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    Jan 2022
    This is a great thread and as a producer I'm glad to read all of it. The issue of course is that everyone is different. For ME personally (who im not producing for obviously), I HATE nylons, along with the remarks about feet stinking. I find it gross. I like clean, soft, well taken care of, ticklish feet. But again, that's me.
    I try to mix it up for everyone in my vids and unless its a custom I can't possibly cater to everyone. Girls are different levels of ticklish and that should be commonsense to most. Problem is, there have been years of non-ticklish models that are good at acting, and when the audience comes to expect every model to be screaming the entire clip well....it raises expectations beyond reality.
    I've had (and have) different girls who react differently. My wife (Mint Vixen, if you recall her - she's now retired) loves her feet played with, and is ticklish but not to the points of a feather doing anything. I'd say she's a 6, and it depends greatly on her mood (that's actually VERY common....think of yourself in a horrible mood and someone trying to tell you a joke that you would normally laugh at, its no different with tickling). I've got some who want closeups of the feet constant, while others like the face at times, and some want both. Some loves stocks (I'm not one, they look 'clunky' to me and I like bondage) while others (very few) like gags. I'm in the vast minority and I love gagged tickling; the desperation makes it more intense to me, but I also understand the majority want to hear the laughter. I get it.
    I say all that to say, I try to add a lot of variety in my clips. I've worked with a model recently who is off the charts, feather ticklish and its legit. I realized that yesterday when I was doing a hogtie bondage video with her, and was binding her soles together when I finished her tie, but she couldn't stop laughing at just the rope passing through her soles. So, I started tickling her. Made her struggles far more entertaining, and she was gagged at the time. Because of THAT reaction, I went ahead and made a straight up tickle video immediately afterward. Too good to pass up.
    But again, I varied everything I used but kept it foot focused. It makes sense to me, because most (99%?) of us are also foot fetishists. I used fingers and multiple tools, trying to please the crowd. I've no idea how to make everyone happy but what I may start doing is one long tickling vid, and chop it up into sections where each 'tool' or fingers are used. If I do that however, the folks wanting the entire clip get fleeced financially because of that. I'm trying to give the best bang for the buck, so I include everything in the shoots and you may watch whatever section you prefer. At least that's what I think is most fair? Am I wrong?
    I did one video last month with a different girl, who was also crazy ticklish. But what I did there was I focused on her feet, but then had a section where I had the vid on her face, but it didn't sell well. The things that don't sell well, I end up avoiding the ideas in future vids. Just makes sense business-wise.

    What seems to sell best, for me at least - are the videos where I mummify the girls, strap their feet up tight and go to town on them. I have two videos like that and they've both sold extremely well. I promise I'm not trying to be 'sly' and pimp my store here, but the thread caught my eye and felt the need to give my own perspective, and hope it cleared my own thinking up for some. I'm certainly all ears though and am always interested in feedback from fans/potential fans.

    IF you are curious about my wares, I'm now under the name Fettish on C4S: https://t.co/tcAt2xHS89
    The highest sellers have been:
    Sara - Mummified Tight Relentless Tickling!
    Tickling Daisy's Barefeet

    I'm not primarily a tickle store, but its definitely leaning that way when I read my sales. Seems to be the large interest. As long as it sells I'll definitely keep buying.

    Anyway, I DO offer customs (ok now I DO sound like I'm pimping) so if anyone is ever interested I'm available on Twitter under @immobility_ where I post short clip previews and updates. I do hope to bring good material to the community and hope to hear from you guys. Thanks!

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    Apr 2002
    Tempe, AZ
    Things that turn me off:

    not being able to see the tickler or ticklee's face much of the video
    when a video labelled F/F has a dude join halfway in or interrupt several times
    video sold as HD is an upscaled video shot in low res
    seeing a penis, especially in a chastity device

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    Jul 2009
    Ohio but a Jersey girl at heart (and will be back soon). Ope
    Blog Entries
    Lickling/ toe sucking.
    up close of feet (irony on my part I know)
    Little or no dialogue/banter
    Me, right now, probably

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    Nov 2012
    NY state... Hudson Valley
    Socks. Ridiculously bad bondage. Hearing the guy with the camera breathing. Not seeing the tickler's face.

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    Nov 2005
    Earth. Welcome.
    Tickle talk by the tickler. Ice tickling(?), Not seeing the ticklee's face. Music drowning out the ticklee (looking at you CalStar). Fluttering a feather everywhere on the ticklee's body. Making the ticklee act like the feather is tickling even though it is being fluttered ineffectively all over her body.
    Now that I think of it, watch a CalStar movie, then don't do those things. Love the models, hate the studio.

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