted this to carry on forever.

    A distant part of her brain intruded on her single minded determination to tickle Lindsey forever. She initially ignored it, dismissing it in irritation, but the warning was persistent and she eventually listened to it. She returned back to reality and realised that Lindsey was howling out a word in between her howls of laughter.

    “Toilet! Need toilet!” Lindsey howled.

    Sendita thought for a brief moment and then smiled evilly. She edged herself slightly up from Lindsey’s crotch, all the while continiung her tickle assault on Lindsey’s upper body.

    “You need to say the password to end this.” Said Sendita, grinning all the while as she caused more laughter to erupt from her helpless captive. “Tickle tickle tickle!”

    “Nooo, fuckahahahahahah! Nooo!” screamed Lindsey in impotent rage and embarassment.

    Sendita continued her tickling for a few more seconds before having a wicked idea. She moved from straddling Lindsey to standing next to the bed. Lindsey looked relieved.

    “I knew you weren’t all bad.” Said Lindsey with an ingratiating smile.

    “Oh, but I am.” Said Sendita ominously. She walked to the en suite bathroom and moments later emerged with a large plush full size body towel. She folded it up several times and placed it firmly but gently between Lindsey’s thighs. “If I realised that you’d need a nappy I’d have brought one along. But this towel should catch any spills.” Sendita smiled as she saw the look of panic across Lindsey’s face.

    “What the fuck do you mean!” protested Lindsey. “You can’t be serious! Let me up this instant!” she thundered.

    Sendita gazed levelly at Lindsey and pointed at her face, “This is my serious face. No saying of the password means no getting up for the toilet.”
    Lindsey snarled furiously at Sendita and pulled again at her bonds. Sendita pondered something for a moment and then quickly untied the left foot string. Lindsey’s left leg tore free from the bed post and moved close to her body. The tender sole of her foot was exposed as she faced her foot to Sendita, ready to unleash an upkick if Sendita got too close. Sendita then released Lindsey’s right foot, which she again drew close to her body. Sendita had pondered doing the whole planned operation one leg at a time, but Lindsey’s wasn’t an elite gymnast with the necessary flexibility.

    Sendita quickly grabbed the string on Lindsey’s left ankle loop and with lightning speed secured it to the left upper bedpost. Lindsey’s right leg was now flailing helplessly over her tied body. So far so good. Sendita did the same thing with the right string, securing it to the upper right bedpost. Lindsey was now tied with her legs held over her upper body. The strings had been adjusted so that they were taut and held Lindsey’s feet so that the tender bare soles faced the ceiling. Taut string prevented movement down, whilst Lindsey would need to roll her torso off the bed to be able to get her soles facing back towards the headboard. Best of all, Lindsey’s sweet pussy and vulnerable bumhole were exposed for further tickles.

    Sendita adjusted the position of the towel so that there was no gap for any piss spray to hit the bed. She then stood on the bed, walked over the strings and straddled Lindsey’s upper belly so that she faced her exposed pussy and had full access to her helpless foot bottoms. She placed all of the weight on her knees as she had no wish to constrict Lindsey’s breathing or hurt her in any way.

    She reached into her holdall of tricks and pulled out a box of baby wipes. “I anticipated some spills.” Sendita explained. She bent close to Lindsey’s glistening pussy, slick with juices and slowly wiped down her pussy, from clitoral hood to her perinium.

    Lindsey hissed in shock. “Sorry.” Said Sendita. “A bit cold.” She reversed the wipe and used the other side to make another pass down Lindsey’s pussy. The wipe was now slick with slime. She pulled a fresh wipe from the pack and used that to slowly probe all around Lindsey’s pussy opening, ensuring that no missed bits of slime were going to cause the upcoming jet of piss to divert course and hit the bed clothes.

    “This is your last chance.” Warned Sendita. “Say the password or suffer the consequences.” Sendita knew that this would be the end of her fun. No way was Lindsey going to let herself be forced to piss in front of someone else in such a demeaning manner. Still, she’d had a great time tonight and couldn’t really complain. “Well?” She prompted. Still no reply. She glanced back at Lindsey’s face and saw the same look of defiance as she’d worn all night. Wow. This was one seriously tough lady.

    “Well then, let’s begin.” Sendita said as her fingers hovered over Lindsey’s helpless soles. She placed her fingers tightly scrunched over Lindsey’s insteps and began a series of rapid tickles across the soft skin of the insteps. Lindsey’s feet scrunched up and she emitted low moans of discomfort as Sendita relentlessly stroked around that softest part of the feet. “I’ve read that the insteps link to the bladder in some eastern healing arts. We’ll see if that’s true.” Explained Sendita.

    Sendita suddenly changed tack, switching to rapidly kneading Lindsey’s belly fat, what there was of it, between her fingers. Lindsey erupted in a cacophany of desperate deep breaths and restrained guffaws. Sendita smiled. She then quickly ran her fingers up the backs of lindsey’s thighs, causing further gasps of barely contained mirth. Sendita was shocked, but delighted, when her fingers dug into the backs of Lindsey’s knees. Lindsey began cackling in helpless mirth, desperately drawing in gulps of air between howls of laughter. This was good! Sendita then experimented and kept up the knee tickles with her left hand whilst beginning another rapid set of tickling motions across Lindsey’s right sole. Lindsey’s laughter intensified. It was almost as if she’d unlocked the key to Lindsey’s laughter and could now bring it out from any part of her body.

    She brought her left hand up and began a similar pattern of tickles across Lindsey’s oh so soft left foot. She stroked quickly at the bases of Lindsey’s tender tootsies. She started at the bases of the big toes and cooed, “This little piggy went to market.” Lindsey squealed with laughter. Her fingers moved to the bases of the second toes. How’d the rest of the rhyme go? Fuck it. “And all of the other piggies went whee whee whee all the way home.” Lindsey erupted with forced laughter, tinged with desperation as Sendita tickled at the bases of all of Lindsey's toes.

    Sendita moved her right hand down to Lindsey’s pussy and began tickling her fingers across Lindsey’s perinium and bumhole. Sendita was shocked by the sudden bucking of Lindsey’s body as she fought to escape with renewed vigour. Sendita was nearly deafened as Lindsey howled like a Banshee, her voice descended into panicked desperation. Sendita continued the crotch tickling, drawing out further gasps and plaintive howls as Lindsey fought with all of her might against the upcoming humiliation.

    “You love this you fucking bitch.” Crowed Sendita. “Or you’d have said the password by now. You’re running out of time. I can keep this up all fucking day. Making you squeal and squirm and wriggle and jiggle at my touch; and you being naked and helpless whilst I straddle you fully clothed, and torment you just makes me feel so damn horny”.

    Sendita resumed tickling both of Lindsey’s soft feet, which were now bright red and slick with sweat. “I can tickle you,” crowed Sendita. “And nibble you.” Sendita gently bit down on Lindsey’s left big toe, even as she continued her merciless tickling attack, drawing out a gasp of surprise. “And lickle you.” Sendita slurped her tongue across Lindsey’s right instep, eliciting a yelp of shock. “Make your toes open up.” Sendita began tickling the upper sides of Lindsey’s feet. “Make your toes scrunch up.” Sendita resumed her ruthless attack on Lindsey’s soles. “Make your body rock.” She tickled Lindsey’s perinium and anus, making her body strain upwards for escape. “I own you you fucking bitch. I decide when you leave her, when you cum and...” Lindsey howled in defeat as a stream of clear piss arced from her urethra and onto the waiting towel. “...when you piss.” Finished Sendita.

    Sendita continued her merciless foot tickling even as Lindsey howled plaintively at her plight. “Let’s make sure you’re all done!” Gloated Sendita. She continued tickling Lindsey’s right foot and switched her left hand to bumhole tickling, causing further wails of anguish from Lindsey. Another jet of piss spurted from Lindsey, soaking Sendita’s left sleeve.

    “Stupid bitch!” howled Sendita. “If I knew that you were a baby I’d have brought some nappies in my bag!” She turned to face back to the top of the bed. She saw that Lindsey’s eyes were welling up with barely restrained tears and her cheeks were burned red with embarassment and shame. Sendita felt guilt rise up inside her. Lindsey laughing was delightful, and Lindsey defiant was a real turn on. But seeing her like this...

    “Nonononono.” Muttered Sendita. She quickly changed position so that she faced Lindsey, her face mere inches from her own. She slowly wiped away Lindsey’s tears and said soothingly, “No need to be ashamed. You’ve been really tough. I’d have submitted within a few minutes of what I’ve put you through. But you’ve really hung on. I’m impressed. It’s been a privilege to play with you tonight. Don’t worry. I’ll never breathe a word of this to anyone.”

    Sendita realised that she’d been edging her face closer and closer to Lindsey’s. Her lips met Lindsey’s and she pushed her tongue out. She was delighted when Lindsey responded in kind and they engaged in a passionate skiss. Sendita stroked Lindsey’s cheeks and then began slow teasing strokes down Lindsey’s neck and then began playing with her ears, all the while still kissing Lindsey. Lindsey responded with sharp intakes of breath through her nose as she maintained their passionate kiss despite the new teasing Sendita was subjecting her to. Sendita eventually broke the kiss and confessed, “You’re so fucking beautiful... Just say the password and I’ll let you go free.”

    Lindsey’s eyes took on a defiant sheen again and she shook her head. Goddamn, this woman was nails. Sendita wondered what to do next. Then she recalled Lindsey’s awesome en suite bathroom. It contained an absolutely massive tub that was nearly the size of a small swimming pool (Okay, that was an exaggeration, but it was still damn big). She looked to Lindsey. “I think you need to be cleaned off. Soft soapy fingers teasing every inch of your body. I’m looking forward to it...” Sendita teased. Lindsey glared at Sendita, daring her to do her worst...

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    very good keep going!!!!!!!

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    Part 4, but is more like parts 4 and 5 in length...

    Hope the suprise twist makes sense and doesn't seem too left field.

    Didn't quite follow April's bathroom idea, but hopefully she likes what I wrote.


    ************************************************** ***************************

    Sendita poured out two more beakers of cold water and sipped at hers. The ice had melted long ago, but the water was still cool and refreshing. She helped Lindsey to drink her fill. She then untied Lindsey’s spread legs and undid the strings tying the arm bar to the headboard of the bed. Lindsey didn’t struggle. She knew that there was no point. Sendita was not only larger and stronger than her, she was also faster after years of martial arts wrestling training.

    Sendita pulled Lindsey up from the bed and guided her towards the en suite bathroom. Lindsey stumbled, her legs numb from their long stretch held fast. Sendita grabbed her and tenderly placed her over her shoulder and carried her through the bathroom door. Sendita was still amazed at how large and luxurious it was. A plush white carpet framing the white and gold bathroom ornamentation: a toilet, a sink and a massive round tub. Sendita set Lindsey down inside the tub. There was a gold shower head located above the two gold taps. She pressed the button in the centre of the arm bar and the two wrist loops came free. She threw the bar aside and gently guided Lindsey’s arms upwards. She then tied the two strings around the shower fixture, securing Lindsey’s arms upwards. Her wrists were secured together, her fingers clasping each other. Lindsey’s arms were slightly bent, but her pits and little titties were still fully exposed.

    She then reached down for Lindsey’s left foot. “Up.” Sendita commanded. Lindsey looked quizzically at her for a second before complying. Sendita grabbed her ankle and slowly guided her foot up and up and up. Lindsey grimaced as her foot reached her shoulder height. Sendita allowed her foot to drop slightly and smiled, “Good flexibility, but it could be better.” Lindsey said nothing. Sendita secured the ankle loop string around the shower fixture, keeping it long enough to maintain the height of Lindsey’s tied foot.

    Then Sendita stepped back to admire her handiwork. Lindsey was secured in a Y shape, so that Sendita had full access to her entire torso, as well as to her left leg from foot bottom to her pussy and little bumhole. She then took off her mask. Her luxurious jet black hair flowed loose as she threw her balaclava aside. Lindsey’s eyes opened in surprise. “They’ll never track me even if you give a good description to the police.” Sendita explained.

    Sendita then pulled off her black top, which was still slightly wet with Lindsey’s pee, and threw that into a corner. She undid the clasps of her large black sports bra and her impressive breasts bounced as they were freed from the prison they’d been bound in. Sendita had found her ample bust to be an impediment to a lot of her sporting activities, but at least Lindsey looked impressed – her eyes widening as Sendita was now totally stripped from the waist upwards. She was proud of the work that she’d put into maintaining her fighting fitness. The fact that this had given her a tight belly, taut abs displayed like a badge of honour, was a bonus.

    She pulled down her trousers next, pulling them over her feet and flinging them aside. She then quickly tugged off her short black sports socks and then hastily whipped off her sports pants. She then stood proudly before Lindsey’s gaze. She was an awesome specimen of bronzed perfection. Her jet black hair atop her finely featured face, down past her ample breasts; toned abs; shaved pussy and then down her mile long toned legs to her soft and magenta painted toe nails. She would have had no trouble modelling on the cover of any popular spots magazine if she had been so inclined. But she was happy with where her life choices had brought her so far...

    Lindsey was nowhere near as physically impressive, with pale skin, an underdeveloped bust and short skinny legs, but Sendita still wanted her. She was so beautiful and she had so much spirit and life in her. Sendita had never felt so alive as she had when she was close to Lindsey, body touching against body. Now that they were both nude, she could fully experience the sensations of Lindsey’s soft skin against hers.

    “It’s time that I cleaned you up,” said Sendita. Lindsey looked apprehensive, but did her best to look defiant as well. Sendita strode towards the tub and stepped into it and stood mere inches from Lindsey’s stretched, captive body. Sendita reached up and removed the shower head. She then turned the taps, behind Lindsey’s right knee, and pointed the head to the back of the tub. A jet of water sprayed out. Sendita tested the temperature with the back of her hand until she was satisfied that it was warm enough. She then placed the shower head back in its socket and both she and Lindsey were soaked as luxuriously warm water cascaded down over them.

    “We’ll start at the top.” Announced Sendita. She grabbed a bottle of shampoo and poured herself a big dollop. She then placed her hands on Lindsey’s soaking hair, now a mousy brown colour, and began to rub the shampoo in with rapid kneading finger strokes. Lindsey moaned at the unexpected head massage. Soon a healthy head of foam had formed and Sendita quickly cleaned Lindsey’s hair. She then smiled to herself as she tickled Lindsey’s neck, using the foam as extra lubrication. Lindsey tittered sweetly. Even more so when sendita began tickling around her ears and under Lindsey’s chin. She made the most adorable squealing noises as she ran the foam around the sides of lindsey’s face. Sendita then tenderly wiped the foam around Lindsey’s face, avoiding the eyes and waited for the shower to wash it all away. She placed a gentle kiss on Lindsey’s forehead, before reaching for the taps and stopping the shower’s flow. “Hmmm, we should be wet enough.” Mused Sendita.

    She reached for her holdall... Which she’d left in the other room! Damnit. She quickly sprinted out of the tub and was back within seconds with the holdall. Lindsey looked vaguely amused at Sendita’s error. Sendita glowered at Lindsey, and then smiled sweetly at her as she reached inside the holdall and pulled out a safety razor. She then located a tube of shaving lubricant. Lindsey’s eyes opened wide in apprehension.

    Sendita stepped back into the tub and squatted down so that her gaze was levelled at Lindsey’s pussy. The only hair visible was a small patch from a Brazilian, but Sendita wanted Lindsey fully denuded down there. She looked up and said, “Sorry deary. It’s gotta go...” Lindsey whimpered and then tried desperately to escape, but she was unable to anything but bring up her right leg to block access to her pussy, leaving her with no soild contact with either foot. She was now hanging from the shower fixture. But as Lindsey only weighed one hundred pounds this was not a problem.

    “Don’t be stupid.” Moaned Sendita. Lindsey turned her head away and kept her leg up. Sendita smiled. She picked up a bottle of lavender body wash and squirted a large glob into her right hand. She then rubbed her hands together, spreading the slick, scented, gel across her palms. She grinned evilly as she tenderly placed her fingers into Lindsey’s arm pits. Lindsey faced her, eyes opening in fear.

    Sendita quickly stabbed her fingers into Lindsey’s soft armpits. Lindsey squealed in shock and Sendita cackled with pleasure. Sendita's fingers went round and round Lindsey’s pits; the gel bubbling into a slick froth and Sendita’s rapid finger strokes mixed air into it. Round and round she went.

    “Eeeehhh Eeeeh Eeeehh!” squealed Lindsey, in time to Sendita’s tickling rythmn.

    “Heh heh heh heh heh.” Crowed Sendita as she then moved her rapidly gyrating fingers around Lindsey’s little titties. Lindsey’s cute squealing continued. Sendita grinned in recollection as she moved her hands rapidly down to Lindsey’s soft belly. Her hands rapidly stroked up and down in a maniacal cadence, driven by Sendita’s desire to make Lindsey surrender all control and howl with laughter.

    “Fuh! No stop! Fuckahahahahaha! Hahahahahaha!” Howled Lindsey as she lost all control and the floodgates opened.

    “Hahahahahaha!” Cackled Sendita as she rapidly moved her hands from Lindsey’s belly sides up to her ribs and then around her titties, rapidly moving up and down in time with Lindsey’s desperate exhalations of mirth. Sendita began to pant as she was consumed with lust. Her slick fingers moved up and down lindsey’s sides, from waist to pits; up the arms, back to the pits again, then ran rapid teasing strokes across her taut titties, then back up again to tickle Lindsey’s cute little neck. Lindsey’s head shook uncontrollably from side to side as she tried in vain to avoid the neck tickles.

    Then Sendita quickly darted her right hand beneath Lindsey’s upheld left leg and rapidly tickled behind her knee. Lindsey’s head jerked back, almost hitting against the wall. Sendita stretched her right arm out, running her fingers in rapid spider like motions across Lindsey’s exposed sole.

    “Gahahaha!” cackled Lindsey. Her jaw was clamped open as she laughed and laughed and laughed. Tears of helpless mirth ran from her eyes that were screwed shut as she did her best to shut out the tickling sensations from Sendita’s slick fingers. “Fahahah! Faaackkkahahahahaha! Nahhhh!” Lindsey screamed in desperation.

    Sendita moved her hands from Lindsey’s foot and neck and began a systematic assault up and down Lindsey’s sides. Her fingers jiggled up and down from the tops of Lindsey’s hips; the sides of her belly; her tender ribs and up to her armpits, where Sendita changed to stabbing her fingers rapidly into Lindsey’s soft flesh, causing rapid squeals of shock in time with her finger pokes. Then as Lindsey got used to that form of tickling, Sendita changed to a rapid up and down motion up and down Lindsey’s sides, using frenzied finger motions to keep Lindsey in paroxsyms of pained laughter.

    “Shiitt! Need piss!” screamed Lindsey desperately. Sendita smiled and kept up her merciless pace.

    “Only two words are going to get me to stop this. And “need piss” are not those words.” Explained Sendita. Sendita laughed softly along with her captive. She was feeling such savage joy being able to force such a sexy, beautiful and successful woman to do what she wanted. “I know you love this you beautiful sexy creature. You could have stopped this hours ago if you wanted to.” Lindsey dissolved into further helpless laughter.

    Sendita again heard the rapid thumpathump of her heart drumming in her ears. Her heart was working overtime to keep up with her frenzied arm movements, as well as her ceaseless laughter of sadistic delight. She also noticed that she was getting slightly light headed. Well fuck that. She was busy. She wasn’t going to stop now.

    “Guuaaargghhh.” Moaned Lindsey through clenched teeth. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she strained against the call of nature. Sendita thought that she looked adorable.

    “Just let go Lindsey. Just relax and let it all out.” Said Sendita soothingly, even as she tickled Lindsey mercilessly. “I’ll clean us both up. Just surrender to the feeling. You can’t fight me. Just let yourself go and let the laughter out.”

    “Guaarghhh!” wailed Lindsey, the muscles in her neck and jaw tightening as she summoned up all of her reserves. Sendita continued tickling Lindsey without pause or conscience. Tickle tickle tickle. Eventually Lindsey sagged in her bonds and her head fell to her chest as a stream of clear piss spurted out from her urethra.

    “Good girl!” exclaimed Sendita encouragingly. She carried on tickling Lindsey for several more minutes, although she was disappointed that the howls of laughter had turned into low moans of fatigue and that further tickling was merely causing Lindsey to have trouble breathing rather than forcing out more delightful laughter. She decided to stop.

    She picked up her discarded razor and shaving lube and held them up to Lindsey, but Lindsey’s face was still downcast as she laboured to recover breath lost to her ordeal. Sendita supported Lindsey’s face with a hand under the chin and moved her face close to hers. “I’m going to shave your pussy now. I don’t want any more trouble from you. Understand?” Sendita waited for Lindsey’s reply. After several seconds Lindsey sighed heavily, gave the faintest of nods and closed her eyes in acceptance. “Good girl.” Said Sendita, before gently planting a kiss on Lindsey’s forehead.

    Sendita squatted down and applied a generous dollop of lube across Lindsey’s furry patch. She lathered it around for a moment and then stroked down with the razorblade, removing some pubes. She pressed down very gently. She was willing to make as many strokes as needed to ensure that Lindsey was completely denuded without being scratched or cut. The slow shaving continued for several more minutes until the area around Lindsey’s pussy was completely devoid of hair. Lindsey’s breathing had now returned to normal and she hadn’t said anything whilst Sendita shaved her, either due to Sendita’s skill or Lindsey’s stoicism.

    Sendita looked up at Lindsey’s bound left leg and untied the strings. Lindsey moaned with pain as Sendita helped her lower her leg down to floor level. “You must be stiff with your leg up there that long. Sorry, but I lost track of the time.” Lindsey glowered at her.
    Sendita squatted down again and took hold of Lindsey’s stiff left leg. “I’m going to massage you now. Don’t do anything stupid like strangle me with your legs, like Xenia Onatopp, whilst I’m down here.”

    “That wasn’t her modus operandi.” Corrected Lindsey. “You seem to be under the impression that she crushed the necks of people who were giving her cunnilingus. She in fact used her thighs to suffocate people who were having normal sex with her.”

    “Hmmm.” Sendita pondered a moment and then quipped, “If you don’t say the password you’ll see what a cunning linguist I am.”

    “Sorry, they’va already used that joke in another Bond film, Eek!” Lindsey’s smug expression changed to one of pain as Sendita used her powerful hands to knead Lindsey’s stiff leg. Her face then took on a look of relaxed contentment as the stiffness had gone.

    “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Stated Sendita. She again ran the shower and, once the water was nice and warm, used the shower head as a hand spray to wash away the lavender body wash that had dried out or been kept wet by Lindsey’s tickling induced perspiration. She then turned off the shower and applied a glob of bodywash to Lindsey’s belly, which dripped down to her pussy. Sendita placed both of her hands on the glob and spread it all around Lindsey’s torso; paying particular attention to soap around Lindsey’s erect nipples, drawing forth low moans of relaxed satisfaction.

    Sendita then applied another glob to her hands and spread it up Lindsey’s upstretched arms. Lindsey tensed as she expected more tickling torment. Sendita whispered in her ear, “Don’t worry. No tickles until I say so.” Sendita walked towards Lindsey and squatted down slightly such that her breasts rubbed against Lindsey’s. Her own nipples were aroused by the touch of Lindsey’s slick, soft little titties, even as she felt Lindsey’s hard nipples against her own flesh. She rubbed her torso up and down against Lindsey’s captive body. The bodywash lubricated her erotic slide up and down. Her breathing became husky, as did Lindsey’s, as both were turned on by this intimate contact of female flesh to flesh. Torso rubbed against torso and Sendita’s hands teased in constant rythmn up and down Lindsey’s arms and her soft vulnerable sides, causing Lindsey to gasp in pleasure. White Angel and Dark Amazon coming together as one.

    Sendita rubbed up and down for what seemed like hours; but whatever the time was it was too short. She placed her lips to Lindsey’s and they were locked in a passionate kiss. It was with regret, tempered by the promise of better to come, that she broke their contact. Lindsey looked wistfully at her.

    Sendita squatted down and slowly placed her finger on Lindsey’s clitoral hood. Lindsey gasped as Sendita gently pushed the hood aside as well as she could. She was pleased to see that Lindsey’s little nubbin was hard and erect, lubricated by juices secreted from Lindsey’s well taxed pussy glands. Sendita’s clit was already exposed. She Stood up with a slight bend in her knees and pressed her pussy to Lindsey’s, seeking clit to clit contact. Both women gasped as they connected, as if an electrical surge of pleasure had passed between them.

    Lindsey’s eyes and mouth opened in shock and she gasped. Sendita stood stock still, to give Lindsey a chance to adjust top their position. Sendita then supported Lindsey’s butt beneath her hands and lifted Lindsey off the floor. Lindsey panicked for a second. “I’ve got you Lindsey.” Sendita said. “Wrap your legs around me.” Sendita commanded. Lindsey’s legs were locked tight around Sendita’s butt, even as Lindsey still looked apprehensive. Sendita was now supporting the weight of both of them.
    Sendita tested her stance for a few more seconds. Lindsey was as light as a feather and Sendita was an elite athlete, so she was confident that this would work. She pressed as tight as she could against Lindsey, gasping as her slick clit stroked against Lindsey’s. “Are you ready?” Sendita asked. “I’m going to start thrusting now.”

    Sendita thought that she saw Lindsey nod in her lower peripheral vision. Lindsey’s head was tucked in tight against Sendita’s chin. “Let’s go then.” Sendita said. “You know what to say if you want me to stop.”
    Sendita thrust forward, a mere fraction of an inch, but this was enough to elicit moans of lust, mixed with fear. The pleasure and intimacy was almost too much. That such an intense feeling could exist was almost unbelievable. Sendita thrust again, causing both of them to gasp in pleasure, tinged with fear at their vulnerability. Sendita thrust again, causing them both to gasp again. The fear was being replaced with further desire, in the same way that Sendita had felt when she made love to her soul mate under the starry sky, the threat of being discovered by a passerby everpresent. It was so hot.

    The women moaned in unison as Sendita thrust again and again. Sendita’s heart was again beating like a jackhammer, the noise starting to drown out the low moans the women were making in their sapphic embrace, as they moved and groaned in unison. Sendita began to feel faint and she realised that her legs were starting to shake. No! Not now! She could hold on! She wasn’t going to stop now! Sendita tried to focus herself and ignore the faint feeling. She carried on thrusting for a few more strokes, then she felt Lindsey thrusting herself, as she sought to increase the frequency of the orgasm inducing clit rubs. “Nuuuhhh,” Sendita moaned to herself. These new strokes, controlled by another were even more intense, and were more than her compromised circulatory system could handle.

    Her legs began to buckle and she began to laugh as the blood fled her head and she felt a surge of delirious ecstasy.
    She could barely make out Lindsey’s voice, seemingly from miles away. “No Sendita! You forgot your pills?! Shit! Stop! The password! The pass...” Anything else that Lindsey said was lost on her as she fell unconscious and she slumped down like a rag doll.

    After an indeterminate amount of time Sendita woke up. She saw the bathroom light shining down brightly on her and she shut her eyes tightly. She moved her head to get up, but a firm hand on her forehead stopped her. “Stay there!” snapped Lindsey, her voice cold. Sendita relaxed her head back down onto a pillow that Lindsey had presumably placed there.
    Sendita wasn’t sure what to say. She hadn’t heard Lindsey speak to her in this manner before, except when she’d been roleplaying the part of her helpless and defiant captive.

    “Swallow this and drink this.” Commanded Lindsey, as she placed a capsule pill into Sendita’s mouth before placing a beaker of cold water to her lips. Lindsey supported her head as she consumed the pill and water. “As you’ve probably figured out, that’s one of the pills you left here for any emergencies such as you forgetting your pills...” Stated Lindsey coldly, “Except that you didn’t bother to ask me for any tonight.”

    “Well, I didn’t think it would be right to interrupt...” Sendita started to say.

    “Exactly.” Said Lindsey, “You didn’t think. You could have died tonight. If I didn’t have my legs around you, you could have fallen back and broken your neck on the side of the bath. If you’d fallen when my leg was tied upwards, I’d have had a hell of a job to get out of these cuffs – quick release or not.”

    “I’m sorry Lindsey.” Said Sendita. “I hadn’t even considered that. You could have been stuck in there for days-“

    “Worse than that, “said Lindsey, “I’d have been haunted by your corpse looking up at me. I love the fact that you’re so artistic and creative, but I worry that you don’t think enough about the real world. I know that you’re still young and immature, but I’m disappointed that you were so foolish tonight.”

    “I’m sorry,” said Sendita looking crestfallen. “I’ve ruined tonight for you”. Sendita started to slowly rise. “I should go.”

    “No.” Said Linsey sternly. “I’m going to punish you for putting me through so much worry. I’m going to teach you a lesson that you’ll never forget. Dry yourself off in here. I’ll call you in when I’m ready for you. Don’t get up too quickly. I don’t want you conking out again.” Sendita heard Lindsey pause momentarily to pick up some objects before she exited the bathroom, shutting the door behind her.

    Sendita slowly got up and looked around for a towel. She found a full size body towel and carefully dried off any water that had not already evaporated off her skin. She then waited apprehensively for several minutes until Lindsey called out, “Come in here!” Lindsey had used her official lawyer voice. The one that had intimidated countless opponents during Lindsey’s short yet illustrious career.

    Sendita opened the bathroom door and looked into the master bedroom. Lindsey was now fully clothed in her smart black evening gear. Sendita also noticed that the bondage devices had been reassembled and that they were tied loosely to the headboard and bottom posts of the bed.
    Lindsey smiled broadly and gestured for Sendita to lie on the bed. She walked over and lay face down on the bed. “Turn over.” Commanded Lindsey. Sendita looked puzzled and faced upwards. Lindsey climbed over her and slipped Sendita’s wrists into the wrist loops before tightening the strings.

    “I thought that you were going to cane my ass with a riding crop, like you usually do.” Queried Sendita.

    “No, not tonight,” said Lindsey. “You’ve shown me a far better way. When you were tickling me all over it was so goddamn intense. In the past when I’ve been with someone I’ve always had some thoughts at the back of my mind: about some merger or acquisition coming up, or having to go into a 24 hour meeting because someone has fucked up and not done the prep work properly. But with you tonight all I felt was your presence and what you were doing to me.”

    “Even that time you were tied up and I was fingering your pussy all night and you came, like, ten times, you were distracted by work?” Asked Sendita, her voice tinged with outrage.

    “Yes. I’m sorry.” Said Lindsey. “But tonight was different. All my worries melted away and all I could feel was you. It was so intense. And scary as well. It’s a lovely present. Although ephemeral, the memories will stay with me forever, like the portrait you did of me last year. I’m hoping that we can repeat this on a more than annual basis?”

    “Actually,” said Sendita, “Your present’s in my bag. I just wanted to tickle the heck out of you. I just love your smile and sweet laugh so much.”

    Lindsey smiled. “Well, I am pretty hot, I must admit.” Her face turned serious. “Now little missy, you need to learn your lesson.” She straddled Sendita’s waist and placed her face near Sendita’s. “I want you to admit that you’ve been a big silly sausage and to promise not to do anything so stupid again.”

    “Silly sausage!?” Sendita asked.

    “That’s right.” Lindsey put her weight onto her knees and began to slowly stroke her fingers along Sendita’s sides. Sendita nearly bolted upright. Lindsey tried again and Sendita started to squeal and buck like a mad rodeo horse, nearly throwing Lindsey off her.

    “Jesus Christ!” Lindsey exclaimed in amused shock. “I’ve hardly touched you.”

    “I’m sorry.” Said Sendita. “That’s so intense. When you’ve caned me before, or poured the hot candle wax onto my body, it was nothing like that sensation just now. How on Earth did you not submit straight away?”

    Lindsey thought for a moment before replying, “It’s the fear of losing control. It’s a combination of pleasure mixed with utter helplessness as we abandon our civilized veneer and express ourselves in the most basic of forms. But that’s not an issue if you’re with someone that you can trust. And I trust you, my love.”

    Sendita nodded in understanding and Lindsey began to again stroke her sides. She felt the thrills of sensation as Lindsey’s skittering fingers activated her nerves against her will. She began to pant and she shook her head from side to side as she tried to deny the sensations.
    Lindsey’s tickling strokes intensified and Sendita gritted her teeth and groaned as she fought to maintain her composure. Her eyes bulged and her neck muscles tightened as she strained against her bonds. She could easily throw Lindsey off and escape her bonds, but that wasn’t the point. She had to hold on, to show Lindsey that she strusted her. She’d had training sessions shere she’d had to hold stances for five minutes at a time until her legs felt like they were on fire. She could endure this. Lindsey abruptly stopped her tickling.

    “No, no, no, my love,” Lindsey said. “You’re not accepting it. Let the laughter out. Surrender to me. Don’t fight the sensations. Giggle like a little girl. Squeal like a little piggy. Let yourself go. I won’t think any less of you. You don’t think any less of me after making me piss myself do you?”

    “I’m sorry about that.” Sendita said. “I wasn’t expecting it to go that far.”

    “Well, I was almost going to submit, but I guess I must be a really kinky bitch.” Lindsey admitted. “I was worried for a second when your taunts got a little nastier than I’d like.”

    “I’m sorry”, said Sendita. “I was trying to keep in character.”

    Lindsey gently kissed Sendita’s lips. “Never mind that now. I’m in charge and all I expect from you is lots of laughter and the safety phrase.”
    Lindsey began to very slowly tickle Sendita’s sides, moving her fingers ever so lightly across Sendita’s skin. Sendita groaned. Lindsey tutted. “That must be worth a little smile surely? Just relax and accept it.” Lindsey’s fingers started to stroke across Sendita’s sides a little bit faster. Sendita began to titter and her mouth opened in an involuntary smile. “That’s it.” Cooed Lindsey. “You enjoy the little tickles. Tickle tickle tickle.” Lindsey’s fingers sped up slightly and Sendita’s giggles became guffaws. She rapidly shook her head from side to side again. “Relax my love. Don’t struggle. I know you love it really.” Lindsey chided.

    Lindsey’s twirling fingers stepped up another gear and Sendita gasped in shock before she allowed herself to give a little chuckle of mirth. Then she let slip some more giggles and then squeals of pleasure. Lindsey gave a wicked grin as she began to move her fingers up and down even more quickly.

    “Geearrghh! Aahhhahahahahahaha!” Roared Sendita as she lost all control and a stream of unrestrained laughter erupted from her. “Eeeehhh!” She squealed as Lindsey pinched at the side of her taut stomach. Then Lindsey’s fingers scrabbled to the bottom of Sendita’s magnificent breasts.

    “I’ve always admired your lovely big titties.” Crowed Lindsey. “I wonder if they’re ticklish?” Lindsey’s fingers launched a tickle attack on Sendita’s titties.

    Sendita’s eyes opened wide in shock and a tide of wailing and laughter emerged from her mouth. “Eeehhh! Eeehhh! Ahahahhheeehhh!” Her head was forced back into the pillow and her eyes rolled back in her head as she lost all ability to keep her laughter in. Sendita had never felt so vulnerable. Even when she was joint locked in training, she always knew that she could tap out to escape. And even then she was never so thoroughly dominated as she was being now.

    Lindsey’s fingers played across Sendita’s titties, alternately teasing the undersides, before making rapid rotating motions around her upthrust dark brown nipples. Lindsey then gave a mischievous smile before her fingers darted into Sendita’s pits. Sendita’s laughter got even more raucous and hysterical. Lindsey struggled to speak as she was getting out of breath from exercising her arms so much as well as from the gentle laughter she was emoting. “This is so horny,” Lindsey began. “Me all dressed up... and your magnificent naked bronze muscled... amazon body at my mercy”.
    Lindsey’s arm movements sped up even more and she cackled with glee as Sendita’s laughter began to emerge silently from her mouth. Lindsey carried on her tickling even as she dismounted from Sendita and sat between her long bronze legs. “Bring your legs up.” Commanded Lindsey. Sendita vaguely understood the order, even as her brain was now overwhelmed by tickling sensations. Sendita lifted her legs up such that her knees reached her armpits, leaving her soles facing the ceiling and her pussy and anus wide open to tickle attack.

    Lindsey laughed as she rapidly skated her skittering fingers from Sendita’s armpits and started rapid strokes across Sendita’s exposed bare soles. Sendita’s crotch rapidly lifted off the bed as pleasure signals show down the length of her legs to her pussy. Her crotch rose and fell up and down like a jackhammer, the rapid thumping of her butt against the bed accompanying the uncontrolled wailing from Sendita and the soft mischievous laughter of Lindsey.

    Sendita was getting so horny. She craved Lindsey’s tickling touches on her foot bottoms. She spread her toes out wide and was rewarded with a further intensity of pleasure as Lindsey’s fingers skittered in between her toes, teasing the soft skin. She roared with unreleased lust and cried out, “Faster! More!” Her butt movements increased as she instinctively dry humped the bed, except that her pussy was meeting empty air. She howled in frustration.

    A flash of surprise crossed Lindsey’s face and she grinned wickedly. “Silly Sausage likes her tickles? You want me to give you more tickles?”

    “Yes! Yes! More!” Screamed Sendita.

    “Tell me you’re a silly sausage.” Taunted Lindsey.

    Some part of Sendita’s brain was annoyed at what a manipulative bitch Lindsey was, but the primal part of her brain was in control and it wanted Sendita to cum. “Yes! I’m a silly sausage! Fuck! Faster! Harder!” Her butt pounding sped up even further as her body longed for orgasmic release.

    Lindsey’s fingers couldn’t go any faster so she began to dig her nails into Sendita’s soles to intensify the experience. Her nails left trails of purple on Sendita’s lovely pink and sweaty soles. Sendita roared louder as she was getting even more turned on.

    Lindsey looked worried as she wondered how the heck she was going to get Sendita off when she was using both her hands on Sendita’s tender soft feet. Then Lindsey had an idea. Luckily she hadn’t put her slippers or socks back on, so her feet were bare. They were also slick with sweat from her exercise and her lust. She shifted her weight to her right knee and moved her left foot so that it rested against Sendita’s crotch. She could feel the slick slime of Sendita’s pussy against her tender sole, as well as a slight lump near her toes from Sendita’s clit.

    Sendita howled in frustration as the tickling of her feet had ended. Lindsey realised that she’d gotten distracted and resumed her merciless scraping of Sendita’s soles. Sendita pumped her crotch up and down and up and down and this time her clit was rubbing against a slick and soft surface. She renewed her thrusting as she craved the clit stimulation. She was a slave to her own primal urges as she howled like a bitch in heat and she humped and humped the soft sole of Lindsey’s foot. Then she was unable to move as her nerves were overwhelmed by the start of her first orgasm. But she hadn’t finished rubbing yet. She craved more contact. Then she felt further waves of pleasure from her clit as Lindsey stroked her foot up and down her now immobile pussy. Lindsey wiggled her toes even as she rubbed her instep rapidlyagainst Sendita’s clit. Sendita felt a surge of gratitude towards Lindsey for helping her cum as hard as she could.

    “Guuaaargghhh!” Sendita roared as an almighty orgasm ripped through her body. She howled as her sensitivity increased as all of her nerves fired up and the foot tickling became even more intense. It was too much.

    “Nuuuaahhh!” Sendita cried out as she couldn’t take the stimulation any more. Lindsey stopped her scraping of Sendita’s soles and clit rubbing and straddled Sendita’s waist. She leant forward and placed her face close to Sendita’s. Sendita had never felt so vulnerable in her life. That was the most mind blowing orgasm in her life and now she was yearning for intimacy with Lindsey. “Hold me? Please?” Entreated Sendita.

    “Of course my love” replied Lindsey. She wiped away Sendita’s tears of longing and ripped open the velcro restraints. Sendita gingerly wrapped her arms around Lindsey. She rolled to her left side and Lindsey rolled with her, so they faced each other, gazing into each other’s eyes. After a moment they kissed tenderly and stayed like that as time lost meaning for them.

    All too soon, Sendita became dimly aware that she was lying in a damp patch as her pussy had gushed quite spectacularly during her mind blowing orgasm. She slowly stopped her kiss with Lindsey and got up.

    “Ah,” said Lindsey playfully, “Mundane reality intrudes into our perfect post coital embrace.” She squeezed Sendita’s hand tenderly. Sendita motioned Lindsey to get off the bed. Sendita threw off the bed clothes and revealed the sheets beneath. She then reached into her holdall and pulled out the sleeping bag.

    “Bring back any memories?” asked Sendita brightly. Lindsey’s mouth opened in delight. Sendita smiled as she recalled good times, “This is from the night you seduced me. You crept up and invited yourself into my sleeping bag.”

    “And you let me in.” Replied Lindsey, with a twinkle in her eye. Sendita blushed and smiled.

    Sendita threw the sleeping bag onto the bed, unzipped it and smoothly slid herself inside it. She held out her right hand and gestured to Lindsey to join her. “Just like yesterday...” Lindsey mused as she accepted Sendita’s invitation.

    The two women snuggled up together and began to settle in for the night. Sendita’s eyes opened up in panic and she sat up. “I’m sorry Lindsey! It’s your birthday and I’m the one who got the most amazing finish tonight. It should have been your night tonight.”

    Lindsey smiled up at Sendita and said, “Don’t worry. We’ve got all weekend. I’m pooped. Let’s get some rest. We’ve a busy day tomorrow. After all you still haven’t said that you’re never going to do something that stupid again.”

    Sendita started, “Sure, I promise never to do- “ Lindsey cut her off.

    “It’s more fun if you say that as the safe phrase.” Lindsey said mischievously.

    Sendita smiled and settled her head down. Lindsey followed suit and they were both soon fast asleep, ready to face the next day together.


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    Still really great!

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    Thanks for the positive comments guys.

    Was certainly good practice with describing the action in a (I hope) clear way, and without (I hope) sounding repetitive.

    Got another story in the works. It's a prequel to the Rogue's Predicament story I wrote several weeks back.


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    Thanks for the kind words.

    I need to get back to writing...

    It's either going to be the prequel I mentioned above, or another precarious situation for Lindsey with an even more determined interrogator (And her four assistants).


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