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    Nov 2018
    United States
    It's both for me. I LOVE to see a lee in such a torturous situation that she can't get out of that shy is crying for it to stop. But that's in videos. Could I myself physically bring a lee to that point? Probably wouldn't let myself out of care for her. Whenever I fantasize scenarios of my fiancé, she's always at the point of crying in ticklish agony. But I've never done it to her actually

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    Aug 2012
    Los Angeles
    I very much enjoy tickling to the point of begging for it to stop. If tears of laughter begin to form that doesn’t bother me so long as the lee is genuinely having fun and enjoying the experience. If they are sobbing because it is true torture that they can no longer handle, I do not find that to be a turn-on at all. In my own personal experience I like to have conversations beforehand to fully discuss limitations and even during the actual session I will check-in to make sure I don’t tickle them beyond their limits.

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    Mar 2012
    Crying as really crying?!! Definitely a turn-off.

    The essence of my private fantasy is that the 'lee is suffering from "forced false joy".
    Laughter is essential! If she is showing ("allowed" to show) any sign of physical suffering/discomfort, it takes me out of it.

    It's kind of weird Dark Fantasy of mine.
    "She is still screaming, not laughing! Keep working!"

  4. #109
    tears of laughter are fine. heck, people cry laughing from watching movies or a hearing really great joke, myself included. but if they start sobbing instead of laughing, then in my mind a line has been crossed and i'm no longer enjoying the scene

  5. #110
    Honestly, huge turn off. Not into crying at all.

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