A Patreon Exclusive Early Access Mini-Comic Serial!

Jane from the Bounce Chix can’t be beaten! Wearing her skimpy paladin armor, Jane is fighting and fiending her way through the evil Orc Stronghold. That is until the one small chink in her armor is revealed. Paladin Jane happens to be unbearably, unbelievably, unreservedly TICKLISH from her little feathered helmet to her plush tender TOES!

Now, Jane is magically trussed up before the very Orcs she was just demolishing! And they have a very sinister and very TICKLE TORTUREY plan on how to make tough Jane squeal in ticklish defeat!

Will Jane survive the ticklish onslaught all over her toned, tanned, and tender body? Will she be able to overcome the absolute hysteria of the horrible horde? And can she possibly resist the delicate ticklish touch of the PANTY PIXIE????

Find out.

Bounce in.

Get ready


Item Features

• 4 Pages of Intense Janey Tickle Action! (1 new page per month)
• 17 Hysterical Panels of Tickle Torture!
• Spread Eagle Tickles and DUNGEON TORTURE!
• Fleshy Foot and Bare Sole Tickling!
• Topless, Erotic and VERY NAUGHTY Tickles!
• Created and Illustrated by Bandito!
• Patreon Exclusive Early Access!

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