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    Who Hunts Monsters [MV]

    Who Fights Monsters
    Made with RPG Maker MV

    Latest Release - Chapter 2 V1.5a (08/30/16)

    Web-Based Link:

    Both Windows and Mac downloads can be found on the Indiexpo link!

    Story: You play as Angela, a hard-working, kindhearted...scatterbrained ditz. Due to a mistake, Angela is inducted into the Monster Girl Hunters Guild. The duty of the Guild is to fight back against the growing threat of Monster Girls that have invaded the world.

    What are Monster Girls?
    Everyone knows monsters: horrible demons spawned from Hell, born to do mischief and feed on human life. However, after the fall of the last Demon King, a new demon rose to power to claim the throne: Demon Queen Kusuri. An incredibly powerful succubus with a manic obsession with tickling. Following her ascent to power, all monsters were remade in her image: beautiful women obsessed with feasting on human souls and tickling human soles!

    Our story takes place in Kitzel Village, an outpost in the Sugarheart Pass that serves as a rest step between the two major towns of Flower Wreath and Seadog. The people of the village understand that they are living in the bad part of the pass, but still do their best to be brave in the face of utter annihilation.

    Combat Style
    Who Fights Monsters uses a Side-View battle system, akin to that of the early Final Fantasy games. Unlike similar games, you actually must fight the Monster Girls to the death. Not to worry, you can only weaken their physical forms to the point of breakdown, and they won’t leave any lasting damage on you, to leave you ripe for the tickling.

    Failure in battle means suffering at the hands of the Monster Girls. Victory could lead you to acquiring a rare “Demon Egg” which allows the Guild to place a Monster Girl in captivity, leaving them ripe for your own revenge.

    There are four main classes that Angela can choose from:

    Jack - of all trades. The starter class, the Jack utilizes MP (Magic Points) and TP (Technique Points) to battle. They wield swords and tend to rely on aggressive play to overcome more powerful foes. As a Jack, you’ll take advantage of Skills such as Double Strike, allowing you to attack twice in one blow.

    Wizard - A master of arcane magic. The Wizard uses elemental magic to attack weaknesses, and can combine their skills in unique ways to overcome the Monster Girls. They only use MP, so it’s important to use your resources wisely. Wizard’s take advantage of Sorcery, such as Fireball, hurling a blast of heat at your foes.

    Rogue - A wily trickster, the Rogue is the quickest class and relies on status ailments, particularly Poison, to whittle away at foes while dodging incoming attacks. Rogue’s utilize both MP and TP, and careful balance of the two is necessary for success. They use Trickery, such as Quick Strike, which attacks using your Agility stat instead of your Attack stat to deal damage.

    Warrior - A brave soldier, who wields a shield. The Warrior is the tankiest class, but even they aren’t invincible. They also boast the highest Attack stat. Warrior’s rely entirely on TP, meaning they must Attack and Guard wisely to build up TP to unleash powerful moves. These moves are drawn from Bravery, such as Cleave, which deals more damage based on your missing HP!

    If you have any further questions or feedback, please let me know! I’m excited about this project and want to see it through to be one to remember
    Last edited by BrewedWar; 08-30-2016 at 11:39 AM.

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    Feb 2010
    Sounds like this is another feet only game. Right?

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    ?? what? no, not even remotely. there are only 2 foot tickling scenes in the prologue. the other 9 are upper body.

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    Oct 2012
    The game is great so far! This is the most excited I've been about a game on this forum in a while.

    Feedback: It's great.

    Nitpicky feedback: It seemed like some of the attacks that some monsters used had reaaaaaallly time consuming animations. It was fine because the fights didn't last many turns, but if you plan to make some very long fights in the future you might want to make sure the fight animations aren't too long. I was playing online though, so maybe some of that was just lag of some sort.

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    Aug 2012
    Orlando, Florida
    Got to Chapter 1, the only thing I have not gotten was a Goblin egg, but everything else, I was able to enjoy. Being a foot-tickling(specifically toes) fan, I reaaaaallllyy liked the two scenes. The others are fantastic as well! Keep it up! Can't wait to see the extra fighting elements in this game.

    EDIT: Nevermind. First battle back into it and I got it! So I guess I'm 100% complete lol
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    Rufus T. Firefly: Well, a gal a day is enough for me. I don't think I could handle any more.

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    yeah that's due to the browser version. i've got a plugin i'm trying out now that should help with that hopefully. ^-^ thanks for the feedback.

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    Aug 2006
    Awesome start. Really excited to see where this goes.

    Found a bug. In egg rooms, you can back all the way out of the dialogue, and then you're stuck. I tried to use an item to TP out (to another egg room or just back to town), but whichever room you backed out of the dialogue on stays stuck on the screen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by practice_the_ch View Post
    Awesome start. Really excited to see where this goes.

    Found a bug. In egg rooms, you can back all the way out of the dialogue, and then you're stuck. I tried to use an item to TP out (to another egg room or just back to town), but whichever room you backed out of the dialogue on stays stuck on the screen.
    i can fix that

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    May 2004
    Indiana, USA
    Just putting in my two cents, as I downloaded this the other day and gave it a whirl

    It's really fun! The combat is simple, but there's some minor strategy to it so that it feels satisfying to figure it out rather than just slog through and grind until your numbers are higher than the monsters. The fights were just long enough to provide challenge without overstaying their welcome, and the abilities were nice and easy to understand. I found it was tougher to use 'expose weakness' on the bosses, as they'd quickly respond with abilities that I have to block through and lose valuable turns, but it wouldn't be any fun if it were TOO easy.

    The defeat scenes are really fun and cute, again not being too long to overstay their welcome, but still giving plenty of detail. I love that we can kind of go to a 'prize realm' where we can tickle or be tickled by the Monster Girls whenever we like. I always enjoy the ability to be tickled at will in these games and be submissive if one prefers, even if I'm playing a hero. It also makes me happy to see that you don't rule out males being ticklish or tickled by Monster Girls in this world. So many of these games seem so heavily F/F focused that it's refreshing to see the suggestion of */M tickling even being present. It's my hope that we'll actually get to see some of that in this game, but I'd understand if that's not a goal for the target audience. Oh, and I also really appreciate the variety of body parts being tickled. Each scene feels different, and that's such a great thing for games like this! I really look forward to seeing how you portray different scenes in the future.

    The dialogue is really nicely done as well! The narrator is legitimately funny, and Angela's obliviousness to the dangers around her, as well as her clear awareness of RPG tropes, is quite fun. I'll also openly admit that I had a good laugh at the 'wall posting conversation' in the inn. The dialogue does feel quite inspired by JRPGs, sometimes to its detriment with the random 'Lucky!' being put into so many lines. It's cute and characteristic, but it also can feel stilted and strange at points. I'm also not a big fan of the use of deliberate text slow-down so many times. I think it can be put to great use when done sparingly, but it just stuck out to me here as happening a little too often. Maybe I'm thinking too much about it...

    In any case, this game was a blast to play and I'm really looking forward to your future chapters for it! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. I know it takes a lot of guts to open your work up to public scrutiny! Good luck!
    Be wary of the path that you take. That which may begin in freedom may end in bondage...

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    awww ^-^ thank you so much! yeah, i've backed off on the slow text in chapter 1 quite a bit <_<;;; it's as annoying to program as it is to read, i'm sure.

    chapter 1 actually immediately opens up with an f/m tickle scene so i hope you'll enjoy that!

    expose weakness isn't very good for the hobgoblin fight, i agree, but it should be useful in future fights!

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    Feb 2010
    I downloaded it. Pretty good so far. Nice that there's something for the bellybutton lovers in it. Hope to see more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by buttontickler05 View Post
    I downloaded it. Pretty good so far. Nice that there's something for the bellybutton lovers in it. Hope to see more.
    ^-^ you should enjoy the first scene in chapter 1 then, Angie's belly button gets some attention

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    Feb 2010
    Quote Originally Posted by BrewedWar View Post
    ^-^ you should enjoy the first scene in chapter 1 then, Angie's belly button gets some attention
    Cool. Good to hear.

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    OH MY GOD! I love it love it love it love it! Best tickling game I've played! And fantastic writing as well!

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    Just finished the prolog, I CAN'T WAIT until the next chapters come out! And what you did with the souls so we can go back and read the tickling scenes? Ingenious! How do you do that?

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