By the time Kimberly Ann was done tickling the poor male toy he was almost in tears. He had never been taken to the razors edge of release so many times before in his life. He begged, bucked, screamed, but nothing was enough to convince the sadistic talk show host to let him blow his much needed load. Instead he remained hard and cackling for the amusement of the mature women in the audience. All of which had no objections to seeing the young ticklish male as desperate as possible. Even his boss, the female tickle instructor. was not on his side.

She was all too ready to rat out his most sensitive spots, all in the name in making sure Mrs. Ann had the best experience possible. Sure she kind of felt bad for her friend, but the pay day for this would be HUGE! She convinced herself that he would be fine. After all, looking at how hard his cock was, he couldn't be THAT upset. She would flash him caring smiles through out the session, but he could tell it was empty. He knew she was enjoying his torment too, and somehow knowing that made him all the more excited.

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