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    Support the TMF on Patreon!

    Hi everyone,

    I've decided to create a Crowdfunding option for the TMF, and I wanted to explain why there's going to be a "contribute" button appearing soon.

    But first, I want to personally and sincerely thank you all! The birth and incredible growth of the online tickling community is something that I've been privileged to have a front row seat for, and I never cease to be amazed by how many of us there are.

    The TMF got its start almost twenty years ago as a freeware forum with about 200 members, and I can still remember the day that we registered our 800th member. I was shocked by the idea that there could be so many of us! Now seventeen years later, we routinely have more than that using the forum at once, and we've registered over a hundred thousand members.

    With over 10,000 unique visitors every day, we reach English-speaking tickling fans all around the world; and we've had dozens of couples meet on the forum and fall in love in real life, then go on to get married and have children - That's how deep our roots go! We've brought tens of thousands of new tickling enthusiasts together, and we've accumulated what has to be the largest archive of tickling stories, images, comics, videos, and more, in the world!

    But the TMF is very old and our software is out of date and showing its age (a situation that is only going to get worse,) and as we archive more and more material our need for hard drive space gets more demanding. In addition to that, there are a number of things that we need to address if we hope to stay relevant for another twenty years.

    Since the TMF's creation I've resisted putting up any kind of "contribute" button. But things keep evolving and getting more expensive, especially when it comes to computers and the Internet. And while I'm happy to keep paying the forum's bills, I'm already putting as much of my own money into it as I can. Without funding, its relevance is going to continue to fade and new generations are going to find it increasingly antique-looking. Eventually it will just be a handful of old-timers, complaining about the fact that there's no more tickling community.

    But I believe the forum can grow and evolve into something that can serve the needs of tickling enthusiasts everywhere in the 21st century!

    For that to happen - If the TMF is going to survive, and thrive, and become everything it has the potential to be - it's going to need your help!

    Nobody is required or expected to give their money to the TMF - being a member of the forum is more than enough. But if you can, you'll be helping improve the forum and making it better for everyone.

    I've come up with a few rewards for different levels of contribution >>> Click here to check them out!

    Click here for some Frequently Asked Questions about Patreon

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    You've got my full support, and I am gonna subscribe very shortly, once I've made up my mind on how much I am willing to donate. Here is another idea for those stretch goals rewards: for a donation above a thousand dollars, I want a female TMF member of my choosing to be shipped to my place, gagged, bound in a straight jacket and wearing nothing but a pair of flip-flops. Is that possible?

    Also, be careful when you promise such stuff as "we'll get rid of a body for you". Some people in certain areas could take you up on your offer and will be right mad when you tell them you were just kidding Or were you?
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    Thanks very much, Tenebrae! And you too, Jebus

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