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    The Examination M/M/M/

    "Before you can qualify for Captain of the team Doc has to give you an exam."

    "Yes, coach." said Jason as he undressed. The coach watched him strip to sneakers and socks. Jason had a great body with sharp definition and perfect proportions on his 6' frame. As the naked boy stood before him, it was obvious how the 18 year old had earned the name of 'Big Man' his dick was enormous. The thick, muscular shaft was capped by a spectacular, circumcised helmet head.

    "If you want to be Captain, you have to do exactly what Doc and I say. OK, Jason?"

    "Yeah, sure, Coach. Whatever you guys say."

    "Good boy!" Coach slapped Jason' s bare ass. Now, get up on the exam table. Gotta secure you in."

    Despite Jason's expression of concern, the coach secured both of Jason' s wrists down by the table sides. Doc conveniently provided the restraints on each side of the exam table. Then coach cranked up the back portion of the table, raising Jason' s upper body, pulled out the stirrups from each side of the table, and raised them into position as Doc had instructed.

    "Put your legs in the stirrups."

    "Why you tyin' me up like this, Coach?"

    "This is a complex type of exam, Jason, we have to keep you still. Understand?"

    "Sort of, I think, not really."

    Jason looked puzzled, but raised each leg and placed them up in the stirrups, each one supporting his legs behind the knee joint. Thanks to the adjustments made by Doc, the coach placed the leather restraints around his legs, holding them fast to each stirrup. Now Jason was all set, trussed helplessly to the table, upper body raised, both legs bound and elevated at each knee, the stirrups spreading the boy' s thighs wide open showing everything he had on display, with his buttcheeks near the edge of the table. As he gazed down through his wide-splayed thighs, the door opened and Doc entered the room.

    "Well, well, so you are Jason. Nice to meet you...I' m Doc, and I understand that you need to have me examine you so you can Captain the team for the Coach here." Doc winked at the Coach.

    "Yes Sir, Doc." Jason felt awkward meeting a Doctor naked, strapped to an examining table, legs spread open like a V . Regardless, the exam began and it proceeded as any other exam he' d had. Doc checked his heart, blood pressure, asked questions about his health and various family medical history and so on and so on. Jason watched this older, balding man work as he poked and pushed his fingers into Jason' s midsection. He was at ease until...

    "I need to check your prostrate and take your temperature... guess we'll do it rectally."

    Jason flinched as the rubber glove was snapped on by the doctor. Taking a gob of KY, Doc started to prepare the boy' s rectum for the assault. Doc talked about football as his skilled, gloved, finger tickled and lubed the dusky rosette. With the gentle tickling and stroking of his anus, Jason' s dick began to swell. Doc and the coach exchanged knowing glances at one another. Then Doc slowly, gently goosed his finger into the boy' s rectum. It entered easily and Doc began to perform the most exotic prostrate exam ever inflicted on an 18 year old jock posterior.

    "OH...OHHHH...Doc!...That feels so strange..." Jason s cock became totally erect.

    "Good boy Jason!... Quite a kid, ain't he, Doc?"

    "That he is...yes sir...that he is...my, my...that' s heavy duty equipment, son. Now, let's take that temp." Doc replaced his finger with the rectal thermometer. After a few minutes, he pulled it out and read it. Normal.

    "Ah, sorry, Doc...can' t help gettin' hard..."

    "A very normal reaction, Jason you see..." Doc reinserted his finger into the boy' s rectum and tickled the prostrate gently.

    "Ahhhhhoooooooouuuuu..." Jason s dick was standing tall and throbbing. Doc took the organ in his hands and felt its girth. Looking at the coach while both hands worked, Doc explained to Jason that his reactions were normal and expected.

    "Coach examine his feet, he needs to be light and tender footed to be a Captain so please check this out for me

    "Er Coach my feet are very warm and sweaty in my sneakers wearing them all day!"

    "Again quite normal Jason so in order, Coach take off Jason's sneakers and examine his feet please" said Doc

    A specially raised stool the Coach sat on had him on line with each foot as he unlaced and slowly pulled off the right one and checked inside sniffing it telling the Doc, size 11 with healthy, sweaty foot stench and dropped the sneaker then using his fingers immediately began lightly tickling the right foot through the days worn white sports sock, beginning at the heel and sliding fingertips up over the arch. Jason couldn't stop himself as embarrassing as it was and burst out laughing clenching his toes tight which the Coach promptly held back with his free hand, keeping the socked sole taut and continued running his other fingers up and down the length of it!

    "Hmmm seems a real tenderfoot even in his sock, pull it off and try barefoot Coach!" the Doc said giving the Coach a wink Jason didn't see!

    The Coach's fingers pulled the right sock up slowly, folding it over and over until Jason's heel and arch were bare but his toes still covered.

    Then the Doc spoke "A necessary examination and one which will it would seem tickle you Jason but bear with it please and react normally for someone with a very ticklish foot that is secured and being tickled with no means of avoiding this from happening, good boy!"

    Jason tried to prepare for it but the feeling of his Coach's fingers wiggling and tracing circles over his bare, soft, moist arch had Jason howling with laughter and bouncing around on the examination table. The Coach then used his other hand's thumb to push Jason's toes back and used his fingers to tickle the sweaty undersides, sliding the fabric of his socks over the skin and baring his toes which were systematically stroked in between and under them all which tickled so much it was torture!

    The tickling stopped as Doc nodded

    "Jason relax please now do you masturbate? No need to be embarrassed, just asking as Doc not a priest."

    "Ah yeah, sort of have to...you know...but couldn't do it at all this last week."

    "Really? Why not?" Doc was softly stroking the erection. The head began to deepen in color.

    "Ohhh... don' t know, just.. should of, need to..." Jason felt dizzy and heady as he watched Doc' s hand. The gentle way the man was manipulating his dick was making him hotter and hotter. Hell, he didn't care, this was private, nobody would ever know, he just wished Doc would jack him off or something. He used KY on himself. If only his hands were free, he'd ask permission to go and jack off. Suddenly, as if reading his mind, Doc made a circle around Jason' s shaft with his thumb and index finger just behind the glands and gently started to stroke him.

    "Is that about how you grasp it?...Just behind the head?"

    "Oh yeah...yeah...like that...sometimes use that stuff you put on my ass..."

    With one hand Doc resumed tickling Jason' s prostrate, the other stroked the dick. The stroking was short but slow, with the jacking hand staying close to the top of the shaft, but not going over the head.

    Jason groaned. "Doc...this is making me soo horny."

    "Oh!! Slow down there, son. In order for the Coach and I to evaluate you completely, we have to include a little endurance testing. It will only take about an hour or so."

    "W...what's he gonna do Coach?"

    "Don' t worry, Jason, its part of the exam. You have to take it."

    Doc released the boy's dick and withdrew his tickling digit from Jason's' s rectum. Stepping to the sink, he removed the latex glove, washed his hands. He paused to put on new gloves and brought another pair for the coach, also bringing something that looked like a long, broken, wide rubber band. He handed the extra pair of gloves to the coach, who promptly snapped them on. Then Doc directed his attention to Jason.

    "Usually, these tourniquets are used around a patient' s arm when we draw blood for testing but for the purpose of this test..." Doc bent over the boy and started to install the elastic tourniquet first around the base of Jason's balls. "...we' re going to put it on like this...yes that's right...Ah..." Doc continued the installation. Now the flat elastic was wrapped around the very base of the cock shaft "...and like that...and all set!"

    Jason looked down at his now, trussed-up erection standing tall between his wide-spread thighs. The tourniquet was now a perfect cock ring. The flat elastic fit snugly around the base of his cock and balls, framing them. Doc even encircled the base of the shaft with it, too. There was a tight feeling, but the elastic was flexible enough to provide the proper breathing room.

    Doc tickled the underside of the throbbing head with an index finger. "Jason I believe it has become even larger!"

    It was true, the throbbing organ bobbed with life in its elastic prison. Jason watched his dick pulse and sway; he didn't even notice Doc making a final adjustment as he prepared his mouth for his task. The man' s dentures lay on the side of the table, Jason so preoccupied with the bloated, horny, state of his dick, that he didn't hear Doc say he was ready to begin. Doc leaned over Jason and let one of his arms go across the boy's chest. Lowering his head, the man quickly and smoothly engulfed the youngster' s dick's head. Coach witnessed the visual treat of seeing the old man' s amazing mouth protrude outward and softly draw the helmet head into it. The head of Jason's dick felt hot and hard in his mouth. To Jason the man' s mouth felt hot and wet, as smooth surfaces pressed and slid, enfolding, forming and reforming over his sensitive skin.


    "Hmmmmmmmmmmm?" Doc managed to respond with a mouthful of dick. The man' s mouth softly worked, reforming again and again, wetly and gently enveloping the huge, cut glans. Applying only enough pressure from his mouth to hold the organ in place, Doc used his gums to guide the cock. As his lips flared away from the circumference of the shaft, he slowly slid farther down taking another inch of cock.


    Jason was feeling strong pleasurable sensations as this 'denture daddy' was now so slowly suckling and smoothly mouthing the most critical area of a dick during a blow job. Sometimes humming, like a hungry man eating a great-tasting meal.

    "Yeah Doc...get him good...How ya doin', Jason?"

    "OH COACH...it feels so GOOD...OHHHHH!" whispered a breathless Jason

    Doc' s lips flared again and another inch was taken into the talented maw for treatment. Jason shifted as best as his bound body could. He was really getting worked up. The sensations from his dick were very intense. The remaining shaft that was yet to be sucked resembled a pumped muscle looking tense and taut, the central cord on the underside bulged in sharp relief. Jason continued to writhe and groan. The coach enjoyed seeing the bound lad's legs bunch and flex in their restraints. For all of the energy the boy was putting out, Doc seemed calm, working very deliberately and slowly, with no regular pattern of movement. Coach knew from personal experience how Doc could bring a guy off without even moving his head. He thought back to a recent suck that the Doc gave him, recalling how the man' s head would remain perfectly still, while wave after wave of pleasure rocked him as Doc' s busy mouth worked and worked, taking him higher and higher making him sweat and beg for release. The stirrups rattled loudly and Jason' s whimpers brought him back.

    "OUUUUUUUUU...AHHHOOOO....OH Doc... I'm gonna Cuuuuu..."

    For the first time since he started, Doc pulled his mouth off of the boy' s bloated dick. There was a smile on the man' s face as he lightly held the shaft at its base. He gently, just barely, shook the organ. So far, just the head and the top third portion of the shaft had been worked on. The sucked portion of the dick was deeper in color and the head was huge, the ridges of the glans standing out in sharp, wet, relief.


    Jason's dick pulsed and spasmed as a large pearl drop of jizz appeared on the tip. Doc smiled and with a swift movement, brought his head down, to suck up the pearl off the head. Then turned to the Coach and said proceed with the foot examination please!

    Jason in seconds was begging again; shrieking with laughter and yanking at his right foot held firmly in place and continued tickling the bare, squirming sole and toes, grinning over at Jason making him feel odd. For one moment the Coach stopped and he and Jason stared at each other, then the Coach moved his face down and slid his tongue in a little circle in the middle of Jason's arch, gripping his heel and toes to keep it in place, and the sole stretched out taut. Jason squealed and as the Coach started licking at his sweaty, salty, sweat moist foot over and over, sliding his tongue up, then back down, up, down.

    Jason lost it and twisted around on the table arching up and laughing like crazy. The Coach knew he had Jason good because he really didn't stop that for a while; he kept it up, gripping Jason's toes as Jason tried desperately to curl them, but no chance the Coach's tongue waggled and lapped up and down his foot, from heel to the base of Jason's toes. Jason was hoping for a break, not from exhaustion but because the tongue tickling was so intense he wasn't handling it at all. Doc saw this and looking at Jason told the Coach to tongue the boy's toes, to give them a thorough work out and told Jason who gasped that the examination determined his future so needed to be thorough, then looked at the Coach and said "toes!"

    The Coach slid his tongue between Jason's big toe and 2nd toe which really tickled, that very first lick between his toes made Jason's eyes widen and he yowled, his whole foot spasmed. What followed was the Coach's free hand scratching his nails carefully but firmly up and down Jason's arch, lubed up with Jason's foot sweat and the Coach's saliva, the lack of friction making it tickle even worse and the Coach's other hand held Jason's foot in place. Jason's toes wiggled and curled but it didn't help. The Coach's tongue found it's way between each and every toe, and once he got up to Jason's pinkie toe, he had Jason laughing so hard! That spot was slightly more ticklish than the rest of Jason's toes which wiggled and curled up, trying to at least protect his arch but when Jason did, the Coach just switched to sliding his fingertips side to side instead of up and down, which got at Jason's sensitive skin consistently.

    Jason was going nuts and the Coach kept going, and going; Jason was bouncing and tugging at his foot as hard as he could, eyes screwed shut howling with laughter until the Doc told him to stop and to massage his foot and kiss his toes. Jason looked shocked at Doc who told the Coach to stop.

    "Jason I see that seems an intimate thing for your Coach to do but these feet are going to score winning goals and the Coach needs to show you his appreciation of them and you young man ought to welcome they gain his devotion and attention as you admitted they're warm, sweaty and smelly right so do you believe he finds their raunchy smell intoxicating, their ripe taste appetising and delicious!"

    "Er okay yes Doc but I er, I'm straight that's all!"

    "Understood Jason and your problem so deal with it but being Captain is your ultimate goal so Coach continue with his foot please and remember Jason is straight so will not have experienced what you are doing breaking a virgin in!"

    Jason squirmed as the Coach kissed each toe and freaked as he saw the Coach holding a feather and then felt the edge of the feather stroke the underside of the toes of his right foot, he gasped scrunching his toes up but the Coach began to saw the feather in between Jason's toes side to side of each toe and then with the quill end stroking under Jason's toes and this tickled Jason enough to force him to burst out laughing, his toes wiggling around trying to avoid it. The Coach grabbed Jason's foot and held it in place as he continued to use the feather on all of the toe, and the added restriction on his foot made the tickling more intense.

    To make it worse the Coach used the thumb of the hand gripping Jason's foot, which was hovering over his arch, probing around and also sliding the tip of the nail in the middle of the smooth center of Jason's arch. That was unexpected, to say the least and Jason started bucking again reflexively and yelled at the Coach to stop. Instead the Coach held his toes back and used the quill end of the feather to trace tortuous little circles into the ball of Jason's foot, probing to find the nerves, and exploiting them to the fullest. Jason suffering was shrieking with laughter from that and bouncing around as much as he could, his foot straining against the Coach's hand, trying desperately to curl his toes for protection. The Coach kept teasing one foot and focusing on this technique that was obviously driving Jason wild then Doc told him to stop!

    The Coach and Doc shared secret smiles as Jason's reaction reminding them of how they tickle tortured Ricky the Coach's Thai houseboy as Doc kept the boy edged as Coach wrecked havoc on his size 10 feet that reacted so amazingly and Ricky driven berserk for hours by them but glad to be working in the U.S. and able to send his family money and living a comfortable life compromised himself so the 20 year olds girlfriend having no idea of this aspect of his employment!

    "Are your balls sensitive Jason?" Doc asked

    Doc leaned forward and gently encircled the tight, hard nut sack with his lips. Then using his tongue in a most lascivious manner, he lapped and mouthed Jason's balls. Jason tried to thrust his hips, but he was lashed tightly to the table surface. The coach then began new participation in Jason's testing. Using his gloved, lubricated, hand, he gently and slowly masturbated Jason's dick as Doc suckled the taut balls. The Coach held Jason's dick gently in his jerking hand, slowly sliding his encircled 1st and 2nd digit and thumb around the shaft, he performed the short little stroke as Doc had done earlier, sliding up and down, slowly.


    When the dick needed more lubrication for stroking, Coach would push it forward to the Doc who would briefly engulf the organ and suck long enough to make it wet again. The coach would resume stroking and Doc could go back and sample the other delights of this virile boy' s body, taking turns working on Jason's balls and then teasing the boy' s anus. Doc placed just the tip of his tongue into Jason' s exposed asshole. The tongue tip lightly quivered as it was held stationary against the opening. Jason's body jerked and his head came upright, as the two men worked in silent concert. The coach stroking the dick, the Doc took care of his balls and asshole, his long tongue making maddening excursions from balls to anus. Even Jason's bloated perineum was not neglected.

    "Oh Please...Coach, Doc. Ohhh Please! Ohhhh!" begged Jason

    If someone would have walked into the room at that very moment, they would have seen a very sweaty young man on his back tied to an examining table, legs up in stirrups, held wide apart, one bared foot, the other still in sneaker and sock while two men did things that made the boy whimper and writhe. The main area of their ministrations would be obscured from the observer' s view, as they would see the Doc's back as he leaned forward in-between the lad's thighs.

    Jason started to get close. At the verge of climax, Doc took control of the situation by placing his palm flatly over the sensitive head and palmed the top in a circular motion.

    "OH NOOOO....OHHHH PLEASE DOC!" Jason begged

    It was in this manner that the two men worked. Coach stroking, Doc lapping and suckling, Jason moaning and groaning, his big cock becoming larger than life. The two men learned that the more tactile the touch, the more they drove the kid crazy. Finally, after Jason's fifth attempt at coming they stopped!

    "Oh Doc, I can' t take anymore, it feels so fucking good, please let me cum. Please, you can do this to me anytime you want, but I gotta cum..."

    The Doc smiled at the Coach telling him to get his hands washed as Jason had a left foot too. The Coach faced the left sneaker and unlaced it and pulled it off and sniffed the strong smelling warm, sweaty left foot as the Doc told Jason that his other foot needed as thorough an examination and the Coach peeled off the sock and kissed Jason's toes and then began tongue bathing his foot and so tongue ticklish the Coach making sure his tongue teased as he used it on Thai boy Ricky's feet, so licked under all of Jason's toes and he giggled as his tongue licked slowly and firmly all over and around his toes and Jason howled as the Coach licked faster. He kept his tongue licking between each toe and then he licked up and down the sole making Jason even more sensitive and laughing loudly and the Coach intensified the oral workout licking and slurping his toes so Jason was howling and thrashing around; his tongue tickled sadistically! Doc told the Coach to stop!

    "Coach tonight I would like you to visit me at home as I've a ticklish problem there that I know you will be able to help me to deal with to our mutual satisfaction and if you're not busy then as it will take a while, you are welcome to stay!"

    "Doc fine with me!" replied the Coach understanding the coded message and in the mood to give Ricky a night of fun and games

    Jason then felt the feather tickle under the toes of his left foot and he gasped before bursting into hysterical laughter shouting ''No no no!''

    "Stop a moment Coach! Jason in life there is the pleasure and pain principle and to experience one as you feel now your balls caressed so gently, so sensually making your dick so hard as you can see, there needs to learned endurance of not such pleasuarable sensations as you were so wanting me to make you cum earlier as you will again and as I will see you do and the sooner you endure the pain as you're sensing now being handled by me, the sooner it is your reward so Coach continue with the left foot examination, Jason is ready!"

    The Coach saw the edge of the feather along the undersides, while still licking Jason's toes. Then he started doing several different things, each in short bursts. He slipped the feather up between each of Jason's left foot's toes, sliding in and out a few times before moving onto the next toe, going from big toe to pinkie, then back across, while he swirled his tongue around his right big toe. Then he moved the feather out and start sliding the tip of it slowly up and down the left foot's helpless arch while also sliding his tongue in between his toes and waggling it against the tender flesh, going between each toe and getting all of them. He swapping feet and tickled Jason kept constantly off guard, the sensations kept changing as the Coach changed the tickling, keeping Jason squealing and panicked and his sweaty feet squirming constantly.

    Then the Coach started sliding his fingers up and down the left sole and he went slowly but firmly, his nails making little creases in the sweaty, smooth sole which tickled Jason even more devilishly and he laughed harder than ever in surprise, both of his feet tugging wildly at the restraints they were in, but of course it didn't help as the tickling sensations were electrifying both of his feet as the Coach alternated between them then as told by Doc, stopped!

    Doc smiled leaned forward and slowly took Jason's cock into his mouth.

    "MMMMMMMMMMM..." he hummed as he slid slowly down, his lips lightly framing the thick circumference of the shaft. Jason' s eyes were open wide as he watched his cock being devoured, sensations raced into his brain.


    "MMMMMMM?" Doc hummed as he hit bottom. All of Jason's dick was buried in his mouth, even the coach was amazed. Jason looked on in amazement as he saw his dick disappear completely. Doc' s lips flared out away from the shaft, then pursed again closing around the base. The man emitted a low growl as he shook his head slightly.

    "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH... " Jason' s voice warbled in sync with the head-shaking suck he was getting. Doc worked, flaring and pursing his lips staying at the base. His mouth seemed like some bizarre sexual organ as lips pursed and the churning tongue slowly worked in concert with slippery gums. Threatening to form into some obscene, sucking proboscis, the lips would purse as the man raised his head slightly exposing some of the encased shaft. Then traveling up only to the middle of the tube, lips would flair again and the slow, agonizing descent to the thick base would begin. Jason groaned pitifully and strained against his bounds.

    "Oh... gotta cum...please let me cum."

    "Not yet Jason!" said Doc


    The man moved his mouth up the shaft slowly; more and more of the wet shaft appeared, but Doc didn't pull off completely, he stopped just behind the head and remained there. He wasn't ready to let the boy come, just a while longer, a little more sucking, he was just getting warmed up. Doc. started a very slow gentle motion, moving his tongue forward, then slowly drawing it back into his mouth letting the tip of his tongue brush lightly against that sensitive spot on the dick' s underside. The treatment drew horse gasps from Jason who' s body was now taut . At first he thought that this new technique from Doc would not be enough to answer his pleas for a climax but the tickling, brushing tongue started to build a new intensity in his dick. This could send him over the edge but it was so slow, so fucking slow! Oh, if only Doc would go a little faster, but he didn't, he kept slowly suckling in this manner. The devilish tongue was visible moving forward under the dick and the tongue would be drawn back into the mouth. It was during this intake stroke that an added bonus would take place; Jason' s tortured, bloated dick would get massaged by Doc' s gums. It was maddening.


    Devilish Doc moved in-between the boy' s sweat-covered thighs and Jason begged. "PLEASE DOC. OH PLEAESEE LET ME CUM OHHHH I HAVE TO COME PLEAZEEEEEE!"

    "HUMMMMM..." was all that Doc said as he bent forward and took the dick in his mouth.


    Doc lightly held the dick with his lips while he moved his uppers and lowers back and forth in a scrubbing motion, lightly sliding over the surface. He moved his head back up and stopped with just the top of the shaft and the entire head buried in his mouth. He continued with this gentle, subtle, slippery scrubbing motion. It was working well on the head, which was swelled and now throbbing. Doc hummed as his jaws moved slightly. Keep in mind this was a gentle, subtle movement of the gums, but the sensations were extremely intense to the teased boy.



    Not quite. Doc suddenly pulled off, the head spasmed, more precede ran down but Jason's climax once again was foiled. Jason was whimpering in frustration and tried to fight against his bonds. At this point he was focused on the engorged state of his dick and how much he needed release. Doc again began by engulfing the head and humming, giving the boy another treatment in gum-scrubbing. Jason quickly reached the point of orgasm again. Doc stopped. Jason became hysterical!

    "Jason everything comes to he who waits and patience is a virtue!"

    "Coach Jason has two very warm, sweaty, smelly sensitive feet which need you attention please!"

    The Coach's fingers moved freely up and down both soles over and over, over and over going from his heels to toes, up and down. Jason helpless, laughing hysterically as his feet were played with, every second of it was torture. Jason was begging again, desperately pleading for the Coach to stop, the boy's laughter getting more wild and uncontrollable as he struggled uncontrollably in the restraints and far from getting a break, the Coach started nibbling on Jason's toes, getting them in his mouth, all five on each foot at once and stroking the sole of the same foot so the toes in his mouth wiggled and his tongue slid in between them as he'd be doing to Ricky later but the difference being that Ricky's feet would be his all night! Jason was laughing like a banshee on heat and squirming side to side, muscles straining as he tried to get free and begged and pleaded, gasping and shouting pleas that fell on deaf ears.

    "Okay Coach stop please and let us bring this examination to it's conclusion as we have a long night ahead of us!

    Doc leaned forward and took the boy' s cock back into his mouth. He was now going to milk this young bull like no pussy could ever do. Doc concentrated his assault once again on the top of the shaft, with the huge head buried in his slowly-churning maw. His tongue resumed the attack on the sensitive underside. His lips lightly framed the dick, holding it in place; it was his gums and tongue that were going to cause the explosion. Doc' s mouth worked slowly yet deliberately, gums applying a light pressure, moving slightly back and forth, while that tongue tickled ever so lightly, barely dusting that spot on the underside.

    Jason's eyes rolled back at the sensation. He was so hot, yet the tongue movement seemed so subtle that it wouldn't be enough to make him come. He was wrong. As the minutes ticked by and Doc maintained his technique without change, the pleasure increased. Jason was making a sure journey to a ball-busting climax at a painfully slow pace. His 10" dick was rock hard, distended to near bursting. Doc felt like he had a big doorknob in his mouth, but he continued his movements, not adding to them, nor subtracting, staying in control.

    Jason tried to thrust his hips in an effort to hurry the ordeal but his bonds did not permit any movement as they successfully pinned the boy flat to the table and held him there. Jason gasped and whimpered.

    "Oh Doc...Oooooh Doc, I' m gonna cum....Oh...oooooooooooooouuu big time!" the boy said in a high squeaky voice.

    "MMMMMMMMMMMMM" Sounding almost like a chuckle as Doc felt the dick begin to spasm in his mouth. He tightened his lips slightly as he prepared to royally milk the boy.


    Jason came like a fucking bull but Doc remained in control. His cheeks hollowed as he drew the energy from the boy, sucking out his load like some sort of milking machine. Jason was experiencing a very intense orgasm as his tortured dick obediently pumped out his young cream.


    Doc continued on the shaft until the spasms subsided and the dick ceased it' s spurting. He sucked the still-hard tube from tip to base, drawing all of the sweet cream from this amazing spigot. This brought yelps and whoops of sweet agony from Jason as he flailed as best he could.

    The coach was thrilled by the last hour or so of festivities. He was thrilled for two reasons: he knew his boys and Jason would be back for more, secondly, he would soon see Ricky milked by Doc' s hot mouth as he tickle tortured the Thai boy's feet driving him demented and desperate for the insidiuos tickling torture to stop! Doc and Coach two stood by while Jason calmed down. Doc took a towel and some warm water and gently padded the boy' s body, Jason collected himself.

    "Oh Doc...did I pass.? Oh wow!"

    "Yes Jason I think you did but having cum you will be super sensitive so I need to see how sensitive with Coach's assistance

    'Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz' Jason's right foot spasmed and he gasped, then burst out laughing as Doc started moving the electric toothbrush head in very small circles up and down the underside of each and every toe, weaving around them to also slide up against the flesh between them and he swapped Jason's left foot and did the same thing! Then Coach began licking both feet, sliding his slippery, wet tongue in circles and up and down both Jason's arches, swapping feet to orally enjoy the sweaty, rich raunchy taste of. Jason was lost in the intensity of it, the tickling sensations shooting through both of his feet, he shrieked with laughter and thrashed around uncontrollably as his feet were being tickled beyond endurance.

    Doc then rubbing some kind of lube or lotion on Jason's feet and he felt the tines of the plastic hairbrush suddenly slide across his arches and went up and down both soles, exploiting the fact Jason could do nothing to prevent it. Jason bounced up and down on the table as the hairbrush teased the balls of his feet and the base of his toes. Jason driven out of control with laughter and thrashing around and then it stopped and the Doc massaged his left foot and the Coach his right as he was congratulated by them both on being promoted to team captain but told the examination remaining secret or he'd lose it and Jason nodding as would it be something he'd be likely to admit to having happened to him, who would believe it?
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    Great story

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    Like I've said Matt many guys like you appreciating the stories privately not publicly but it's the appreciation however received that counts so thanks for yours!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zanadu View Post
    Like I've said Matt many guys like you appreciating the stories privately not publicly but it's the appreciation however received that counts so thanks for yours!
    You're welcome. This story got my cock throbbing

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    There should be part 2 to this one

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    Still my favorite story

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    I love to tickle and be tickled.

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    Love it!

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    Wow! Great story!

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    By far my favourite story of yours.
    The juice was worth the squeeze....

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    Fantastic story!

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