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Finally started writing again after quite a long break. This is a prequel to a story that I wrote that was quite well received.
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Part 2 due soon. I should probably revise some of the first story to incorporate the consequences of the events in this story. That's the trouble with writing a prequel that hadn't been planned for...

A Rogue’s Reversal

Kazuki smiled to herself as she observed her target from her hidden vantage point amidst the branches of a tall oak tree. Her latest mark was a pretty young blonde woman, wearing white priestess robes and riding a white mare.

Kazuki chuckled silently as she saw the priestess struggle to urge her mare on as it stopped yet again to chew on some grass that was growing at the side of the mud path she was trotting down. The priestess gently patted the mare’s neck and pleaded with her to carry on, but the mare ignored her. Kazuki hoped that the priestess didn’t have to preach to any congregations or they’d be leaving in droves.

Kazuki stretched her legs atop her hiding place. The priestess was taking longer than expected to get to her ambush spot. Still, at least it was an amusing sight. And the small gold casket tied to the mare’s saddle bags surely contained a worthwhile prize, if her contact in the city was to be believed.

Eventually the priestess was riding directly beneath Kazuki. She deftly loaded a dart into the blowpipe she’d been holding and took aim. The target, a small exposed part of the priestess’s neck, was an incredibly difficult shot. But Kazuki was an accomplished ambusher, and with a mere second of aiming, sent a poisoned thorn towards the exposed flesh. The priestess slapped at her neck in surprised annoyance. Seconds later her eyes rolled up and she swayed in the saddle.

Kazuki quickly scrambled down the branches and landed cat like on the soft grass beneath the tree. The poison induced unconsciousness within three seconds and she didn’t want the priestess falling off her horse and possibly hurting herself. She quickly rushed towards the mare and held her reins, halting her plodding advance. She then gently tugged at the priestess’s sleeve. The priestess groaned as she slumped into Kazuki’s arms. She was very petite and Kazuki was easily able to gently lower her to the ground.

Kazuki looked towards the gold casket and looked for a lock. To her consternation there was a topaz gem set where a normal key lock would be. It was obviously some form of magical lock. She didn’t have the right tools with her to pierce the magics. Fine, she could take the casket and hire a hedge wizard to open it, no questions asked. To her further annoyance it appeared to be somehow affixed to the mare’s saddle. And that weighed far too much to carry easily. Surely the priestess would know how to open it? And it was no harder to carry her away atop the mare than to simply take the saddle.

The white mare had stopped, apparently oblivious to its mistress’s fate and was now happily chewing the cud at the roadside. Kazuki gently picked up and placed the priestess’s supine form atop the mare. She then pulled on its reins. It gave a brief whinny of protest. Kazuki tugged slightly harder on the reins and it reluctantly turned to follow her as she led it off the road and through the trees to her hidden campsite.

A few minutes later the priestess groaned as she awoke from her poisoned slumber. In the meantime Kazuki had bound her hands behind her and bound her ankles together. She had also lit a small fire, illuminating the shaded clearing of the campsite. The white mare was contentedly chewing on some nearby foliage. Her black stallion, Shadowbolt, was tethered nearby and was eyeing up the mare. The mare didn’t appear to be in heat, so that was one problem averted.

The priestess’s eyes snapped open and she quickly took in the scene, her eyes darting back and forth until she focused on the casket. She looked relieved. Her expression turned to consternation as she noticed Kazuki walking towards her and kneel by her bound feet.

“How are you little priestess?” Asked Kazuki mockingly. “Not too sore I hope? It’s my favourite poison. Fast acting and no nasty side effects – unless you count being tied up and at my mercy as nasty.” Kazuki gave a wicked smile, her eyes glinting with malicious amusement.

The priestess’s face paled as she realised how precarious her situation was. She quickly recovered her composure and blustered, “Release me at once! I am priestess Josephine DeLantyr of the Holy Order of the Sacred Chalice. Release me at once or face the wrath of the gods!”

Kazuki looked momentarily shocked and then her face lit up with a huge grin and she gave a snort of derision. “Oh no! I’d better let you go, or the gods will get me. Oh no. I’m so scared. They’ll punish me for my wicked ways.” Kazuki’s eyes darted back and forth and she threw up her hands in mock horror. “They’re coming for me! Please, little priestess, forgive me my sins so the gods don’t punish me!”

“Everyone can be forgiven-“Josephine started to say...

“Hah!” snorted Kazuki in derision. “The gods won’t do jack. If they’re that concerned about you, they’ll surely send a divine angel to rescue you. I’d better ready myself.” Kazuki drew her rapier and tensed, ready to spring at the first sign of trouble. Josephine kept stoically silent as Kazuki played out her sarcastic charade. After a few seconds Kazuki smiled as she sheathed her rapier and turned her attention to Josephine’s bound feet.

“Now that the theological debate has been resolved, we can move to business Jo.” Kazuki said, as she eased her legs into a straight sitting position, trapping Josephine’s ankles between her thighs, leaving Josephine’s little slippered feet sticking out. “I hope you don’t mind me calling you Jo? It’s short and cute, just like you.”

“What are you doing?” asked Jo nervously. Kazuki simply smiled as she slowly pulled off Jo’s slippers and threw them casually aside. Jo was wearing soft white stockings. Jo gasped as Kazuki pulled out a small knife. She thrashed vainly in an attempt to escape, but Kazuki’s legs her fast. She averted her eyes and grimaced in fear. Kazuki smiled as she began to slowly cut off the stockings at the ankles, revealing Jo’s soft and creamy white feet.

Jo looked relieved and then scared again as she saw Kazuki’s malicious grin. She looked toward the fire and then quickly back towards Kazuki. “No. Please. No.”

Kazuki looked puzzled and then said, “Don’t worry Jo. I’m not some barbarian who’s going to roast your feet on a fire. I’ve a far more civilized way of finding out how to open the casket.” Jo looked relieved.

“I’m going to do this.” Kazuki quickly stroked her nail down Jo’s instep. Jo gave a quick squeal of shock. “And this!” Jo squealed again as Kazuki quickly dragged four fingernails down Jo’s instep.

“Gah! What are you doing!?” Protested Jo. “Stop it!”

“Not until you tell me how to open the casket!” Kazuki retorted. She cackled as she squeezed extra tight with her thighs to completely restrain Jo’s legs and then scraped all ten of her finger and thumb nails down Jo’s insteps. Jo squealed yet again. Kazuki grinned with sadistic glee and she repeated the scraping of her nails against Jo’s soles, up and then down.
“Noooo!!” screamed Jo. “Help me! Someone, please help me!”

Kazuki’s grin widened as she saw how quickly she’d reduced Jo to hysterics. She taunted Jo, “That won’t help you my dear. I’ve chosen this spot with great care. There’s nobody around for miles and even if there were they’d have to be very close to work out where we are amidst all this forest. The smoke can’t be seen from within the forest, so there’s nobody coming to rescue you. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve brought a captive out here to ask questions of.”

“What happened to them?” asked Jo.

“I let them go.” Replied Kazuki. Jo looked relieved. “After they told me what I wanted to know.” She scraped her nails up and down Jo’s soles in a slow rhythm. “How-do-I-op-en-the-cas-ket!?” Jo squealed and hollered with each scrape of Kazuki’s nails upon her soles. “Tell me!”

Kazuki’s nails began a rapid back and forth across Jo’s soles, causing a riotous cacophony of squeals and hollers from Jo. “Naaah! Naaahh! Nahahahahhahaaaa! Naaaahhh! Staaapiiittt! Naaaahhh!”

“Tell me what I want to know you sexy little bitch!” Kazuki demanded. “I can keep this up all day! Tickle tickle tickle! I’m going to tickle your piggies all day long! Tell me!”

Kazuki blanked out the hollers and wails of Jo as she focused on causing Jo as much ticklish torment as possible. She smiled at the sight of Jo’s cute little toes scrunching up in a vain attempt to stop Kazuki’s vicious tickle assault. She began to mix up her scraping, attacking the tops of Jo’s cute little feet. Jo emitted a satisfying change in pitch of her squealing. Kazuki held back all of the toes on Jo’s right foot and began scraping her nails into the soft spaces between Jo’s toes.

“Nahhhaa! Cahhhahhh! Nahacaaahahahah!” Jo cackled hysterically as her most tender flesh was punished mercilessly by Kazuki’s expert fingers. “Staappp iiittt! Cahhaaahaaa! Naaahhhh!

Kazuki smiled to herself. Jo was surely close to breaking. Not long now, and in the meantime Kazuki was rather enjoying tickling Jo’s cute little tootsies. Much like the rest of her, Jo’s feet were petite and cute, but well formed. Her little toes just seemed to be begging to be nibbled on. Kazuki grunted as she deftly manoeuvred Jo so that she was face down on the grass. She bent Jo’s legs so that her calves were perpendicular to the ground, with her little toes facing Kazuki’s face. One more piece of rope and she’d have been hogtied. Kazuki grasped Jo’s legs hard with her thighs to trap her in place.

“What are you doing?!” asked Jo fearfully. “Whhaaa! Naaahhh!” She hollered a second later as Kazuki wrapped her lips around as many of Jo’s toes as she could and began fiercely sucking on them. Jo hollered in shock and outrage as the sensations of tickling interspersed with forced pleasure reached her brain from her extremities. “Whhaaa! Naahhh! Staapppp!”

Kazuki was a maestro at pleasuring and teasing with her tongue and mouth. She’d worked for a few years as a whore for a disreputable madam in a distant city. After she’d proven herself for a couple of years, she was entrusted with punishing the other whores for any infractions: Enough to make them repent their errors, but obviously so as not to damage them permanently. Jo’s desperate screams faded into the background as Kazuki remembered with fondness the day she’d been persuaded to strike out away from the whorehouse by a female client, named Charlotte. They’d caught the madam unawares and tied her up in her own room. Kazuki had used her considerable skills to “persuade” the madam to hand over the combination to the brothel safe. She remembered fondly the long suckable toes of the madam, and the muffled threats she made from her gag and the furious look in her eyes that made breaking her stubborn resolve all the more satisfying.

Kazuki thought wistfully of her foolishness as she recalled that she was willing to follow Charlotte anywhere and that they were going to strike off as a duo of outlaws taking on the world. She was glad that she was cautious enough to surreptitiously swap drinks as they celebrated their heist that evening. To Kazuki’s great sadness Charlotte had fallen unconscious soon thereafter, from poison intended for Kazuki.

Kazuki’s wrath had been terrible. She’d stripped Charlotte naked and bound her hands and feet to a long pole, leaving her legs akimbo and her pussy wide open. She’d tormented Charlotte’s naked body for the whole day, until she was a quivering mess covered in a sheen of sweat, tears and drool, with a puddle of piss between her legs. As a final punishment she’d slathered honey across Charlotte’s pussy and puckered bum hole. She’d then led Shadowbolt, Charlotte’s former steed, over to enjoy a sweet treat. Charlotte had blacked out twice until the honey was all licked up. Kazuki then untied her; left her some clothes and swore never to think of her again. Kazuki had been foolish to trust anybody but herself. It was a dog eat dog world out there. Far better to be a bitch than a helpless puppy.

She snapped herself out of her reverie and realised that she’d been sucking on Jo’s cute little toes for a little while. Jo had gotten used to the sensations and was merely moaning, mixed with the occasional guffaw. Kazuki resolved to get back to work and keep on mixing up the sensations. For a few seconds she slurped Jo’s toes. Then she began to lick the tops of Jo’s feet, eliciting satisfying screams of outrage. Then after a few more seconds she pulled back Jo’s feet and twisted herself around and began slurping her tongue all the way up Jo’s soles. This produced very satisfying howls of outrage. Kazuki knew that it was a mixture of being tickled and the feeling of guilt at the pleasure she was feeling at the hands of her tormentor. Then Kazuki held Jo’s big toes gently between her teeth and scraped Jo’s bare soles mercilessly with all of her nails. This produced a very satisfying succession of squeals and shouted pleas for mercy.

Kazuki continued in this vein for several more minutes, constantly changing the sensations of fingers and tongue and teeth upon Jo’s feet to keep her constantly shocked by the sensations she was being forced to feel. Kazuki was enjoying the soft silken feel of Jo’s soles against her face; the sweet scent of lavender body wash, mingled with sweat; the feeling of heat rising from Jo’s tormented soles and the sight of Jo’s pampered little tootsies glowing bright red after all of the tickling Kazuki had inflicted on her.
Jo’s cries of outrage had reduced in volume to a keening moaning as she tired and had lost the energy to even curse or plead with her captor. Kazuki knew that it was far better to let her pretty little captive rest rather than just continue the same old way. She’d only just tickled Jo’s cute feet. There were still so many interesting places left to torment. Under her expert touch every spot of Jo’s body was a ticklish hotspot. And she knew exactly how to play her captive like a fine instrument.

She turned Jo over so that she was lying face up. Kazuki scrambled so that she was straddling Jo’s thighs, pinning her to the ground. She noted with satisfaction the sheen of sweat across Jo’s face, with some of her short blonde hair matted to her forehead with moisture. There were trails from Jo’s eyes of the forced tears of mirth that she’d shed. Jo was also glowing a flustered shade of red. Kazuki reached for Jo’s collar and began to unbutton the top of Jo’s robes.

“No, what are you doing?” Jo gasped.

“I think that’s pretty obvious my dear.” Kazuki replied. “Tell me how to open the casket or I’m going to tease more than just your little feet.”

“I can’t!” wailed Jo. Kazuki paused. That would make sense. Having a courier unable to open the goods. So no matter what Kazuki did to her, she’d never be able to open the casket for her? That was a shame as she was not only going to lose the contents of the casket, but she had no excuse to continue the teasing of her delightful little captive. She looked wistfully at Jo’s flustered face. She really was a very beautiful young woman. She recalled that the priestesses of the Sacred Chalice were not a celibate order. She was glad. It would be a poorer world if a little cutie like Jo was locked away out of reach of some lucky man, or woman who could fully appreciate her. As it was, Kazuki was currently a lucky woman. But she couldn’t in all good conscience continue her fun with Jo...

“I’m only supposed to open it when I see the daemon.” Jo explained. Kazuki cursed herself for her foolishness. Jo was just being stubborn. She’d soon cure her of that.

“So you can open it?” Kazuki said accusingly. “You just won’t open it? And what’s this rubbish about a daemon?”

“The abbot had a vision. He summoned me to his study and told me that I was to go out and destroy a vile daemon. He told me that it lurked in this area, preying on the locals.”

Kazuki had heard a local tale of a daemon that appeared every full moon and that stole away anybody who was out in the forest. And the supposed victims were then found, the next day, dead with no mark on them. All a load of superstitious guff, of course.
Jo continued. “He told me that when the time was right I was to open up the casket and that it contained all that I needed to be able to defeat the daemon.”

Kazuki’s eyes lit up with the thought of thousands of gold pieces that were hers for the taking. It was probably some sacred relic, some old toe nail clippings of a long dead saint or some such. Kazuki was sure that she could find some fool willing to part with a fortune to add the relic to their pointless collections of art treasures, whilst she got the better end of the deal by buying a villa by the coast, with a full complement of servants to attend her every whim. It was certainly a step up from the slums she’d grown up in as a child.

Kazuki continued unbuttoning Jo’s top. Jo’s eyes opened wide as Kazuki threw aside the sides of her top, revealing her soft pale tummy and her flushed red upper chest. Jo’s, no doubt, cute little titties were hidden under a white cloth wrapped about her torso.

Jo gasped as Kazuki slowly traced her fingers in languorous circles around Jo’s cute little belly button. Kazuki quickly flicked her fingernail down Jo’s side and Jo’s face burst into a wide grin of mirth, even as she gasped in protest.

“Silly girl.” Kazuki said. “If you’d just pretended that you were unable to open the casket, I’d have let you go. But now your stubbornness is standing between me and a vast fortune. That just won’t do.”

“Please, stop.” Jo protested. “It’s no good to you. It’s to help me slay a daemon.”

“Slay a daemon?” Scoffed Kazuki. “You were doddering down the road on a knackered mare and you’ve been overpowered by a common highway bandit. If there really is a daemon around here then I’ve done you a favour by protecting you from your delusions that you would be able to slay it.”

Jo looked ashen faced as Kazuki’s biting words hit home. But her face changed to a look of stern defiance as she said, “I won’t open it for you. The abbot knew what he was doing. And even if I have failed him, I’m not going to forsake my vows and betray my order. Never!”

“Never’s a long time.” Teased Kazuki. She shuffled down Jo’s legs and placed her head near Jo’s belly. “Here’s my daemon tongue!” Kazuki joked as she quickly flicked her tongue in and out of Jo’s belly button. Jo squealed with indignant shock and broke out into a riotous series of shrieks as Kazuki flicked ran her tongue up and down Jo’s tight stomach. “Here’s my daemon fingers!” Crowed Kazuki. Jo howled in shock as Kazuki scraped her nails up and down Jo’s sides even as she continued her tongue teasing of Jo’s belly.

“Naaaaa!!! Naaahhhaahhhaaa!” Howled Jo. “Staappitt! Naaahhhhahahahaha! Cahahahaha!” Jo cackled and squealed and guffawed and shrieked and cackled some more. “Sttaaappittt! Naahhhaaa! Sttaappp! Naaahhh! Please! Mercy! By the Gaahhddss! Staappiitt!”

“You can stop this by opening the casket for me!” Kazuki explained sternly. “The gods aren’t going to help you now!”

“Neveerrr!” screamed Jo, even as her face was trapped in a rictus grin of forced mirth. Her speech was replaced by animalistic howls as she struggled to control her body as wave after wave of sensations shot through her sides under kazuki’s cruel ministrations.

“AAhhh shiittt! Staapppiittt! Goingg to pee! Stappitt! Need to pee!” Jo howled.

“If you want me to stop, you know what to say...” Cooed Kazuki. “Tickle tickle tickle.” Jo hollered as Kazuki continued her tickle assault. “Here’s some daemon raspberries on your belly.” Jo cackled madly and wailed in embarrassment as Kazuki started blowing raspberries on Jo’s taut stomach.

“Naaahhhhhh!” Jo wailed in despair as she tried to control herself. Kazuki changed her position so that she was straddling Jo’s hips. Her fingers continued to tickle Jo’s sides, but also began scraping up and down the sides of Jo’s neck. Her face scrunched up adorably as she tried to concentrate on not peeing herself whilst he was cackling with impotent laughter. Jo’s face took on a more and more pained expression, even as she was cackling wildly. Kazuki carried on her merciless fingertip assaults on Jo’s sides and neck. She changed tack and quickly started sticking her fingers into Jo’s armpits. Jo squealed and shook her head vehemently from side to side as if to deny what was happening to her. But it was no use. Her expression grew more and more desperate and her breathing grew more and more ragged and Kazuki’s fingers probed at her weakest points.

“Nuuuhhhh!” Jo groaned in defeat as she gave up her struggle and her body relaxed. Kazuki moved down so that she was no longer straddling Jo’s crotch. She saw the crotch of Jo’s robes darken with piss and she lost control of her bladder. “Nuuuhhh!” Jo flushed bright crimson in embarrassment at the indignity forced upon her.

“It’s your own fault.” Taunted Kazuki. “Just tell me how to open the casket.”

“Nuuuvuuur! Nuvvurrahahahahaha!” Jo protested. Her defiance in stark contrast to the apparent mirth she was being forced to feel.

Kazuki continued her rough teasing of Jo’s sides, interspersing rough finger scraping of Jo’s sides with kneading of Jo’s soft tummy. She grinned wickedly as Jo cackled and protested. She realised that Jo was not the only one who was wet at the crotch, although in Kazuki’s case it was from lust rather than a toilet break. She found herself beginning to grind herself against Jo’s crotch. It didn’t matter is she got some pee on her clothes. She suspected that she’d ruined her pants from the inside anyway.
Kazuki continued in her assault on Jo’s sides for what seemed an age. Eventually Kazuki stopped as Jo was staring up at her, totally exhausted. Her eyes were open wide, but no longer seeing. Her entire body was soaking with sweat; her blonde hair matted to her face and drool dribbling from the corner of her mouth.

Kazuki raised herself up and glanced down upon Jo. She was so cute. She had the most lovely smile, which Kazuki was glad to bring out. She had a cute little nose and the most beautiful bright green eyes. Along with her cute little tootsies and tight little belly, Kazuki thought that Jo was the definition of small but perfectly formed. She wondered if Jo’s titties were similarly well formed. She pulled out her knife and quickly sliced open the cloth across Jo’s chest. Jo’s titties were indeed very cute, being of the same pale and tender flesh as the rest of her. Kazuki was amused to see that Jo’s nipples were engorged with arousal. She bent her head down and gently bit down on Jo’s left nipple. Jo emitted a quiet “eek” of surprise. Jo groaned as Kazuki sucked hard on her nipple, which Kazuki was sure she could feel enlarging within her mouth.

“Nuuhhh. Pleease stop.” Jo protested. “Nuuuhhhh. Oh gods... nuuhhhh...” Jo’s quiet protests faded away as Kazuki’s dextrous fingers began slowly caressing Jo’s right breast. Her fingers stroked up and down and around Jo’s side, then back up across her nipple, which Kazuki then gently pinched and tweaked, eliciting yelps from Jo. Kazuki realised that she needed to moisturise her fingers. Her hand began to slowly glide down Jo’s tummy and her fingers slid down to Jo’s crotch. She could feel the soft hairs of the top of Jo’s mound.

Jo’s eyes opened in shock and she protested, “No. Please stop. Don’t. Please.”

Kazuki withdrew her hand and gently stroked Jo’s face. “You need to tell me how to open the casket.” Kazuki told her. “Then I can stop. But to be honest you seem to be enjoying this.” She grinned as she slowly nibbled again on Jo’s erect nipple.

“No I’m not!” protested Jo. “No, I, uuhhhh, by the gods...” Jo’s voice grew husky and she moaned slowly as Kazuki stroked and teased her in ways that she had never felt before. Kazuki had pleasured hundreds of people in her life and knew exactly where to push Jo’s buttons. Kazuki’s hand again began to slowly crawl down Jo’s crotch.

Jo stiffened. “No. Please don’t! Please!” She looked beseechingly at Kazuki.

“Come on Jo. It’s not that bad. I bet you’ve never been with a woman like me before. Nor a man as sexy as me either.” Kazuki reassured her. Kazuki knew that she was smoking hot, with her flawless skin, silken black hair and deep brown almond eyes. She’d never had a problem twisting people to her whims, apart from this stubborn priestess.

“That’s true.” Stammered Jo. “I’ve been raised at the abbey from birth. I’ve only just reached the age of majority a month ago. This is my first trip outside. I was hoping that I’d meet a brave knight and he’d sweep me off my feet and that he’d be my first time. But I guess that won’t be...” Jo looked wistful. She glared at Kazuki defiantly, “Do what you will. I’ll never open the casket for you.”

Shitshitshitshitshit. Kazuki cursed inwardly. This priestess was either an incredibly good liar, or as pure and innocent as she appeared. Kazuki had done a lot of bad things in her time. But her victims had always deserved it. They’d been thieves themselves, or merchants who had enriched themselves by exploiting the poor. She’d always given a good portion of her gains to her friends in the slums and helped the orphans. Actually, that was a lie. She’d always intended to do that, but by the time she had paid off debts and arranged pay offs for the next heist, she didn’t have that much left. Several years of whoring and thieving and all she had was her horse and a few pieces of equipment.

She looked down at Jo. Here was someone who had dedicated themselves to helping others. The fact that she was stupid and deluded didn’t take away from the strength of her convictions. Kazuki remembered a hypocritical bishop she’d tied up and jerked off until he’d revealed where he kept his stolen collection funds. He’d crumbled quickly. Kazuki sensed that Jo was a true believer and was never going to tell her how to open the casket, no matter what she did to her.

Gods, Jo was so beautiful. So bright and innocent, like Kazuki was in a different age. Did she want to defile her as she herself had been brought down by her own life. She just couldn’t do it. She looked again at Jo’s bright green eyes and her countenance, combining both strong will and innocence. Then Kazuki brightened. Whilst there was no way her conscience (What a fool she was to be troubled by that) would allow her to force Jo to open the casket, she could certainly persuade her to do so.

“Jo, you said that the contents of the casket was to enable you to drive off a daemon. Maybe that daemon is me?” Kazuki said. “I’ve done a lot of bad things. Maybe some would think of me as a daemon? If you let me take whatever’s in there, then you can drive me off and you can go on your way.”

Jo looked up at her, with a disdainful expression. “You’ve got to be kidding right? I’ve been trained to fight actual daemons. You’re just someone who’s done some bad things. It doesn’t mean that you have to stay a bad person.”

Kazuki smiled. That attempt was pretty weak sauce. Although she was surprised and touched at Jo’s assessment of her. She drew Jo upright and moved so that they were both sat straight up, lips mere inches apart. Kazuki was about to unleash her secret weapon. She grabbed Jo’s head in both hands and drew her into a passionate embrace, their lips touching. Jo moaned in protest. Kazuki needed to sweeten her up a bit first.

“Admit it Jo”. Kazuki admonished, “You’ve been enjoying this. Maybe not the tickling so much, but the soft strokes, like this...” Jo moaned and feebly tried to pull away.

“Noooo...” Jo protested.

“Isn’t there some rule against lying in your order?” Kazuki teased.

Jo’s eyes opened wide. She moaned again as Kazuki stroked her hands across Jo’s bare chest and up and down her neck. Kazuki opened her mouth as she kissed Jo and Jo responded. She pushed Jo’s face to hers as their tongues met. They both moaned as they drank in each other’s taste and scent. Kazuki was lost in a sense of pure bliss as she pressed her lips to Jo’s in their tender embrace.

Jo moaned in discomfort. Kazuki realised that Jo had been tied up for several hours. In fact, she’d lost so much track of time that afternoon had given way to dusk and the moon was now starting to rise in the sky. It was a full moon, illuminating Jo’s soft pale skin with a silver sheen, making her eyes glitter like emeralds set in silver.

Kazuki pulled out her knife and she sliced the bonds on Jo’s wrists and ankles. Even as she did it she cursed herself for her foolishness. Jo could easily run off or even try to stab her with her own knife. She looked deep into Jo’s emerald eyes. It was worth the risk. She stroked Jo’s neck. Jo purred with pleasure before she broke off the kiss and whispered into Kazuki’s ear, “This isn’t going to work you know. Trying to seduce me so that I open the casket.”

Kazuki smiled at Jo. She should have been angry, but at this time she was happy to be embracing such a beauteous creature. She gave Jo a long lingering kiss on the lips. Jo opened her mouth and again they touched tongues and moaned with pleasure. Kazuki had given up on the casket’s contents. Jo was a far more valuable treasure. She was by far the most beautiful woman she’d ever met. Her cynical side cursed her foolishness yet again. Charlotte had been her true love, and had nearly betrayed her. Never again. She’d enjoy Jo’s company for as long as she could, then she’d tie her up again and ask the abbey for a ransom. Not too much. Just enough so that it took them a few days to get the money together so that she could have her way with Jo’s soft and pampered tootsies and her soft tender tummy and cute little titties. She even harboured fantasies about getting Jo to give up her priestess robes and come with her. A stupid notion she knew.

Shadowbolt and the mare both whinnied. Silly creatures. There was nobody going to find them here.

“Good evening ladies. Looks like you’re having fun tonight.” A mocking female voice called from the opposite edge of the clearing. Kazuki and Jo both disengaged themselves and scrambled to get up. They both stared wide eyed in horror at the new arrival in the clearing. Shadowbolt and the mare were both desperately tugging at their tethers at the presence of this abomination in their midst. To Kazuki’s eyes she appeared as a beautiful nude blonde woman. Her skin was flawless and shone silver in the moonlight. Her eyes were solid emerald and were just a bit too big for her face. Her face was otherwise perfectly formed. Her lips were luscious, but their beauty was marred by the cruel smirk they were set in.

“Jo, open the casket!” Kazuki screamed. Jo scrambled up, stumbling on her stiff legs before she reached the panicking mare. She touched the gem on the casket and it began to open.

Meanwhile Kazuki had drawn her rapier and knife in both hands and assumed a threatening stance towards the mysterious intruder. Kazuki had heard tales of daemons. She’d assumed that it was a load of rubbish spouted by the temples to get suckers to donate to their overflowing coffers. But Kazuki was convinced that woman in front of them was some form of vile daemon. The horses had sensed its presence and were naturally afraid of it. Kazuki felt the hairs on her neck stand on end. Her teeth chattered. She gasped as the daemon woman was suddenly ten feet closer to them than it had been a moment before.

“It’s empty!” screamed Jo in despair. “There’s nothing in here!” She threw up her hands in horror as the daemon woman suddenly appeared next to her. It had teleported twenty feet in an instant. Kazuki lunged at it with her rapier, skewering the daemon through the chest. The daemon looked down at the blade through its chest and laughed.

“Jo, mount up and cut the tether! I’ll follow you!” Kazuki ordered. She threw the knife to Jo, who caught it clumsily. With a swiftness born of terror, she vaulted onto the mare’s back and sliced the taut rope the mare was tugging on. Jo shrieked in terror and held on for dear life as the mare bolted off faster than she’d ever thought possible. Kazuki turned back to the daemon woman. It’d disappeared from where it’d been impaled by the rapier and was now stood right next to Kazuki. Kazuki swung wildly and the rapier embedded itself halfway through the daemon’s neck. The daemon looked mildly annoyed.

“Drop your weapon.” The daemon commanded. “Follow me. Do not resist.”

Kazuki keened with terror as she felt her limbs take on a life of their own and obey the daemon. Her hands opened up and dropped her rapier, whilst her legs turned under their own volition and she stumbled towards the daemon. Her torso was still hers to control so her upper body swayed as if she was on a ship in stormy seas.

“Who are you? What are you?” Kazuki asked desperately.

“I am Kazarana Vee. Tonight, under the full moon, I will feed on your life force and continue building up my strength so that I can manifest on your world permanently.”

“You’re going to murder me?”

“No more a murder than you eating a chicken. Suffice to say that you will know more pleasure than many other mortals enjoy in the entirety of their life spans. You are to be envied.”

Kazuki was not reassured at this thought. This was looking like the end of the road for her. But she’d gotten out of tighter scrapes. Actually, that was a lie. Despair threw a black pall over her heart as she began to accept that she was going to die this night. A small spark of happiness lit itself in her heart. At least Jo had escaped. To Kazuki’s surprise that thought actually made her feel better about her impending demise. She felt that she’d shared something special with Jo and she felt richer in her soul than she ever had after any of her heists. She smiled wanly as she stumbled like a drunk towards her demise.

To be continued....