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    Join Date
    Apr 2016
    United Kingdom

    Why so little activity here?

    Anyone got any explanation for why this UK forum is the least active of all the international forums on TMF? (Or for that matter, why the ITALIAN one is so HUGELY active in terms of the number of threads and posts?? That's an amazing discrepancy there.)

    You would think there was no tickling going on in the UK and we were living up to our reputation for being uptight and reserved. But we know neither of those things is true! So...

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    Mar 2005
    France / China
    Since your question is addressed to "anyone" and not specifically British people, I am gonna try and answer it, even thought I am not from the UK.

    I think the explanation is simple: British people speak English. So they buddy up with the Americans on the more general forums... where the real content is anyway: pictures, videos, etc. Many, many people from the UK there, some even have the acronym in their username (UKTickler, for instance...). Conversely, the reason why the Italians are so dynamic is because their section of the forum is the only place where you can talk about tickling in Italian.
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    Apr 2016
    United Kingdom
    Yes, I think you're probably right. In which case we Brits are at a bit of a disadvantage if we want to try to line up local contacts and meet-ups on this page.

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    I imagine most UK member us the USA site, I certainly do.

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    Jun 2001
    Currently living in (and originally from) the south of England.
    I think Tenebrae's answer bears a lot of weight. Plus, until its membership cratered and spambots made it unusable, we had a pretty thriving forum on the UKTF for a number of years.
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