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    Sep 2013

    A Rogue's Reversal, part 2/2. F/f, daemon/ f - Explicit

    Hi folks,

    Part 2 of a prequel that I've written for one of my previous stories. Less boring "character" stuff this time and more depraved action.

    Please comment with any suggestions for improvements.


    Jo held on for dear life as Daisy, her normally plodding mare, galloped with a swiftness borne of preternatural terror. Jo’s arms were numb from gripping around Daisy’s neck and she feared that she was going to be thrown aside if their mad escape continued for much longer.

    Fortunately Daisy soon tired and slowed to a canter; then a trot and then she stopped, her breath coming out in short bursts. It was a good thing that Daisy was such an old nag, or they might have still been galloping full steam ahead.

    Jo looked around. The bandit woman and her stallion should be close behind. She said that she was going to follow her. Jo waited, for a seeming age. Daisy had begun chewing on some roadside grass. Jo realised that the bandit woman hasn’t made it. The daemon had caught her and a foul fate awaited her.

    Jo was torn. She could try and get help from the nearby village, but what would they do? Jo was by far the best qualified to slay the daemon. She’d studied them for years and had been shown how best to defeat them. But nothing had prepared her for the feeling of panic that had overcome her. It appeared as a beautiful nude woman, with a toned and athletic body. Silky black hair reached to its waist and its eyes were pure black against the moonlit silver of its pale skin, like onyx gems on a silver setting. It should have been a vision of loveliness, but her eyes rebelled when she had looked upon it. Its appearance was merely a mask to cover its true form.

    Jo knew that she was avoiding her responsibilities. It was her sacred calling to protect people from the daemons of the otherworld, even if those people were perhaps not the most pure or good hearted themselves. She steeled her resolve and pulled on Daisy’s reins. Daisy balked. “Now.” Jo commanded. Daisy paused, surprised at the tone of Jo’s voice, before she slowly turned around and they headed back to the bandit’s campsite.
    Jo only hoped that they could find the bandit in time.

    Kazuki struggled to overcome her compulsion to follow the daemon woman, but her legs were no longer hers to control. Her arms were now held in front of her straight and rigid. Earlier she’d fished out a throwing dagger and landed a great shot up to the hilt in the daemon’s back. The daemon had been annoyed and had now compelled her arms to no longer obey her.

    After an indeterminate amount of time the daemon led its way to a well concealed cave mouth. The daemon brushed aside the foliage and made its way inside. Kazuki’s legs made her follow after it. After a short distance they arrived at a small stone chamber. A shaft of moonlight illuminated a stone block covered in indecipherable runes. With a sinking heart Kazuki was sure that it was some form of sacrificial altar. And she was the offering.

    “Strip.” Commanded the daemon. Kazuki moaned in fear and frustration as her limbs moved of their own volition. She pulled off her boots and then her stockings. She gasped at the coolness of the cave floor on her soles. She pulled off her shirt and then her breast cloth.

    “Stop!” The daemon commanded. It stood before Kazuki, its inhumanly beautiful face filled with approval as it surveyed her fine upper body. Her pert breasts exposed with her nipples enlarged from the cold and the fun she had been having with Jo. “Continue!” It commanded. Kazuki undid her belt and stripped off her trousers. She then pulled off her panties. The daemon cackled as it saw the stains inside, shining like mercury in the moonlight. “It looks like you’ve made a good start.”

    Kazuki stood naked and helpless before the daemon woman. The daemon stood naked before Kazuki. It was the perfect form of feminine perfection, with a flawless physique. The breasts were perfectly shaped; the stomach toned and slender and her hips just voluptuous enough. And its legs were toned and went on for miles and miles down to perfectly formed feet. it's face was almost angelic and innocent, with emerald green eyes. Just like Jo... The daemon appraised Kazuki in a similar way before nodding its head in approval at its choice of victim.

    “Lie upon the altar!” It commanded. Kazuki lurched over to the altar. She shrieked in shock as she felt the icy cold of the altar against her back, but she was powerless to stop herself from lying upon it. “Don’t worry. You’ll soon be warmed up.” The daemon stated. Kazuki did not feel reassured.

    “Put your arms above your head!” It commanded. Kazuki’s limbs instantly obeyed it. “Open up your legs!” Kazuki opened up her legs as far as they would go. “Move your legs as I move them.”

    The daemon grabbed Kazuki’s right ankle and pulled her foot outwards and towards her butt. “Copy with your other leg.” It commanded. The daemon guided Kazuki’s right leg such that her thighs were parallel with her torso; her knees were up to her armpits and the soles of her feet were pointing directly upwards. This had the effect of leaving her pussy and bum hole totally exposed to the daemon’s attentions. “Excellent work. I chose well selecting you rather than that little girl you had with you. You are by far one of my most ravishing victims. Or ravishable in your case...”

    Kazuki’s eyes darted back and forth for a way out. Her arms and legs refused to obey her will. She could hear the daemon picking up an object. “Open your toes.” It commanded. Kazuki did so. She gasped as she felt liquid being poured on her soles. “It’s now time to warm you up.” The daemon informed her. Kazuki moaned as soft fingers began to slowly spread scented oil across her soles. She smiled and giggled softly as ten fingers tenderly spread the slick liquid between her toes and across her soles. The fingers then gently teased the oil across the tops of her feet and down her ankles. Kazuki was unable to even scrunch her toes in response. Her limbs would no longer obey her.

    Kazuki moaned with pleasure as more oil was applied and the ten fingers forcefully massaged it into her lower legs. She squealed as the fingers teased the back of her knees before spreading the oil across the backs of her thighs. She felt more oil being splashed on her and then the fingers began to slowly spread it towards her bum hole. “Oooohhh nooo!” Protested Kazuki. The daemon laughed. “Eeeeehhh!” Kazuki shrieked in shock as the deamon’s soft and oiled fingers began to slowly massage the oil across her anus. “Gahhh. Geddoff! Geddoff!” She protested. The daemon chuckled to itself and continued to remorselessly tease its fingers around Kazuki’s soft puckered bum hole. Sensations of pleasure, mixed with fear and embarrassment flooded through her body. She grunted with exertion as she struggled to get away, but she was helpless. She moaned as oiled fingers moved up her perineum and started to spread oil on her pussy lips. Kazuki moaned even louder as fingertips partially penetrated her pussy and spread the oil inside her pussy.

    Kazuki was noticing that the oiled areas were starting to tingle with warmth, especially her anus and pussy. Heat was radiating from her skin. “Let’s not forget your little nubbin.” Crowed the daemon. Its soft fingers deftly lifted aside Kazuki’s clitoral hood. Two fingers softly stroked her clitoris.

    “Nooo! Shit! Noooo!” Protested Kazuki. The daemon simply smiled a cruel smile as its oiled fingers continued their slow caress of Kazuki’s clitoris. Their touch was unnaturally soft, like the gentlest teasing of a soft breeze in the summer time. Kazuki moaned as her pelvic muscles tensed up in response to the teasing of her clit. She was about to lose control. But when? Damnit, when? The teasing was so soft, but so insistent. She began to pant as the stimulation overwhelmed her senses. “Sheee aarhhh!” Kazuki screamed as a third finger joined in, slowly teasing the hypersensitive flesh of her anus. The soft stroking of the three fingers continued up and down, around and around for a seeming age. Kazuki roared in rage but the daemon simply smiled the same mocking smile.

    A little spurt of fluid splashed out of Kazuki’s vagina as her pelvis rocked with a sharp and intense orgasm. The daemon’s fingers sped up to maximise the sensations shooting through Kazuki’s pelvis and up her body. After a few seconds Kazuki lay exhausted, with fluids dribbling from her pussy.

    “That,” said the daemon, “was pleasure. But this is nowhere near what you will be feeling when your life is gone.” Kazuki looked in apprehension. That didn’t sound good. “Now to see how sensitive you are after your first little treat.”

    The daemon walked around Kazuki to her side and began to slather oil across her outstretched torso. Oil pooled in her belly button and the daemon giggled as it slowly poked a finger into Kazuki’s belly button, trailing oil across her taut and heaving belly. The deamon’s hands moved up and down massaging the oil into her stomach and her sides. It paid special attention to Kazuki’s breasts, slowly trailing its soft fingers across her sensitive breasts and gently caressing Kazuki’s engorged nipples, interspersed with soft teasing strokes of its fingertips. Kazuki moaned in pleasure. She wondered if this was what Jo had felt when Kazuki teased her breasts: So frightened and helpless.

    The daemon smiled serenely as it continued to spread the oil around Kazuki’s upper chest and into kazuki’s armpits. The daemon gave a malign grin as it began to slowly tease Kazuki’s armpits with soft gentle flicks of its fingertips. Kazuki tittered and giggled. She thrashed her head around and her torso rocked up and down, but her limbs were immobilised and she could do nothing but curse and howl impotently as the daemon’s tickling flicks increased in intensity. The daemon was pleased to find such a sensitive place to torment.

    The daemons slick fingers moved upwards and teased the sides of Kazuki’s neck. Her jaw tensed in an effort to stop the feelings, but she was otherwise helpless to stop what was happening to her. Kazuki howled with rage and her eyes looked murderously at the daemon with impotent rage, but it just smiled as it knew there was nothing Kazuki could do to it.

    Eventually the daemon stopped and Kazuki breathed a sigh of relief. Her face was flushed and sweat had matted her silken black hair to her face. Her entire body was covered in a sheen of sweat, shining white in the moonlight. “I told you that I’d warm you up.” Crowed the daemon.

    “Now for another treat.” Promised the daemon. It moved back between Kazuki’s legs. It’s head nestled down to her crotch and with one movement an unnaturally large tongue slurped all the way across Kazuki’s anus, perinium and into her pussy. Kazuki howled in outrage as the forced waves of pleasure cascaded from her crotch. The daemon’s tongue slurped again, and again and again.

    “Nuuuhhh! Nuuuaahhh!” Screamed Kazuki. The daemon chuckled quietly to itself and continued its merciless tonguing of Kazuki’s most sensitive places. It carried on for what seemed like hours. Kazuki’s eyes rolled up in her head as the sensations overwhelmed her and her pussy dribbled out juices interspersed with spurts of piss as she lost control of herself. “NNuuuaahhhahhhhhuuhhhahhhhhh!” Kazuki emitted a long plaintive howl as she approached yet another forced orgasm. “Nuuahhhhaahhhh Uh! Uh! Uh! Auhahhha! EEeehhh! Oh Gods! Eeeeugghhhhhhh!!!!” Her entire torso shook and she almost bounced off the altar as her body was wracked with spasms. The daemon held her fast and continued its merciless licking of Kazuki’s privates. “Nuuahhhh Uh! Uh! EEhhh! Uuuurggg. Uuurrr...” Kazuki howled a few more times and then she was silent as she fainted from the enforced bliss, drool dribbling from her slack mouth.

    The daemon was pleased. This woman was very strong. She was going to give so much energy to the daemon when she expired. But it was going to take a lot of work to get her to expire through pure pleasure. But that work, being able to inflict such delightful torments on the creatures of this plane, was a pleasure in itself.

    “Time to wake up my dear.” Cooed the daemon. It began to rake all ten of its nails across Kazuki’s oiled soles, held fast at the perfect height to reach them with finger and tongue. Kazuki began to stir and her head shook from side to side as the sensations reached her through her grogginess. Up and down the daemon’s nails scraped, over and over again, from heel to between Kazuki’s toes, held open helplessly, back down again, then up and down and up and down and up and down, leaving red trails of pressed flesh on Kazuki’s soft pink soles.

    “Naahhhh! Aaahhhh!” Kazuki screamed as the daemon tormented her soft tender soles. Her legs were rigid and immobile. She tried desperately to escape, her butt thumping up and down in a frenzied rhythm on the stone altar. The daemon smiled as it savoured its captive’s helpless writhings. The daemon’s fingers began attacking the tops of Kazuki’s feet, then moved back to her soles. Then it paid special attention to kazuki’s tender insteps. Kazuki’s eyes widened as she felt the desperate urge to piss herself. “Nuuuhhh! Plueessee! Nuuhhh!” Piss spurted out above her pussy and dribbled down to join the rapidly accumulating collection of fluids beneath her crotch. “Naahhhh!” Kazuki cried out in despair.

    The daemon smiled briefly. Then a moment later it disappeared from view and was immediately kneeling upon the altar. It reached past Kazuki’s thighs and began scraping its hand mercilessly up and down Kazuki’s sides. Its fingers were merciless in kneading Kazuki’s belly and poking into her belly button, before moving its flitting fingers up to tease the underside of Kazuki’s breasts. Kazuki’s body spasmed upwards in an inverted U as she screamed and screamed again at the daemon to stop. The daemon was merciless and continued its assault, getting more and more rough. Its nails scraped Kazuki’s skin, leaving red trails as it scraped up and down and up and down Kazuki’s sides and titties.

    A second later the daemon was leaning forward, sucking hard on Kazuki’s left nipple even as it scraped its fingers relentlessly up and down Kazuki’s armpits. “Geeeehheee! Geeeaarrgghhhh! Fuucckkkkeerrr! Fuucckkkahahahahahaeearrghh!” Kazuki screamed incoherently in rage and despair as her body was mercilessly teased by this evil daemonic thing. The scraping and licking and sucking continued unabated as Kazuki’s screams became more raucous, before eventually first her voice gave out and then, a few minutes later her strength. She couldn’t even moan as her eyes rolled back in her head and her mouth was trapped in a helpless rictus grin. Her entire torso was now criss-crossed with red marks where her soft pale brown skin had been mercilessly tormented by the daemon.

    “You’re strong.” The daemon commented. Some of my previous captives were dead by now. It’s going to take a lot more to finish you off. Kazuki moaned as she dreaded what was coming next. “That was quite unpleasant for you I am sure.” Said the daemon, “But here’s a reward for your fortitude.” The daemon appeared again between Kazuki’s legs. Its head reached down and began to expertly lick Kazuki’s throbbing clitoris. Meanwhile its left fingers were smeared in the puddle of fluids on the altar before it began to slowly tease the forefinger around Kazuki’s anus. The daemon spread the slick fluids all around for a few seconds before it began to gently force its forefinger up Kazuki’s puckered hole.

    “Guuhhh! Nuuhhh!” Kazuki protested. “Nuuhhh!” The daemon withdrew its finger, which had gone in up to the first joint, picked up some more lubricant and then slid its finger in all the way up to the knuckle. “Geeauuhhh!” Kazuki grunted at this completely alien sensation. She’d never offered anal at the whorehouse. She was good looking enough to set her own rules on what she’d do for her money. Her eyes opened wide in shock as the daemon’s finger began to pump its way rapidly up and down her anal passage. “Geeuhhh ahhh ahhh!” She grunted as the pumping became faster and faster. Her butt cheeks slapped against the altar top in time with the daemon’s finger pumping.

    “Hold your hips still!” The daemon commanded. Kazuki felt the pounding sensations intensify as she was unable to move herself at all to minimise them. The daemon smiled as it greased up the fingers of its right hand and thrust them up Kazuki’s pussy up to the first joints. It then slowly eased its fingers in all the way up to the second knuckles. It knew that maximum stimulation occurred a couple of inches past the vaginal opening, but that there was a certain satisfaction in being completely filled up. It forced the four fingers in up to the knuckle, its thumb slowly teasing the area just under Kazuki’s clit that it was still licking. It then began to slowly pump its four fingers in and out of Kazuki’s gushing pussy. Kazuki howled animalistically as the daemon’s pumping of her pussy intensified to match the swift strokes of the finger in her anus. Its tongue flicked her clit relentlessly. Kazuki could feel her vaginal muscles spasm and greedily grasp the deamon’s fingers as a screaming orgasm broke through Kazuki’s body.

    “Ghhaaaa ahhhh ahhhhh EEaahhhhhhh!!!” Kazuki’s head pounded back against the altar stone as jolt after jolt after jolt of pleasure broke through her body.

    “Hold your head still.” The daemon commanded. Kazuki’s orgasmic howling continued as more orgasms ripped through her body. The intensity was heightened by her complete inability to move any part of her body apart from her chest. She howled again as another orgasmic blend of anal, clitoral and vaginal stimulation was visited upon her body. Then she fainted.

    The next thing she knew she was being awoken with smelling salts. Had it all been some bad dream? Sadly not. The daemon was still there, smiling down upon her.

    “You’re very strong. But you faint before you’re ready to be finished off. This will fix that.” The daemon produced a vial of blue liquid. Kazuki instinctively held her mouth closed tight. “Drink it. Swallow it.” The daemon commanded.

    Kazuki did so, unable to resist the daemon’s commands. She gagged at the acrid taste of the potion. A moment later she noticed that her vision was perceptibly clearer than before. Everything seemed to be in sharper focus. She could hear the beating of her heart and could smell far more clearly the stink of her body after gods knows how long at the mercy of this fiend.

    “This little concoction will stop you from conking out on me again.” The daemon explained. “It also has the added bonus of this...”
    The daemon bent down to kiss Kazuki, its lips pressing against hers. She felt jolts of pleasure where their lips touched. The daemon gently stroked Kazuki’s neck and she would have jumped off the altar if she’d been able. It was simply the most intense touch that she’d ever felt. “Your senses are greatly heightened, so everything will be magnified in intensity. And remember, there’s no fainting away this time.” The daemon smiled evilly at her. “Oh, and close your eyes.” It commanded.

    Kazuki’s eyes scrunched shut. A few seconds later she felt the daemon’s fingers stroking up and down the sides of her neck, as well as stroking the lobes of her ears. The daemon was licking her neck, then moving down and sucking on her nipples. Then it was somehow sucking on both nipples, vacuuming her rock hard nipples; gently nibbling on both of her hard nipples, whilst slowly teasing the bottom of her breasts. But that couldn’t be right? The daemon was still stroking her ears and neck.

    “Neehheehahaha! Eaaerghhh erma gerd!” Kazuki babbled as she felt a tongue slurp its way around her belly button. “Neeaaerhghhh Noooaahhehahahahaha!” Kazuki screamed with laughter as cruel fingers scraped up and down her sides. Up and down, up and down, up and down, with pause or pity. “Neeeeaaghhh! Fuucckkkk!” Kazuki screamed as fingers began scraping up and down her soles. Other fingers were rapidly teasing her insteps and other fingers were assaulting the tops of her feet, punishing them with merciless abandon. “Geeurrgghhh! UUughhhh! Nughhh! Stuuuppppiittt!” She managed to scream out as the dozen pairs of arms continued to assault her body. “Weeeheeheehee naahahahahaha!” She burst into shocked laughter as what felt like dozens of tongues began slurping between her toes, and then she felt each toe being sucked and nibbled on, whilst a tongue flicked between each toe and dozens of fingers scraped her soles.

    Kazuki thought that she must be going mad. It must be the drug warping her perception. She was too busy to think about what must be happening. It must be that damn potion. “Ghahahahahhahahha Ggeuuuhughhhh Cakahahakakakak Gahacahahahaha eeeuurgghhhh!” Kazuki screamed and babbled in ticklish torment as her entire body was assaulted all over. She barely noticed the sensation of her pussy lips being pulled apart and then what felt like an entire arm slowly pushed up her gushing pussy. She’d never been so deeply filled before. At the same time tongues flicked across the backs of her thighs and her knees. She could even feel a tongue teasing her anus. “Ghuuuhuhuhuhuhu Gheearrghhuhuhuhuhuhu! Noghuhuhuhearrghhhh!” Kazuki was so far gone that she didn’t even register her anus being pried open and a long tongue venture deep inside and start pumping in and out with the massive object up her pussy.

    “Geeearrhghhhh Neeuuaghhhh! Nuhhhnuhhhh nuhhhh Fukk gearrghhh!” Kazuki’s mind was gone now. Her entire body was awash with sensations. Far more than she was equipped to handle. All she could hear was her heart. Thmthmthmthmthmthmthmthtmt at five beats per second or possibly more. Kazuki was too far gone to care. “Nuughhhh nuhhhhh nuhhhhh” She babbled as her strength gave out. She could feel a pain in the left side of her chest, and a strange sensation of pins and needles in her left arm, strong enough to overcome the feelings of pleasure and torment from the rest of her body. “Nuughhhh nughhhh nughh eehhh uhhh eh uhhh... nuhh... uhh. Ah.. .......”

    Kazuki suddenly felt at peace. She couldn’t see anything, hear anything or feel anything. All was quiet. Then she heard a loud roar and she was floating high up in the room. The moonlight shone through her as she looked down at the scene. Upon an altar stone was a beautiful oriental woman, her mouth twisted in an open gasp of desperation. Her eyes looked up unseeing at Kazuki. Covering most of the woman’s body was a vast number of naked women, scraping, tickling, sucking and nibbling upon nearly every inch of the oriental woman’s flesh. But Kazuki’s eyes, if she had any, would have hurt as she tried to count how many women there were. There seemed to be the heads of a dozen beautiful blonde women, and many more arms, but she couldn’t make out any torsos, or even more than one pair of legs. That couldn’t be right...

    A moment later a beautiful blonde woman in shining white robes swept into the chamber. The pile of nude women formed into a single nude woman – that was something that you didn’t see every day – and confronted the new arrival. The nude woman gestured at the oriental woman lying motionless, legs akimbo atop the altar and appeared to laugh. That didn’t seem very nice.

    The white robed woman shouted something. Kazuki couldn’t hear what was said as the scene below her was now somehow muted. The nude woman gestured at the white robe woman and issued a command of some sort. The white robe woman refused and gestured at the nude woman with a silver trinket of some kind. White light shone out of it and the nude woman screamed silently. The light would have been blinding if Kazuki had any eyes. The next instant the nude woman was gone. Upon the floor was a black gem that the white robe woman hastily picked up before scurrying to the oriental woman’s side.

    The white robed woman looked panicked, but she soon regained her composure and started to lay her hands upon the oriental woman’s chest. The moon seemed to be really bright now. Kazuki looked up and saw that the moon had been replaced by a white tunnel of shining light. Kazuki wondered where the tunnel went. Only one way to find out...

    Then she looked down and saw that the white robed woman was sobbing and banging her fists on the oriental woman’s chest. That didn’t seem right. Maybe Kazuki could help? She felt herself float down towards them to see if she could offer any advice. Then –

    Kazuki gulped in a huge lungful of air and her chest heaved. Her eyes blinked rapidly as she returned to the land of the living.
    “You’re alive!” screamed Jo gladly. Kazuki looked up at her and was entranced yet again by Jo’s angelic smile.

    “I am?” asked Kazuki. “Yes, yes I am! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” She tried to move her head. “But I can’t move my limbs.”

    “Hmmmm. That’s weird,” said Jo. I’d have expected the daemon’s powers to have worn off upon its death. Kazuki hear Jo pace to the end of the altar. “So there’s nothing you could do if anybody decided to do this?!” Kazuki gasped as Jo’s finger quickly stroked down one of her helpless soles.

    “Eeehhh! No please!” Begged Kazuki.
    “Or this?” asked Jo. Kazuki groaned with shock and pleasure as Jo’s tongue schlurped across the sole of her foot. “Or this?” Teased Jo. Kazuki tittered as Jo’s fingers lightly danced across her newly moistened sole.

    “Nooo, stop it! Please stop it!” begged Kazuki.

    Jo stepped to Kazuki’s chest. “But you look like you’re enjoying it?” said Jo mockingly. She bent down and gently nibbled one of Kazuki’s erect nipples. Kazuki gasped with pleasure.

    Jo moved her face close to Kazuki’s. “Looks to me like there’s nothing to stop me from just spending the rest of the night, and the next day for that matter, mercilessly tickling every inch of your helpless hot body.” Kazuki was amazed at how angelic Jo looked even as she made her dire threat. Kazuki giggled helplessly as Jo ruthlessly darted several of her fingers rapidly into Kazuki’s sides. “Tickle tickle tickle!” Taunted Jo.

    “Naahhahahaha! Please! Stopittt!” Kazuki pleaded. Jo smiled down at her sweetly before resuming her tickle attack for a few more seconds.

    “Not so nice when you’re on the other side now is it?” asked Jo, her face a mask of sternness.

    “I’m sorry for what I did to you Jo. It was wrong of me, and I can’t take it back.” Kazuki said. “But rest assured that I’ve endured more in the last, however long, than I’ve ever dished out in my life.” Jo opened her mouth to speak. Kazuki continued, “But I understand if you want revenge. I won’t hold it against you. I’ll still be grateful to you for saving my life, whatever you do. Well unless you kill me or something...” Kazuki finished lamely.

    “Okay.” Said Jo. She snapped her fingers. “You can move now.”

    “You’re not going to take your revenge on me?” asked Kazuki. She surprised herself at the hint of disappointment that was evident in her voice. She hoped that Jo hadn’t noticed. She raised herself slowly from the altar. She felt whoozy and Jo grabbed her with her soft but surprisingly strong hands. Kazuki bent down and gently kissed Jo on the lips. Jo returned the kiss, then after a second pulled back. Kazuki looked aghast then said, “I understand. I thought that we had a connection, but it was just you pretending so that I didn’t torment you again. I’m sorry.”

    Kazuki looked at Jo. She was so beautiful. But Kazuki knew that she could never have her. Jo had saved her, but she was a priestess. It was her job. Even down to saving a lowdown no good bandit like Kazuki. She was lucky that Jo hadn’t left her there for the authorities to cart off to jail, or taken her own revenge on her. She wanted more than anything in the world to be with Jo and enjoy her sweet smile and her pure spirit. But she knew that she’d ruined any possible friendship.

    “Where will you go next?” asked Jo.

    “I don’t know. I think that it’s time to try to find an honest trade. I used to be a whore. I could still do that I think.”

    “Absolutely you could.” Said Jo. “I mean that it’s a legitimate job giving people pleasure.” Jo flushed red. “Have you ever considered being a guide?”

    “Guide?” asked Kazuki.

    “Even though I slew the daemon and saved the day,” Jo said. “I must admit that you are correct. I’ve been cloistered away my whole life and I need help with the more mundane dangers of the outside world. I’m hoping that you can guide me in that regard?”

    Fuck yes! Kazuki kept her face non committal and concealed her joy at being with Jo on her travels. “Yes. I think I can do that. What rate are you offering?”

    “Er,” said Jo. “I can’t pay you much.”

    “No. No worries little priestess. We’ll sort something out.” Kazuki reassured her. Jo smiled at the news. Kazuki's heart leapt with joy.

    “Well, you’d better get dressed, you’ve got guiding to do!”

    “Yes boss!” Kazuki said, as she gathered up her discarded clothes.

    “Also, it would be nice to know your name.” Jo said with a smile.

    Minutes later they were riding out from outside the cave where Jo had tethered Daisy back to the clearing to collect Shadowbolt.
    Kazuki was sitting behind Jo’s saddle, her arms wrapped around Jo’s waist. She gently drank in the sweet scent of lavender from Jo’s blonde hair. Kazuki whispered in Jo’s ear. “There’s just one thing I want to know.”

    “What’s that?” asked Jo.

    “What was the point of the casket if it was empty?”

    “It was a final lesson from the abbot. He told me that it contained all that I needed to defeat the daemon.”

    “But it was empty”

    “Not quite. There was “nothing” in it. That was all I needed. “Nothing.” I was strong enough all along.”

    “Sounds like a bunch of bull to me.” Kazuki replied. Kazuki flushed as she was afraid that she’d offended Jo.
    Jo laughed with her angelic laugh and simply said, “I think that we can both agree it was an interesting day, regardless of our opinions on riddles and tests.” Kazuki laughed in agreement.

    They were soon back at the clearing. They packed up Kazuki’s camp and they were soon riding off on separate steeds to the next village. They rode on silently and Jo thought back on the day’s adventure. She had triumphed in her first real test. But she was still too flawed to be considered a true priestess of the order. When she’d found Kazuki helpless on the altar and had brought her back to life, the temptation to have her way with her was nearly overwhelming. She wanted nothing more than to strip off and rub her naked body against Kazuki’s. To make her squeal with delight as she tickled and nibbled her most intimate places. Her pussy was still dripping from the thought of it.

    And when Kazuki had kissed her she wanted nothing more than to reciprocate. To lose herself in Kazuki’s sweet embrace and make love to her on the floor of the cave. But that would have been taking advantage of a woman who’d been through a terrible ordeal and was at her most vulnerable.

    And Kazuki was a good person. True, she had done some bad things, but she had thought to save Jo before herself. And what the daemon had done to her was surely penance enough. Jo had no right to expose her to any more dark dangers. But she just couldn’t resist Kazuki’s company. It was surely no coincidence that the daemon looked so much like Kazuki – reflecting her own deepest desires. But she’d have to set that aside and do her best to guard and protect Kazuki for as long as they travelled on whatever adventures awaited them.

    The End. For now....

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    I've really enjoyed your contributions here - thank you !!

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