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    May 2003

    Trail of the Witch (Compendium Version) [M/F, */F]

    "Compendium Version"

    ~ Sospel (France), 1299 ~
    The city is the theatre of the confrontation between two rival factions under the Holy Roman Empire : the Ghibellines, who are supporting the Holy Royal Emperor, leaded by Conrad Spinola, and the Guelfs, who are supporting the Pope, leaded by Rainier 1st Grimaldi.
    At the same time, there are in Sospel some crusades against the heretics, especially against the Cathars coming from the Eastern Europe.
    In fact, the Cathars are suspected to be heretic by practicing witchcraft and having lesbian orgies during Sabbaths.

    Eliana is a bohemian born in the Principality of Transylvania who has travelled across Europe, from the byzantine Balkans to come in Sospel, following the Royal Road, also known as “Salt-Road” (Reale Strada) in order to join the local Cathars community.
    At the entrance of Sospel, the strangers passing through the Toll-Bridge to enter in the city have to pay a salt-tax, known as the “Qabala” ; women who couldn’t pay the Qabala get locked in stocks and get their bare soles tickle tortured by the Qabalists.
    When Eliana arrives to the Toll-Bridge, she’s not able to pay the salt-tax, so the Qabalists capture her.
    They are forcing her to sit on a torture chair and start to tie her wrists above her head.
    After, they are locking her ankles in stocks and tying her big toes pulled back to the eyebolts of the stocks. Once done, they are starting to lightly tickling her bare soles with their fingers of a feather to make her suffering while the barefoot bohemian laughs hard and begs them to stop.
    As some citizens are suspecting her to be a Cathar, or even a witch, and even call her “Evil Eliana”, the Qabalists take the occasion to increase the tickling torture by using a goat to lick the salt from her bare soles while Eliana laughs hysterically, screams and turns insane from the tickling punishment.

    Eliana is finally saved by a noble Ghibelline called Earl Gregor Greymalkin, who paid the salt-tax for her.
    Earl Gregor Greymalkin proposes to Eliana to come with him in his manor, where they have sex during all night long.
    Eliana has got an old incunabulum from India, more exactly a red apocrypha called Rajas containing the lost forbidden pages from the original Kama-Sutra book which are featuring the naughtiest and not allowed pleasures like lesbian lusts and female foot fetish.
    Earl Gregor Greymalkin is secretly a libertine occultist, and so, he is fascinated by the Evil Eliana’s Rajas red book and wish to study it more.
    Evil Eliana accepts to reveal him all the secrets of the Rajas, but in exchange, she wants him to give her the power to turn people into her slut-slaves.
    Earl Gregor Greymalkin accepts the deal and they travel together to the north of Sospel, in the Mercantour mountains, while staying both in total chastity during six weeks of walking until they reach the culminating point of the mountain (reaching at the same time the orgasm climax) : the Top of the Devil.
    The Top of the Devil is an ancestral Celtic ritual place where the ancient shepherds, known as the “Berserkers”, used to wear home-made clothes made of goat’s skin, abuse sexually virgin females during bacchanalias and invoke their heaven god, a demon called Baphomet, in order to offering him the innocent souls of these women sacrificed on an altar by extreme tickling torture to make them laughing to death.
    While they both having sex together at the Top of the Devil, Evil Eliana enters in trance state before reaching an orgasm and then sees an apparition of Baphomet, who reveals her the way to reach the power to turn people into her slut-slaves (Eliana was probably drugged by psychotropic plants while Earl Gregor Greymalkin where wearing a goat mask for the ritual of the “Black Berserker”, so during her trance state, she surely believed that Gregor was Baphomet himself).

    Following the indications of Baphomet, Evil Eliana wears the goat mask given by Gregor and continues travelling to the north, at the other side of the mountain, following the river, passing around many waterfalls, watermills and lavoirs.
    This river is nowadays called “Valmasque” because in medieval times, the local shepherds seen a masked witch (Evil Eliana), that they called “Masca”, walking to the valley by following the river.
    Evil Eliana finally arrives at the Valley of Marvels, where she finds soon a cave with prehistoric paintings on the walls representing goats’ heads.
    Deeper in the cave, Evil Eliana finds a secret path behind a wall where are written some esoteric gothic runes looking like “foot arch” (called “Futhark”).
    This secret path is a huge maze of dark underground tunnels, long stairs, and catacombs, only enlightened by a phosphorescent vegetal moss from the paving stones walls, which finally arrives to an underground city, known as “Uqbar Underworld”, near the heart of a sleeping volcano.
    Evil Eliana walks barefoot on some weird phosphorescent footprints on the ground, which guide her to a meteorite fragment of Carbonado on a pedestal at the centre of the catacombs.
    Evil Eliana takes the black crystal of Carbonado, having the shape of a Magatama, and fix it on her toering.

    Evil Eliana finally get out of the cave, walks along the Valmasque river, up to the Top of the Devil, where she finds Earl Gregor Greymalkin.
    They stay at the Top of the Devil for about a full year, as Evil Eliana gets pregnant from Earl Gregor Greymalkin.
    During a Sabbath, Evil Eliana feeds both her baby, called Evelin Greymalkin, and a young black cat, called also Greymalkin (becoming this way a member of their family) with her breasts milk.
    As promised, Evil Eliana reveals to Earl Gregor Greymalkin the secrets of the “Rajas” book : anyone who reads the pages of the Rajas becomes very horny and then turns into a total nymphomaniac sexual slave in perpetual orgasms needs and has to always accomplish more and more kinky pleasures in order to be sexually satisfied.
    When they come back to Sospel, in the manor of Earl Gregor Greymalkin, Evil Eliana uses the Rajas’ spells on other women in order to practice her kinkiest lesbian fantasies and even ask them to worship her sexy bare feet, so she will soon be called “Hell-Liana”.
    The Ghibellines who have read the Rajas and then turned into Hell-Liana’s sexual subs are called the “Goblins” (or “Hellions”).
    The Goblins are described as very horny sluts totally devoted to Hell-Liana, but once they miss their Mistress, they turn into very naughty and beastly people able to any kinky pleasures in order to satisfy their sexual needs.
    Hell-Liana uses the Carbonado toering to turn the Goblins into her foot sluts (so the Goblins stay her subs and don’t dare to abuse her sexually).
    In fact, the Carbonado toering gives the spell to its owner to turn people who look at her feet into worshipper foot subs.


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    Very nice read
    looking forward to the next part
    Message me anytime, to talk tickling or just say hi

    Before anybody asks I'm not Jamaican so if I'm maken you crazy I can't explain that

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    May 2003
    Thank you for your support

    Here's the integral version : https://www.dropbox.com/s/66qn932d8y...Witch.pdf?dl=0

    The first chapters have been updated and may be slightly different from the initial "Compendium Version" posted previously.

    Let me know if you like it

    If you have any questions about this story (if you need some more informations about a part of the story not enough clear or developped, or if you just wish to know more details about a specific theme), feel free to ask here

    The story is complete (at least for now ; I'll maybe update it soon) but I plan to add later some "bonus"
    Last edited by Cynthia_Massol; 05-14-2017 at 08:03 PM.

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